Finland not free anymore

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Finland not free anymore

Finland, not free anymore – Till January, education in Finland for international students was free. The Finland government has passed a resolution to make the international student fee-paying, with effect from 1st January 2016.

Fee-payment will be applicable for both Bachelor’s and Master’s level international students. By this addition (of tuition), the cost of education in Finland becomes very high, since the cost of living is among the highest in European countries.

Official government statistics indicate that there were a total of 19,880 foreign students enrolled in degree programs at Finnish universities and polytechnics in 2014. Nearly eight in ten of those students (77% or 15,330 in total) were international.

Assistantships: a practical advice Many of you are ready to leave for USA shortly. While some of you may have got funding in the form of scholarships and tuition waivers, many would want to know about other resources to help them with their education expenditure.

How to obtain assistantships? As you may know, there are different types of assistantships – Teaching, Research and Administrative. These are available to students who contact the professors and convince them of their ability to assist him/her (the Professor) with his/her teaching or research. If you have high TOEFL and/or Verbal section scores in GRE, you could approach the professors to become a Teaching Assistant (TA). If you are keen on spending long hours to help with research, you could certainly consider becoming a Research Assistant (RA). And, if you have typing or coding skills or any other that could help with the administration of a department, you could apply for an Administrative Assistant positon. With an assistantship, your tuition could be completely waived and you may be paid a stipend to cover your living expenditure costs. This means, you need not spend any money for your education or living!

Mind you, it is not necessary to apply for any of these positions within the department you have obtained admission. You could also apply to other departments too. For your efforts to be effective and successful, use the regulations. You can travel up to 30 days before your classes starting date. Use that time to explore your and other departments and hit the jackpot!!

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