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How To Attract Or What Is The Eligibility Score For a GMAT Scholarship?


GMAT Coaching Centres In Hyderabad , Bangalore,Chennai,Vizag,Vijayawada

GMAT Coaching In India(Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai,Vizag)

The B-school that award GMAT scholarships have a policy that will automatically get you admission in MBA graduation. This means you are eligibility level for it is to get a particular score to claim it. The more the score the scholarship margin increases by several hundreds of the currency of the country you intend to study in. For example: a student with a 720 score will have to pay tuition fee that is less than 20,000 Euros.

Certain B-schools give total fee waiver to a student with a 700 score. The other things that come into consideration are:

  • Outstanding applicant profile
  • Gender consideration

Geographical representation:

  • Regional qualification
  • Country of residence

Now, what remains is a preparation strategy for MBA. Manhattan Review, India is there to guide you to your dream goal and fulfill your passion. The trainers take into consideration the weak areas that need to be attended to. Therefore, this boils down to a couple of important steps. There is no meaning in anchoring for selecting a B-school. The first step should be GMAT test preparation. Next, what is the score you have in mind. Moreover, how you plan to reach for it and what are the strategies the trainers in our educational institute put before a student.

We offer 100 percent guarantee in score improvement

Achieving it within a certain time frame (against the budget with you)

You learn the technique of reducing the time in answering the questions. Peak performance is ensured through time-tested tips. We improve the score by reducing anxiety levels. The friendly attitude of the trainers adds up to the style of training we offer. Productive thought patterns are engaged in making the preparation a fruitful exercise. Better communication is applied with Video Tutorials, Hand Outs, PPTs and more. A leisure time is allowed to go into meditation. A good diet is recommended to stay fit on the GMAT examination date.

Our Admission Counseling Team will help you in short listing of top rated B-school. The schools and colleges where you have a real chance for getting enrollment. Meeting their priority requirements. Start working on your application early. The competition is tough for B-school admission, especially with scholarships. But, we make sure all the hurdles are overcome with a professional touch of handling the process in a successful manner. Indeed, it is a worthwhile effort to make MBA dream to come true.

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The Growth of Manhattan Review into World’s Best Test-prep Training

The Growth of Manhattan Review into World’s Best Test-prep Training

GMAT GRE SAT Coaching In Chennai

Manhattan Review, India started its operations for training the student’s in GRE, GMAT, SAT, TOEFL and IELTS in the year 2008. Today, in 2016, it stands out to be the world’s best test-prep education institute. We can proudly say that because year after year our highly qualified team of most experienced trainers have put in their best efforts, including critical reasoning skills and personal involvement in coaching the aspiring student’s for a bright career in global universities in US and across all international destinations.

We provide in-depth analysis of the student’s weaknesses and strengths to deliver all the information required for a big score in GRE, GMAT, SAT, TOEFL and IELTS examination. The changing trends in training is given an uplift every six months with trainers undergoing training in new concepts and strategies. Indeed, it is a worthwhile experience for both the student’s and trainers to raise their knowledge levels to current happenings in test-prep field of coaching and education.

The significant demand for global education is growing day by day. We guarantee one hundred per cent score improvement. We dare to compare with the others and make the student’s to realize their childhood dreams and passions. This we continue to claim because we know test-prep best. The course material that we provide is the very best.

  • Our curricula for GRE examination bear international approval from Pearson publishers. 
  • In GMAT: the New Official Guide for GMAT Review 2016. 
  • College Board prescribed Official SAT Study Guide, March 2016 and beyond. 
  • ETS certified books for TOEFL. 
  • The Official Cambridge Guide for IELTS.

Our Admission Counseling Services (ACS) team offers the best options to the student’s with expert counseling, shortlisting of the best universities, applying to them, including regular follow up with VISA Guidance, Financial Documentation (Bank Statements and Scholarships), Mock Interviews and more. The personalized training given to each applicant is so useful in enhancing critical reasoning skills for a big score in GRE, GMAT, SAT, TOEFL and IELTS examination.

Our experts who are across the globe give sufficient updated news on our websites,

The most recent happenings along with classifieds and forums that are of utmost importance from the student’s examination point of view is portrayed in the websites. We maintain transparency in all our dealings with complete information for a relaxed test preparation experience. The friendly attitude of the trainers, including ACS team and the management is another plus in aiding the student’s for a world class experience in ecological surroundings. The confidence of the student’s is raised to ‘O’ levels to face the GRE, GMAT, SAT, TOEFL and IELTS examination boldly.



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SAT Coaching Event In Bangalore

SAT Coaching In Bangalore

SAT Classes In Bangalore

Several thousand college hopefuls look at SAT as the next step to higher education. The stress of studying for the examination being conducted by the College Board, the governing body of SAT as the season has begun for enrollment is high. Manhattan Review, India with its international reputation as the best Test Prep and Admission Counseling Services provides the most substantial training for the aspiring student’s. An event is planned (28th and 29th May 2016) at Bangalore Centers (Jayanagar and Malleswaram).

Are you in the 8th, 9th or 10th grade? Want to Study Bachelor’s in US. Step up and show off your skills you are learning in class. Take the PSAT 8/9/10 and Prepare yourself to take the SAT.

Score Improvement – Guaranteed *          

* Conditions apply

Dates: 28th and 29th May 2016 at Bangalore Centers

Contact Number: 0800 800 4159

This event will expose you to world class trainers who will openly declare new strategies to take on SAT. Our mode of training is conducted in ecological classrooms with Video Tutorials, PPTs and much more. The technological infrastructure of our coaching methods challenge the best in the world. The easiest and most innovative learning system will decide how you go about taking the SAT examination.

You can crack Verbal with a wide collection of bright new words and make meaningful sentences. Your critical reasoning skills in Quant (Math) will step up for a big 3100 plus score in SAT. The essay though ‘optional’ will show case your ability to form sentences in an orderly manner. Correct grammar and punctuation will highlight your reading and writing comprehension.

Our Admission Counseling team will counsel you on how to apply to the colleges and universities. The way you need to get scholarship and much more. All your queries in SAT test will be discussed in all transparency. The idea behind conducting this prestigious event is to make the student’s and parents get complete information on how to crack the SAT examination within a time schedule. It is going to change your intellectual thinking skills (critical reasoning) to prepare for such an important test and pave the way to go for college education in US.

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US universities to focus on Manufacturing

US universities to focus on ‘Manufacturing’ An Act has been passed by the US Senate just yesterday, in which legislation has been included to help US universities strengthen their Engineering programs.

By doing so, the universities will be able to meet the demands of the modern manufacturing industry. “Manufacturing Universities” authorizes the Defense Department to support industry-relevant, manufacturing-focused, engineering training at U.S. universities. It will ensure that America is offering higher education that meets the needs of 21st century manufacturing.

This is good news for international students from non-IT background, who are desperate to look for internship and employment opportunities after their education. With focus on training students in the manufacturing sector, universities are helping themselves and in turn helping students to focus on core engineering fields.

‘Fair’y Tales – Manhattan Review (MR) has participated in ‘The Hindu International Education Fair’ held in Hotel Taj Deccan on Sunday, the 15th May.

With a very attractive stall displaying information about our services and video testimonials of our successful students who got top scores, admits and visas, MR attracted a huge crowd of students. Our Center managers personally counseled students about test preparation, admissions and all matters related to studying abroad, especially in USA and Germany.

Students who have visited our stall were quite happy with the information provided and are keen to take advantage of the services being provided by MR. With a very focused approach towards helping students, MR has been successfully conducting ‘Mega GRE’ workshops, participating in Education Fairs and will be a part of ‘QS World MBA Tour’ in Hyderabad on 25th (in The Westin Hyderabad Mindspace, Madhapur) and Bangalore on 28th May in Vivanta by Taj, M.G. Road.

Do visit our stall during the events on 25th and 28th May, and give us a pleasant surprise!

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Free Mega Workshop on GRE Hyderabad

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Attend a Free Mega Workshop on GRE @ Hyderabad

 GRE Coaching Centres IN Hyderabad

Score Improvement (100 per cent) Guaranteed

Welcome aboard: do you want to dominate the scores in GRE examination. Then, take a visit or make an early entry into one of these centers in Manhattan Review @ Hyderabad, branches on the following days:

Date: 19th,20th,21st,22nd,23rd May’16 & 1st to 5th June’16.

Time: 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. & 4 p.m. – 8 p.m.

Venue: Himayatnagar, Madhapur, Kukatpally, Dilsukhnagar,

                  Mehdipatnam, Tarnaka, SR Nagar, Begumpet

Helpline: 800 800 4159 / 

Talk to our Admissions Counselors Make the right choice:

Our Recent Top Scores:-

    • Madhav – 336
    • Suraj –    330
    • Rakesh –  329
    • Prakash – 329
    • Ayushi –  325

Our Recent Admissions:

    • University of Florida
    • San Jose State University
    • University of North Carolina
    • University of Arizona
    • Texas A&M College Station
    • Arizona State University

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GRE, GMAT, SAT, TOEFL and IELTS Best Coaching in Vijayawada

GRE ,GMAT, SAT Coaching In Vijayawada

Manhattan Review, India started GRE, GMAT, SAT, TOEFL and IELTS test preparation training in Vijayawada in September 2014. It provides best quality guidance in coaching the aspiring student’s who want to go abroad to international universities for graduation studies. Our educational institute is centrally located on Bandar Road, right opposite Air-Tel mobile service provider showroom. The trainers possesses large experience and international certification in training student’s for GRE, GMAT, SAT, TOEFL and IELTS. They give their best efforts in test-prep for a high score in the respective fields. Some of them are rank holders themselves.

We offer transparency during our classroom sessions in ecological surroundings. The use of digital technology with video tutorials, PPTs, online resources with 100 Practice Drills and 5 Mock Tests in GRE. 30 Practice Drills and 4 Full Length Tests in GMAT-Preparation.


  • Test 1 – Pretest (at the beginning)
  • Test 2 – Midterm Test (Third week)
  • Test 3 – Practice Test 1 (Seventh week)
  • Test 4 – Practice Test 2 (15 days before the actual SAT test)
  • Test 5 – Practice Test (one week before the examination)

 One hundred per cent score improvement is guaranteed. Even student’s with weaknesses and average marks in previous academics are given prospective intellectual advancement. Critical Reasoning and accuracy in verbal is taken to ‘O’ levels. A friendly attitude exists during classroom sessions and the trainer’s are available for answering queries even after completion of your coaching. The classes are conducted Weekdays, Weekends, including Sunday’s. World’s best study material is provided. We focus on getting a big score for the student’s to apply for scholarships in the best universities around the world.

The trainer’s our very particular about proper completion of the practice tests and online drills. Total attention is given to answering of the questions with accurate time spacing in each section of GRE, GMAT, SAT, TOEFL and IELTS. This saves precious minutes for correcting the wrong answer choice. The most important concepts of the examination are given skillful development. The incredible scores we produce with 300 plus, 700 plus and 3100 plus and 6 plus in GRE, GMAT, SAT, TOEFL and IELTS respectively shows the huge gap of educational excellence in the training methods with our competitors in the test preparation field. We help the student’s to manage their study time, relaxation and diet that no other institute tells them.

Our Admission Counseling Services (ACS) team helps the student’s in several ways:

  • Accurate Program, University shortlisting and selection
  • Assistance with SEVIS Fee payment
  • Help with DS -160
  • Mock Interview
  • Travel and Forex assistance
  • Pre-departure orientation

Additionally, ACS team provides:

  • Expert counseling
  • Scores reporting/Documents dispatch
  • Applying to Universities
  • Regular follow up with Universities
  • Expert assistance in preparing SOP/LOR/CV
  • Sample formats of Financial documentation
  • Assistance in preparing for Visa applications

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Finland not free anymore

Finland, not free anymore – Till January, education in Finland for international students was free. The Finland government has passed a resolution to make the international student fee-paying, with effect from 1st January 2016.

Fee-payment will be applicable for both Bachelor’s and Master’s level international students. By this addition (of tuition), the cost of education in Finland becomes very high, since the cost of living is among the highest in European countries.

Official government statistics indicate that there were a total of 19,880 foreign students enrolled in degree programs at Finnish universities and polytechnics in 2014. Nearly eight in ten of those students (77% or 15,330 in total) were international.

Assistantships: a practical advice Many of you are ready to leave for USA shortly. While some of you may have got funding in the form of scholarships and tuition waivers, many would want to know about other resources to help them with their education expenditure.

How to obtain assistantships? As you may know, there are different types of assistantships – Teaching, Research and Administrative. These are available to students who contact the professors and convince them of their ability to assist him/her (the Professor) with his/her teaching or research. If you have high TOEFL and/or Verbal section scores in GRE, you could approach the professors to become a Teaching Assistant (TA). If you are keen on spending long hours to help with research, you could certainly consider becoming a Research Assistant (RA). And, if you have typing or coding skills or any other that could help with the administration of a department, you could apply for an Administrative Assistant positon. With an assistantship, your tuition could be completely waived and you may be paid a stipend to cover your living expenditure costs. This means, you need not spend any money for your education or living!

Mind you, it is not necessary to apply for any of these positions within the department you have obtained admission. You could also apply to other departments too. For your efforts to be effective and successful, use the regulations. You can travel up to 30 days before your classes starting date. Use that time to explore your and other departments and hit the jackpot!!

GMAT and GRE: exciting events and offers Manhattan Review’s Mega GRE event blasted off the ground to reach a new high. Many students across Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka are taking advantage of our workshops and discovering life-changing information and services. Free demo. Classes, discounted fees, group discounts and customized packages for students are on offer during the mega sessions. Are you a part of the mega event? Have you taken advantage? If not, meet your counselor and find out how we could offer better services for you at a discounted price. If you have already taken advantage, inform your friends and classmates. Let them also benefit from your magnanimity.

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How GMAT Popularity Is Rising For Admission In B-Schools?


GMAT Coaching Centres In Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai

Celebrity from ISB, LSB, Harvard and Wharton have been to Manhattan Review, India to give knowledge in GMAT and the career guidelines for completing MBA. This shows how good popularity in large numbers is rising for admission in B-schools. This is a welcome sign that speaks of the training imparted by the trainers here. The latest trends in GMAT is regularly updated. The course ware is well researched and presented on the websites and blogs. R & D team work brings together objective material 24×7.

It is a well known fact that MBA is a graduation that will pull up your career to growing heights in business formulation. The choice is also ruled by several opportunities in the job market. It will propel your promotion in your current position at your place of work. The training here offers time schedules most convenient for both student’s and working professionals. Manhattan Review, India Test-prep and Admission Counseling Services (ACS)  is world renowned. The hard work put in by the highly certified trainers, the management and the ACS team is ultimately converted to your advantage for a 700 plus score in GMAT.

The total duration of training provided for GMAT is 48 hours. The daily classroom schedule is 2 hours. The weekend classes are 3 hours. The GMAT structure is given below:

It has a transparent outlook, which is easy to understand.

AWA 1 30 minutes ————- 0-6, increment – 0.5
INTAGRATED REASONING 12 30 minutes ————- 1-8, increment-1

8 minutes

QUANT 37 75 minutes 0-60  

8 minutes

VERBAL 41 75 minutes 0-60 200-800, increment-10


The Integrated Reasoning section consists of 4 question types.

  • Two – Part Analysis 
  • Graphical Interpretation 
  • Table Analysis 
  • Multi-source Reasoning

Verbal Section has 3 types of questions.

  • Critical Reasoning 
  • Sentence Correction 
  • Reading Comprehension

Quant has 2 multiple choice questions.

  • Problem Solving 
  • Data Sufficiency

The test fee for GMAT is:

  • $ 205

GMAT test score:

  • 200 – 800


  • 5 years

The inherent weakness of the student’s is done through a diagnostic test for the student’s who take an enrollment for GMAT training in Manhattan Review. The popularity of GMAT has created ample opportunities for the aspiring student’s who dream of studying in world class ecological classrooms in top B-schools like Harvard, Wharton, ISB and LSB (London School of Business). Moreover, the thinking ability of the student is enhanced in answering the question in each section of the examination correctly for a big score in GMAT.


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The Right Preparation Plan To Score 300 Plus In GRE Examination.

The struggle that several student’s undergo to make preparation for GRE examination is unpredictable. Manhattan Review, India guides them to make the right schedule in scoring 300 plus for admission to elite universities in international destinations. A six week, two hours per day is an ideal preparation plan to be successful. It can be shortened to a month but that will give more stress, which is not a wise move before an important examination as GRE.

Top GRE Coaching Centres In Hyderabad

The trainers with us give world class training to get the desired results and live out the passions of your childhood to study in US and several other international colleges and schools. The training is high octane; strategy based teaching program that covers every area of a student’s weakness. The primary being time management. Pacing of time in each section of GRE examination wins the battle for you. Thereafter, critical reasoning, vocabulary, sentence formation, elimination of wrong answering choice and picking out the right solution to a question is given utmost importance. The flexibility a student wants is provided in highly defined ecological classrooms with video tutorials, PPTs, handouts, flashcards and more.

The friendly attitude of the trainers and Admission Counseling Services team is another area we score over the other small players that pretend to offer coaching for GRE. Our dare to compare challenge is an authentic expression of the capability of the most experience, highly qualified and accredited trainers who take on the responsibility with all sincerity and dedication. The focus is solving the mechanics involved in each section in all the questions presented in the GRE examination. The good news is that we highlight your strong points and use them to increase the student’s confidence to attempt the test in a winning mood.

In the Analytical Writing Analysis (AWA) section the performance is enhanced for careful presentation of the facts. The knowledge skills of the student’s are taken to ‘O’ levels. This influences the score very much. Practice and more practice is the right preparation plan that is repeated in the resourceful training online with:

  • Practice Drills – 100 
  • Mock Test – 5 (where questions are not repeated)

The aspiring student’s who want to pursue MS in US are given the best training available because we know GRE test-prep the best. Please log on to our website:  or give a call to 800 800 4159.

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Free Mega Workshop on GRE In Vijayawada and Guntur

Attend a Free Mega Workshop on GRE @ Guntur & Vijayawada

 GRE Coaching Vijayawada

Score Improvement (100 per cent) Guaranteed

Welcome aboard: do you want to dominate the scores in GRE examination. Then, take a visit or make an early entry into one of these centers in Manhattan Review @ Guntur & Vijayawada, branches on the following days:

Date: 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th , 9th  10th & 17th,18th,19th,20th May 2016.

Time: 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. & 4 p.m. – 8 p.m.

Venue: Guntur & Vijayawada

Helpline: 800 800 4159 / 

Talk to our Admissions Counselors Make the right choice:

Our Recent Top Scores:-

  • Adityan         – 329
  • Charuvahan – 326
  • Anasuya     – 312
  • Satish          –  307
  • Sravan          – 303

Our Recent Admissions:

  • Clemson University
  • Cleveland State University
  • Wayne State university
  • South Dakota Schools of Mines & University of Nebraska Omaha


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