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US Universities Admission Process

US Universities Admissions – More than 70 students of Manhattan Review have got admissions (Form I20) from various US universities already. Hearty Congratulations to all of them. Many more are eagerly awaiting their I20s, which should come in, very soon. We have many admits for our students from highly-ranked universities and even average ones, based on their profiles and requirements. We at Manhattan are keen to assist each of our students not for their admissions but also for successful entry into US universities. We wish them all the best!

MS Admission Services

Visaaah! – Most of you are getting prepared for the F1 visa interview in near future. Let us examine how you can demonstrate availability of funding for this purpose.

Before going to the U.S. to study, you must select a school to attend, be offered admission and qualify for a student visa. Each student visa applicant must prove they have the financial ability to pay for their tuition, books and living expenses while they study in the states.

First, students apply to one or more U.S. schools that are certified by the Student and Exchange Visitor Program. They receive a Form I-20, “Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant Status,” from schools that accept them for enrollment. Students offered conditional admission must also demonstrate financial support – the same requirements apply to all F-1 and M-1 students. The Form I-20 indicates the cost of tuition and living expenses the international student can expect to pay while attending that school.

Before a school may issue an international student a Form I-20, the student must first provide evidence of financial support to the school’s designated school official. The designated school official acts as a liaison between the school and the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP), a government program that ensures U.S. schools and international students comply with U.S. laws and regulations.

Evidence of financial support includes, but is not limited to: bank statements, documentation from a sponsor and financial aid and scholarship letters. Certain U.S. schools may have specific requirements for acceptable documentation. The designated school official will communicate this information to prospective international students.​ While students are eligible to work on campus, that employment is limited to 20 hours per week, so students shouldn’t count on being able to include income from while they’re in school. Student employment is not taken into consideration for evidence of financial support because there are no guarantees that students will have a job once they are on campus. International student must bring their Form I-20 from the school they plan to attend and evidence of financial support to their visa interview at the U.S. embassy or consulate where they apply for their visa. The consular officer will review this information to ensure the student can finance their studies and living expenses in the U.S.​.

A consular officer may request any information he or she deems relevant to establish the applicant’s qualification for the student visa. All students, regardless of which country they are coming from, have to demonstrate they can pay for their U.S. education.

Mega Events – Manhattan Review is glad to conduct mega events on GRE, GMAT, SAT and Admissions Counseling throughout the country, in all our 18 branches. Special and personalized sessions will be conducted for students on various tests and admissions procedures. One-to-one counseling, guidance and support will be provided all throughout the sessions, by our expert faculty and service experts. Exciting discounts will be offered on all our packages during these mega events. For more details about the events in your city/center and the highly beneficial discounts, please contact our counselors and center managers today!



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What SAT Score Is Excellent, Good or Bad For You?

SAT Classes In Hyderabad

The SAT score that is excellent is anything above 1200 out of New SAT 1600. The best score to aim for is 1200 plus. You can also plan your scoring, which depends on  the colleges you want to gain admission into. Most of the colleges will accept both SAT scores for the classes starting in 2017. 1000 is seen or considered as an average SAT score. Almost 60 per cent of the student’s with us score more than this.

The national score average scores in all totality is 1500 in the Old SAT.

But, those scoring in the range of 840 – 850, it is difficult to get enrolment in the college of your choice. The SAT scorers in and around the above mentioned are about 25 per cent.

Grade New SAT Score out of 1600 Old SAT Score out of 2400
Excellent 1200 1800
Good 1000 1500
Lowest or bad 840 1260


The target is a 500 for each section, the sum total of which is 1000. the lowest is 400 and the highest that can be scored is 1600. We define what a good SAT score will be, which is again based on the student’s potential. There are four different ways for defining a good a SAT score.

Firstly, it depends on which are the colleges you are looking to apply into. A score below a target of One Thousand is completely unjustified. We make it possible to reach the most sought after mark: 1000. With this specific goal in mind the training is given to the student’s is magical. The trainers with us are different from the others. This makes the parents to join the student’s for coaching in SAT for a high scoring pattern that the trainers maintain. We have a set plan. A target worksheet is recommended to make your preparation successful.

The best way to start is to choose the morning hours for studying. However, those who prefer night studies can go ahead according their preferences. Group study or solo is your own choice as well. Don’t aim for pleasing your parents. Set your goal so as to beat your friends. It will put you in the excellence bracket. Moreover, that gives your more confidence in visa handling and application process. Our Admission Couseling Services team will always assist you with the best advice and suggestions. Thereon, it is the the way up and you will on the flight to the college that you want to enrol into.

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How to plan your financial documentation for visa?


How to plan your financial documentation for visa? – There are so many doubts, worries and misconceptions about:

  • How much money to be shown in the bank for visa
  • What type of resources to be used?
  • How long to retain funds
  • What to answer in the port of entry and

So many other doubts that assail visa applicants.  First and foremost, the total funds available to a student must cover the total cost of education, living expenses and other costs (like medical insurance, books and supplies etc.) for the duration of the program – 2 years or 1 year. There are so many resources that you could use to demonstrate funds availability. Since this has to be done on a customized basis, it is not possible to explain here. For the third point, funds must be available either in the bank or on you, till you clear the customs & immigration in the port of entry. Finally, what should you answer? That depends on the questions the officials may ask you. At MR, we provide visa counseling service with guidance on total documentation, samples and formats of various financial documents. Best of all, we conduct a mock interview session which will include possible questions and expected answers. During the mock session, we will provide all the inputs and clarity about how and what to answer and train you how to face the actual visa interview with confidence and get through successfully.

Visa interviews are starting for Fall 16. If you or your friends have any issues or doubts about the whole visa process, come to the experts! Come to MR and go out of India, to USA!!

Reminder – For those who did not join the bandwagon for Fall 2016, the time is right for applying to Spring 2017 intake. And, we have exciting packages for you – right from Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 15,000.


Good luck

Team Manhattan

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How Useful Resources Boost GMAT-Preparation For A 700 Plus Score?

GMAT Coaching In Chennai

Bravo! You got a score of 700 plus. It must have surprised you as your inherent weaknesses were a stumbling block to your performance. You may wonder what’s there in getting the winning number. The useful resources that boost GMAT-Preparation In Chennai is the main requirement for admission into the big and best-colleges for a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA). Moreover, from a reputation-ranking B-school in US. The scholarships that come with it are a bonus. So, also the choice of colleges to choose from.

GMAT curricula is a good example of the usefulness of resources that enhance GMAT test preparation. Your test-taking skills and the ability to adapt to best practice patterns is a live example of the online resources that are available to those student’s who register with us for GMAT-Preparation. Our Administration Couseling Services team help you in arriving to a broad conclusion on how to take forward your career from this stage onwards. The best preparation that we offer is symbolic of the fact that we are also active on social media with the latest updates so on and so forth. A 700 plus score is a regular happening here.

Our intensive and rigorous GMAT Training In Chennai schedule is customized for the busiest of working professionals. Pacing of time in class or section and outside even during peak working hours is how we offer useful resources for a good performance in GMAT. Our success stories don’t end here but give a unique way to prepare for the GMAT exam. An open access to best GMAT test material and online resources is made available with an E-mail Id and password, which is valid for six months. The best trainers in the industry are hired by us, some of them in the 700 plus club as well.

The best study plan and curricula is the claim only we can make because we understand test-prep better. We dare any other educational institute to compare with us. Yes, GMAT score improvement is guaranteed with us. Several of our student’s have scored 780 with a couple of them touching the 800 mark too. The key to our success-stories are practice and lots of it in an ecological classrooms with video tutorials, personalized attention, including friendly attitude of the trainers. We set a benchmark to emulate the previous high test-takers who have scores above 720. The motivation to climb higher is given a boost with our practical approach to reduce your fears on examination day.


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GRE Validation Period and Score Required for MS in US

GRE Validation Period and Score Required for MS in US

GRE Coaching In Bangalore

Just like any aspiring Indian or international student having the passion to do MS in US, the ranking of the university and brand power it holds is enviably important. But, the process involved behind it with an average GRE score (280 approximately) is what dreams are made of.

The Graduate Record Examination Score (GRE Score), validation period is 5 years. However, for GRE test taken more than two years ago, the scores are given less preference than to those taken recently or within 3 years. The best thing recommended is to plan for a one year GRE test before finalizing the test-dates. This also enables the student to have ample time to get preparations ready for MS in US, including application process time. The scores remain valid for 5 years and within the next 24 months: it is the ideal time to start applying to the schools and colleges of your choice. Therefore, whatever your decision, it is better to make an early attempt in GRE test-prep and write the examination at the earliest.

A quote from the late Steve Jobs, Apple Inc. CEO sums up the whole issue: “You can’t connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking backwards. So, you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something – your destiny, life, karma, whatever”.

The changes in the revised GRE are several: 

  • You are allowed to edit the answers as you can go back.
  • No need to carry calculator. It is now available on the online system.
  • In both Verbal and Quantitative sections new types of questions will be displayed.

Let us suppose that you take GRE examination on May 30, 2016. This score can be used for enrolment within the next five years till June 29, 2021. You may have GRE score in the last 3 or 4 years. But, GRE test pattern has changed for the better. However, the old score is still valid. So, when you submit it to the universities you are applying to, they will send it back with converted scores to schools and colleges that you applied in. Both old and new revised Revised GRE General test score is reported.

Never think the odds are against you even with an average GRE score. The determination to fight on along with our Admission Counseling Services team will get you to the winning post.
Manhattan Review Bangalore Jayanagar
No.23, Vasavi Plaza, 11th Main Road,
4th Block, Jaya Nagar,Bangalore,
Ph: 08008004159.

Manhattan Review Bangalore Malleswaram
218, 2nd Floor, J.P Royal building,
14th Cross, Sampige Road,Malleswaram,

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Free Mega Workshop on GRE @ AP Centres

Attend a Free Mega Workshop on GRE

GRE Coaching


Score Improvement Guaranteed

Welcome aboard: do you want to dominate the scores in GRE examination. Then, take a visit or make an entry to one of these Manhattan Review @ Andhra Pradesh branches on the following days:

Date: 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th & 20th April ‘16.

Time: 10am – 1pm & 4pm – 8pm

Helpline: 800 800 4159 /

Talk to our Admissions Counselors Make the right choice:

Our Recent Top Scores:-

  • Madhav – 336
  • Suraj –    330
  • Rakesh –  329
  • Prakash – 329
  • Ayushi –  325

Our Recent Admissions:

  • University of Florida
  • San Jose State University
  • University of North Carolina
  • University of Arizona
  • Texas A&M College Station
  • Arizona State University

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New SAT Exam Preparation Tips

New SAT Preparation With Features That Improve Your SAT Score

SAT Coaching

Your progress in new SAT is done by knowing your strengths and weaknesses early on so as to use proven strategies to improve your SAT score. Exactly, what to practice, when to study and how to make an assessment of your mistakes. A customized SAT-Prep program helps you to make a fast progress. Video tutorials and a set of SAT related questions to begin with sets the pace for SAT examination preparation.

Your passion is ignited to make a quick progress in SAT preparation with a big score. Our smart training build up true skill, which is a big motivation most required for those student’s who dream of heading to US and other international destinations for their graduation. Clear guidance on how to have fun is given throughout the preparation period. It is a highlight of our study program.

The new Math section is more difficult but with straightforward solutions. This makes it more easier for the student’s to answer the questions directly. It helps to avoid making mistakes and saving precious time. Identify your weak areas, for example in algebra, then practice more in that subject.

The College Board has lived up to what it has promised in the New SAT . It tested more skills in Math that is relevant in everyday life. It successfully moves in the direction of critical thinking and reasoning. It broadens the scope of scoring. In Verbal section: reading of passages holds the key to the answers in writing and language sections. In reading comprehension read the passage once. A glance through the questions gives a fair idea of how to answer correctly. Place facts before you answer the question.

An outline for the essay before writing it saves much of your time. Pay attention to keywords that help in completing the sentence. Proper grammar usage makes it effective and more relevant to the topic.

Don’t rush through any section. On the easy question there are chances of making mistakes. The tough questions are no walkovers either. All that is needed is critical thinking with exceptional time management skills. The zeal to get to the finishing line is what makes SAT preparation a big step forward in a student’s career. For those who lack direction a large enough data base to improve scores that allows to increase knowledge and explore the universe in a most imaginative way.

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GMAT-Preparation: how to be a Top 720 Plus Scorer

GMAT-Preparation: how to be a Top 720 Plus Scorer

GMAT Coaching In Hyderabad

Being a top scorer in GMAT test with a 720 plus score is to be imprinted into a student’s mind ever since they think of going to US or other international B-schools. To make an impact in GMAT examination with a vision to advance your career with MBA, time management is an essential factor in each section. It proves to be a positive step in several ways. To be a part of the world’s top B-schools is no ordinary task, but easily achievable.

GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council) the governing body of GMAT test provides quality  syllabus that makes your dream a sure possibility. The passion that has been burning in you ever since you entered college is made to come true. All hopes in you are given the right direction for a successful GMAT score. Every effort of the test-taker is important to make useful contributions in enhancing the score to 720 plus.

The world’s leading B-schools accept student’s with open arms, including scholarships when a score of 720 plus is reported on their score card. Furnished below is the GMAT test pattern 2016.


GMAT Test Section Number of Questions Question Types Timings
Analytical Writing Assessment 1 Topic Analysis of Argument 30 Minutes
Integrated Reasoning 12 Questions Multi-Source Reasoning

Graphic Interpretation

Two-Two Part Analysis

Table Analysis

30 Minutes
Quantitative 37 Questions Data Sufficiency

Problem Solving

75 Minutes
Verbal 41 Questions Reading Comprehension

Critical Reasoning

Sentence Correction

75 Minutes
Total Examination Time 3 hours and 30 minutes


In Analytical Writing Assessment, the student’s ability to think critically and communicating the idea is tested. The task is to analyze a reason behind a given argument.

Integrated Reasoning is to evaluate information from multiple sources that are presented in multiple formats. Your intelligence to be successful in the technological driven data world is tested.

Quantitative (Math section) is a measurement of the student’s problem solving skills in a competitive environment. It is similar to basic arithmetic in secondary or under graduation schools.

Verbal constitutes of your mental aptitude to read and understand written material. It also involves the assessment of given arguments to add meaning to what reasoning you support.

There are more than 1600 standardized B-schools across the globe in 82 nations. The admission is open to 5,900 programs. Namely, a few of them are MBA, Master’s of Accountancy and Master’s of Finance. The GMAT test does not have specified dates. A re-examination can be taken 16 days after writing GMAT test. But, not more than 5 times in a year.
Manhattan Review Hyderabad Madhapur
2nd Floor KSR Towers, Next to
Indian Oil Petrol Pump,Madhapur
Ph: 8008004159.

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How To Get The Most Out Of GMAT Training?

How To Get The Most Out Of GMAT Training?

GMAT Coaching In Bangalore

Integrated Reasoning Section

The best way to get the most out of GMAT training is to follow the pattern taken by the business school candidates who took the examination earlier. The students studying for GMAT test must not get terrified with the introduction of the new integrated reasoning section. The media exaggerated it in a frightening proposition. However, the business school applicants found the task easy and not as propagated in theory. Most of them recommend that every MBA applicant must practice well and take online test repeatedly.

Interpreting Graphs And Charts

There is not much stress the students need to endure in preparation for integrated reasoning section of GMAT test. It consists of graphs and charts, which is viewed as time consuming. On the contrary the questions are easy to answer when compared with the ones in quant section. The students appearing for GMAT test should get used to reading by themselves how to interpret the graphs and charts. The main focus during this exercise should be to manage time in careful intervals. Once the questions in this important section is sorted out the GMAT examination should be a cake walk.

Math Section

Sufficient time should be allowed to cover the integrated reasoning section to study charts and graphs.It becomes much easier while answering the questions in real GMAT test. The students must get familiar with the mathematics section as maximum marks can be scored from it.  To get the most out of GMAT problems practicing for the examination should be done according to ability levels. 700 plus level questions will not be helpful when you are scoring 550 in practice tests. This is because those questions will not appear in the real scenario while taking GMAT examination.

Group Studying

Practicing with other MBA aspirants attempting GMAT test for studying and obtaining training in international schools and colleges is a must. Every sincere effort put in during prep-exam exercise definitely gives leverage to the students to attain high credit score to be eligible for scholarships. This also aids in choosing the colleges that best suits the applicants preferences. The best way in answering GMAT is to understand the logic behind the questions and discuss with other students as well.
Manhattan Review Bangalore Jayanagar
No.23, Vasavi Plaza, 11th Main Road,
4th Block, Jaya Nagar,Bangalore,
Manhattan Review Bangalore Malleswaram
218, 2nd Floor, J.P Royal building,
14th Cross, Sampige Road,Malleswaram,

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What Are The Guidelines For A Successful GRE AWA Attempt?

What Are The Guidelines For A Successful GRE AWA Attempt?

GRE Coaching In Hyderabad

AWA Section

The first thing a student notices while attempting GRE examination is the AWA section. The answering of the questions in AWA depends on the leanings of the applicant towards the English language. It is akin to playing a game with rules to follow a set pattern to be successful. The end result is a good credit score in obtaining admission for studying and training in US universities and several other international schools and colleges. Every game is governed by rules, which a student going to study and obtain coaching must learn quickly.

Write Endlessly

In GRE AWA the essay bears a close resemblance to the ones written during high school days. So, first of all a GRE applicant may think that AWA does not truly measure the English language acumen. This could be correct, but it must not deviate the focus from the game so as to lose sight of the winning post in the beginning itself. Begin preparations for GRE AWA by simply writing endlessly. Choose any topic of inherent interest and keep on writing until grammar and vocabulary levels need no more corrections.

Answer In Less Time

The secret in answering GRE AWA questions is answering in less time, which can come only from thorough practice till the exam date. It is so simple, pay undue importance to study pattern recommended by the course ware. In the essay section take a good look at the issue and argument prompt. Follow the directions and your score will not get affected. Make sure you explain the reasons for supporting your response to develop and support your position on the topic. A huge gamut of vocabulary is the largest cushioning needed to write on and on in less time.

Grammar And Preposition

The good thing to do is to write as many essays as possible on different topics, but within the framework of GRE AWA related titles. Correct grammar parlance to be the highlight of the essay along with the usage of prepositions in the right place before a subject and predicate in a sentence. Master the art of placing a preposition according as their temporal necessities or advantages. This gives leverage to avoid unexpected flaws and score maximum credit points.

The expert faculty in Manhattan Review, are equipped with several years of experience in grooming the students who aspire to study and obtain training in GRE. In the first class itself the ability of the student is molded to churn out the best credit score for a successful study and coaching in overseas schools and colleges.

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