New SAT Coaching 2016, Guidelines And Tips for the Student’s


New SAT Coaching in Chennai 2016, Guidelines And Tips for the Student’s

SAT Coaching In Chennai

A new SAT 2016 guide for the parents, test-takers and trainers with points and tips, which are relevant to understand easily the new SAT test requirements. The idea is to go deep into more information for the student’s good performance with a big score. There are meaningful changes that affect overall the test preparation of the candidates. The College Board, governing body of SAT wants the test-taker to achieve more.

The overall changes include, testing of intellectual skills that would predict more about being successful in graduation and post graduation as well. It promises that SAT 2016, will help in achieving this goal. A bigger emphasis in reasoning skills with a higher level of logical thinking. The reading and writing sections are now more paper based giving more options on how to further understand, how the passage is structured logically. The section in Math has introduced several steps in problem solving. It appears difficult, but the approach to it is direct. So, less tricky questions or problems and more practical emphasis in the New SAT test.

There is more transparency offered by the SAT-Board in the visibility of the test content. The structuring of each section is spelt out clearly. Thus, reducing the anxiety of the student’s.

Reading Section

1 passage in US and World Literature

2 passages in History and Social Studies

2 passages in Science

Format changes include, scoring done out of 1600.

Reading and writing (writing and language) with a maximum score of 800. Math section 800. Essay is optional. There are four answer choices. So, it is obvious that the wrong answer has been removed to pace time (a perquisite in SAT examination).

In reading questions the student will have to support the answer from giving an evidence from the passage. It is also known as evidence based questioning.

It is for the first time in the history of SAT data reasoning questioning has been introduced in figures.

The study tips for the reading sections will require reading of real examples expected in the  examination. The passages in science are not heavily focused on formulas. You only need to understand and reading of graphs and the significance they hold.

The SAT Test is to find answer within the passages, which is quiet an easy task.

The Writing section involves higher level writing talent. Expression of ideas is given greater emphasis with logical thinking, including punctuation to it. The SAT test is removing Sentence error and Improving sentences. It has got rid of individual writing questions. The presentation differs. In some questions you need to read the whole paragraph to understand the flow of language and the logic behind it.

Essay is optional. The score 1 to 4 is separately reported. You are not to describe personal views on a topic. Do not disagree with the author as you will find it hard to write an effective essay. Evidence should be from the passage.

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