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How to Structure your GRE Test Preparations for a Big 320 plus Score?

GRE test preparations for a big 300 plus score depends on the way you structure your time schedule for taking a winning shot. First register your slot date and then start the preparations. This will enable you to have a clear mind on how to approach the examination deadline in a planned manner. Manhattan Review, India will help you in preparing for GRE examination under the tutorship of experienced trainers. The training offered is far away from the traditional way of studying for GRE test-prep. Every query is explained in ecological classrooms with a professionalism not found in any test-prep training institute across the globe.

GRE Books

 The answers are provided from the tips that are gathered over the years of GRE training given to several student’s for successful 320 plus score. The curricula contains customized books:

  • GRE Complete Guide by Pearson Publishers
  • GRE 6 Practice Tests
  • Essential Words for the GRE
  • The Official Guide to the GRE revised General Test – 2nd Edition

Examination Structure

 The training begins with solving the problems at random and from examination point of view. The real questions that will appear in the GRE test will be there in the practice tests. The vocabulary will be covered from the “Essential Words for the GRE” book. The disruptions that come in the way of test preparations are put aside with Homework. All you need is some examination structure to start to be able to complete the GRE preparations. All the test material when exhausted, more focus is given to the online resources.

  • Practice Drills – 100
  • Mock tests – 5

The internationally accredited academic trainers assist the student’s on how to take the GRE in a satisfactory manner with complete knowledge skills. The things that took a back seat due to transparent weakness in subject area are brought forward for total correction. Before you can realize your thinking skills in Critical Reasoning are brought to “O” levels. This gives added punch to your Math in Quant. Verbal is also enhanced with several hundreds of words for a meaningful sentence formation. Accuracy is maintained in giving the student’s an edge that will definitely help in scoring 320 plus.

All the credit goes to the student for going through a comprehensive coaching imagined by a team of highly qualified intellectuals. Admission Counseling Services is provided with information on applying to universities (Shortlisting of universities) and much more, including SOPs, LORs, Resume.

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Increased funding in Carnegie Mellon University

Increased funding in Carnegie Mellon University – The Science and Engineering Research Board of the Government of India has signed an agreement with CMU to offer five fellowships every year to its PhD (Doctoral) students.

The total financial commitment of SERB is US $ 2.4 million, which will be disbursed over a period of five years, starting Fall 2016.


CMU is one of the most popular universities in USA among Indian students. India hosts the biggest section of CMU alumni, after USA. Last year, over 1,300 Indian students attended CMU. Students from India form one of the largest foreign student groups of the largest foreign student groups of CMU. CMU is a top global research university with over 13,285 students; 98,000 alumni and 5,000 faculty/staff. The varsity has been an innovation hub since its founding in 1900. CMU consists of seven schools as well as colleges and has campuses in Pittsburgh, Qatar and Silicon Valley. It offers degree-granting programs around the world, including Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and Latin America. Around 35% of CMU’s students are from 115 countries outside the US. CMU students are employed by some of the most innovative companies of the world.

MBA in USA – Currently there are more than 450 institutions offering MBA programs in the U.S., with dozens of different concentrations. An MBA degree from an accredited university is one of the most prestigious and recognizable business degrees at the master’s level. Since courses are very diverse and focus on various topics, it offers a wide range of career opportunities.

The process of choosing an MBA program can be daunting, especially if you are an international student. Researching your options and getting a grip on what preparations to take is big task. Here are some factors to consider as you start this process to help you make the best decision.

  1. Accreditation: It might not be first on your list but it is an important factor: Choose an institution that is accredited. This is a good way to make sure the institution you are researching offers a qualitatively sound program.

The number of institutions offering MBA programs is rising, especially online options, but this doesn’t mean that every institution offers you the same value for your money. Since an MBA is a big investment, you want to make sure that you get the best value for your money. Accreditation from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business International tends to be most prevalent among U.S. programs.

  1. Requirements: While looking at various MBA programs you want to get a clear picture of the requirements. What tests do you have to take? Is an essay or an interview a requirement? Will references help your acceptance?

Every program has different types of requirements or requires different test scores to be accepted. You want to make sure that you know what to expect and that you take the appropriate amount of time to prepare yourself.

If your bachelors’ degree doesn’t match the MBA program directly, you might have to take some additional undergrad courses to be accepted. It will be up to you to decide to take these courses in your home country, online or at the U.S. institution.

  1. Types of MBAs: The MBA degree is offered in various shapes and sizes: traditional or on-campus, professional, accelerated, executive, part-time and online. While part-time options may be difficult for international students due to immigration requirements, the other varieties are a consideration.

Your background will influence your choice in this matter.

If you are a professional with a number of years work experience, you might benefit from a professional, accelerated or executive MBA. Generally, the average age is higher in these programs, and you’ll find people with comparable experiences.

Are you fresh out of college? If so, you might be more comfortable in a full-time, on-campus MBA program. These generally have a more mixed student body, and offer more face time with professors.

Some MBA programs do require extracurricular or volunteering experience, which is not a common focus in undergrad programs elsewhere in the world. Keep this in mind when you are applying straight out of college.

  1. Faculty: Once you made your decision on what type of MBA and perhaps a specialization, researching the faculty might help you make your final decision. Class sizes are generally a lot smaller in the MBA program and the relationships that you build with your professors can take you a long way in your career.

Once you narrow down your options, start looking into faculty to see if the professors’ work experience, or even research background, align with your interests. Connecting with these professors will help you make the most of your time and could give you an advantage in furthering your career.

  1. Finances: An MBA degree can be costly – costlier than other master’s programs. Since scholarships and financial aid are limited for international students, you are required to have all the necessary funding before applying for the appropriate visa.

Universities will offer employment options or graduate assistantships to international students, and it is definitely worth exploring those options before you start, but keep in mind they are limited and highly competitive.

  1. International community: Researching the international community at an institution could be part of your personal decision-making process. If a university has a big international student community, it might be easier for you to settle in and feel at home.

It also gives you the opportunity to expand your horizons and get to know all kinds of cultures. However, if you’re looking for the all-American experience, the percentage of international students might not be one of the criteria for you.

Offers galore – Did you know that Manhattan Review (MR) offers several attractive options to study in USA, Germany and Canada?

  • Group Discount for friends who take up our services together
  • Individual discounts for those who want services for themselves
  • Combi-packs which are highly discounted, for taking TOEFL/IELTS, GRE and Admissions Counseling Service – at a time
  • 2-university package
  • 4-university package
  • 6-university package
  • Free Admission Services
  • Premium Free Admission Services
  • Individual packages just for shortlisting, editing and visa counseling etc.

Meet your counselor and discuss with him/her about your specific requirement. We will be glad to customize our offers for you – so you can start the process and fly abroad – ASAP!

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US universities prefer to work with recruitment agencies globally

Recruitment agencies – It is official! US universities prefer to work with recruitment agencies globally, to attract students. As per a recent survey of Bridge Group, 49% of US universities actively recruit students from all parts of the world for their programs – including the pathway programs.

This is a major, but positive departure from the past, when universities shied away from using the services of agents. After realizing that the success of UK and Australian universities’ recruitment efforts were mostly because of the usage of agencies, US universities have started adopting this practice, which will have a positive impact on getting more number of students from all over the globe.

Manhattan Review India (MR) is actively helping students to select the right programs and universities that meet their profile. Where required, we also help students to choose from hundreds of universities that we actively partner with – only if they are suitable for the profile and requirement of students.  As always, students are our first priority.

Public or Private? – Students aspiring to study in the USA are confronted with the dilemma of whether to study in Public or Private Universities. A wrong decision during this dilemma could lead to ‘costly’ mistakes and affecting the career adversely.

Public Universities are those that are funded by the respective states within the USA. Cost of education is cheaper in public universities since they are meant to ‘educate’ the public of the state.  Also, it is a requirement that public universities have to prefer domestic ‘in-state’ students over students from other states of USA and other countries. While admission is definitely possible for international students in public universities, it has to be kept in mind that they (the international students) fall under the ‘second’ priority of applicants. Size of public universities range from average to huge – some even having more than 25,000 students in their programs. The attractive reason for considering public universities is the costs, which are at least 30% lesser than private universities.

Private universities, on the other hand, are very popular among applicants both domestic and international. Top universities like Harvard, Stanford, MIT etc. are private universities that attract the best talent world-wide. Cost of education is undeniably higher, but well worth the dollars spent. The quality of education and the learning + networking opportunities are unparalleled in private universities.  Quality, dynamism, approach and opportunities (for learning and employment) are the ‘strengths’ of popular private universities, and this definitely scores over public institutions. The biggest attraction is the availability of funding (financial aid) in private universities. Because of endowments, grants and donations, private universities grant financial aid to students, including international students, based on their merit. This reason attracts more number of students to private universities – more than for public universities.

For those students who are cost-conscious and with a tight budget, state universities are a safe bet, but with a risk of limited chance for enrollment. For performers, limited budget will not be an inhibiting factor in private universities, since they award ‘aid’ or assistantships to students.  MR advises its students to have a mix of both public and private universities within their list to apply. An equal preference of both public and private will give them a chance to ‘choose’. And that could make all the difference between making a right or wrong decision on their academic careers.

MR’s latest offering – two wonderful packages – have become a big hit among our students who are grabbing the most attractive offers that are not available elsewhere. If you already know of the new offers, don’t delay in taking them. If you want more information on these wonderful packages to help you study in the USA, rush to your Center and discuss with our friendly counselors/managers.

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Kick Start Test Preparation in SAT

Trainers with Top Ratings

Overcome psychological fear in preparing for SAT test. Manhattan Review, India offers all that you need to be a part of the 3000 plus score. 100 per cent score improvement guaranteed so as to score 3200 plus and much more. You must not get stuck in one question due to data insufficiency. You have the knowledge to find solutions, but end up in making simple mistakes. The trainers with top ratings in SAT test-prep provide easy solutions to complex questions. The ability to let knowledge flow for a Bachelor’s degree in US, including other international universities.

SAT Classes

Current Technical Advancement

The coaching is done in ecological classrooms with video lessons that are interactive with high visual appeal. They are amazing and offer 5 times more knowledge than while studying from a book. PPTs add more flavor and catch the attention of the user in an effective manner. Your focus is shifted towards answering the right answers. All this is done in real time to ensure that you manage time carefully in each section. The ultimate concept is to direct the process of thinking intelligence in the right direction.

Weakness turned into Strength

A successful attempt in SAT is delivered through transparent information flow, which will give an insight of your strong and weak areas. Customized curricula as per the recommendations of College Board standards is presented. The time spent in eliminating questions is reduced with several minutes to spare. Perfect attention is paid to narrow the gap in your weak areas of understanding the questions in Verbal and Quant. The training is on how to break the sentences and analyze the meaning on the errors that are highlighted.

Best Training for SAT Preparation

In an effort to facilitate your daily SAT practice, Manhattan Review has compared a set of good Online Resources, including practice Tests and made a comprehensive Test Program. The trainers help the student’s avoid silly mistakes in answering the questions. Transparent information is provided to make the most of it. We expect the student’s to co-relate and learn the art of pacing time. This makes learning easy and the huge gaps that exist due to negative thinking is erased.

We have created a global marketplace, where we are helping students from developing countries, get transparent and equal access to quality guidance for their Bachelor’s admissions. Our Admission Counseling Services team offer the best guidance in this regard.

Happy Learning.

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Scams and Frauds in USA

Scams and Frauds in USA – Now is the time for most students to join US universities. In the new environment, there can (and will) be many situations that could affect them adversely. Like in other countries, there are scammers who are ready to do fraudulent activities and cheat the students new to the US system – education and living.

The below given information was officially circulated by the US universities during the NAFSA Convention 2016, in order to help students escape the cheating and frauds that happen.

Phone scams: Some students receive calls purportedly from FBI, Homeland Security, Immigration, IRS, Police and District Attorney Office etc. When students verify online, the numbers ‘match’ with the name of the organization mentioned. This is known as ‘spoofing’.

Audio Scams: There may be recorded or live calls asking to purchase ‘Cash Cards or Vouchers’ of $2,000 or more, for making payment of “International Student Fee” or “Education Tax” etc.

Mail Scams: You may receive emails with the name “DHS Documents” asking for money to be paid for various purposes.

Online Scams: Students may be tempted with offers like “Green Card lottery” and asked for their full information.

Employment Scams: Since there is a time limit of 90 days for students to get a job/internship after obtaining an OPT card, they will be under pressure to get some job or the other. At such times, consultants will try to pitch in with offers like employment and for training students for interviews etc. In the training, they will coach students to say that the student is on EAD that was sponsored by employer for a Green Card. Actually, the student will be on ‘post-completion OPT’. By telling such a lie, the student faces the risk of deportation!

Third-party Tax Forms: Student may receive “Form 4506T – Request for Transcript of Tax Returns” by email, asking for payment of tax etc. This form is illegal and should not be acted upon.

Students should not fall into the trap of accepting or agreeing to the threats or demands of callers or mails. Instead, ask for the name & phone no. of the caller, request for his badge (ID) number and indicate that they would get back to him/her, if it is a phone call. Don’t get intimidated by threats that if they disconnect or don’t pay they could be arrested. That does not happen, since no official law enforcement official can demand money or payment immediately and threaten with arrests etc. for non-compliance.

What to do: Contact the International Student Office of your university and inform them of the issue. They will take up the matter and help you identify the scam/fraud.

To help new/unsuspecting students, universities are conducting orientations, send emails, conduct workshops on OPT, post warnings on Facebook, create web pages about these scams and give handouts etc.

Students can also visit the USCIS webpage on “common scams and reporting procedure”. And, SEVP has published warnings on their website about scams for both students and universities.

A few more hints for the students to save themselves from such frauds,

Do not reveal your contact information for all. Keep it private.

Do not cash cheques from unknown sources

In case of doubt, contact the Designated School Official (DSO) about unethical employment practices by employers, or if students receive any suspicious calls etc.

Please be careful and all the best with your sojourn to the USA.

‘Free’ Bonanza – For those of you who are looking for Spring or Fall 2017 admission, Manhattan Review is offering two new packages, which are ‘Free’ services. You will get all the Admission services Free of cost. For full details, contact our counselors at any of our branches nearest you.

Take advantage of this fantastic, ‘once in a blue-moon’ offer. Now!!

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How to become a Successful GMAT 700 Plus Scorer?

Success and Score Value

To be a successful GMAT top scorer, you need to initially build the right resources for a comprehensive study experience. Manhattan Review, India offers the best training with proven strategies that have given the student’s a 700 plus score. Several scores of 720 plus are a regular feature of our world class trainer’s constant effort make test-prep look effortless. The support they provide you through this ambitious journey is worth every dollar that you spend on it. The information that is provided is updated and to the point. It gives the student’s more confidence to take the examination with a winning score in mind. The ability to mold the “critical reasoning” skills is one of the several strategies that are applied to the world class coaching here.

GMAT Coaching

Zero Error Ability

For most aspiring student’s GMAT Coaching appears to be a time consuming journey. But, the well experienced trainers make it easy with ‘time management’ skills that are of great help on GMAT examination day. You start solving problematic questions in Quant with much time to spare. The answers in verbal are eliminated to the point of zero error. AWA and Integrated Reasoning are given equal importance for hiking the scores to ‘O’ levels. The ability move on to a higher gear is given the right direction with Video Tutorials, PPTs and new tips that offer targeted results in GMAT test. You may be a busy professional with a 24×7 work schedule. Your attitude towards GMAT preparation is enhanced with professional applications. Your ‘critical reasoning’ are upgraded for a deserving score that you dream of. Your view of the examination is changed completely for a successful admission in best B-schools. Additionally, a scholarship is a bonus that all expect to make MBA affordable.

Big Score

A good verbal score is realized by correcting the cracks in grammar. A huge collection of over a thousand words add up to existing vocabs. The Math section in Quant is appropriately given the professional touch with Practice Drills and Mock tests. Homework and Full Length tests give GMAT test preparations a complete review that you need for a big score. Group discussions now and again in classrooms with ecological surroundings make it a lively affair. The Admission Counseling Services handles the universities short listing, application procedure, including VISA and much more. SOPs. LORs and Resume editing is done to make the procedure easy during VISA application. Every dollar that is spent is worth the effort you are made to put in getting a successful GMAT 700/720 plus score.

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Graduation Certificate Abroad Plan Ahead For Emergencies


As an international student one must give unexpected happenings a deep thought. Unpreparedness could lead to several hardships. The Admission Counseling Services team in Manhattan Review, India recommend and give good information about the host country where you are going to get enrollment. Their laws and cultural environment. However, it is good that you gather much information as well.

At home you know how well to handle an emergency situation. But, abroad it is a different story altogether. For example: an injury or natural disaster. Respecting rules and regulations is very important. Obeying them will help in getting into tight situations and avoiding them.

  • Information on transportation

Important telephone numbers:

  • Embassies, police, ambulance and more

Do’s and Don’ts

You must also keep yourself involved by:

  • Keeping regular communication with family(s) back home 
  • Maintaining good student-alumni relationships 
  • Developing better understanding with fellow student’s 

Things to avoid:

  • Staring at people 
  • Don’t fall victim to fear 
  • Be vigilant while travelling 
  • Never wander out alone, especially at nights 


GRE, GMAT, SAT, TOEFL and IELTS examination

The trainers have global certification. They are well experienced with some having good scores. Video Tutorials, PPTs and more in ecological classrooms. The focus is on upgrading Critical Reasoning skills, Vocabulary, Grammar and strategies in Quant. Online resources, including Practice Drills, Mock Tests and Interview sessions. Our fee is cost competitive. We proudly claim that we are the best test-prep educational institute. 100 per cent score improvement is guaranteed, but conditions apply. We dare to compare our coaching with others.



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GRE Test Preparations With Advanced Training Program

Real GRE test-prep starts with advanced training program in Manhattan Review. The high-quality trainers offer great ideas for a comprehensive coverage of the curricula is simple shot steps. It begins with certain program objectives such as:

GRE Coaching Centres All over in India

 >To understand ideal framework in GRE strategies

>To learn how to manage strategic time management

>Distinct focus is given to weak areas

>Strategy implementation in professional atmosphere

>Equal learning concepts offered

The trainers in Manhattan Review take every responsibility in completing GRE course ware on time as perfection in training is not given any slow down. The way they move things forward is a marvel in its own way. The effectiveness of it is seen in the way your skills are sharpened, especially critical reasoning and verbal quality. They are experienced professionals who plan accordingly the rules a student needs to apply to be the best. A high score of 320 plus is a sure happening here.

We dare our student’s and clients to compare our training with others as we only can make that claim for we know test-prep best:

 >100 per cent weightage given to guaranteed score improvement

>Designed with a mix of peer leaning techniques

>Case studies discussion and PPTs, including video tutorials

>Research based classroom environment

>Successful completion of curricula within given time schedules

We help you in having the confidence that gives you the winning edge in choosing the right answers. A basic assessment of your goals is enhanced with proven tips and strategies. The ability to answer complex questions is taken to ‘O’ levels. All that you dream of is made to come true with transparent output that bear the stamp of Manhattan Review personalized coaching.

A complete review of mathematical skills that are required to be successful in GRE is analyzed. Words that are complex in nature are broken down with their meanings for a meaningful sentence formation. Moreover, grammar is given a thorough brush up. Geometry diagrams are turned into solvable solutions. Similarly, knowledge in Quant is maximized for a big score that will ensure scholarships in top-end international schools and colleges.

The training begins with elimination of wrong answers and mastering the art of pacing time in each section of GRE examination. A relaxed mind is created before examination date approaches. Identification of common errors is established. Examples of questions that are unfamiliar and unexpected are discussed. The support provided is extremely satisfactory. The results prove our worth and cost effective benefits that includes enrollment with scholarships in big colleges in US and other international universities.

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How will the New SAT serve the poor student’s better

The SAT test has been the pivotal point for high school going student’s in the last 90 years or so. According to the claims made by president (David Coleman) of the College Board, the governing body of SAT examination, “The SAT got disconnected from the work of the American High School”. This statement also refers to the high schools across the globe. The redesigned New SAT is done with keeping in mind the student’s curricula in school. This is also to help serve the poor student’s better, especially in US.

SAT Coaching Classes

Several defining features in SAT Coaching, including vocab have been deleted. Minus marks for wrong answers has also been done away with, which is a welcome sign. The reduction from 5 to 4 of multiple-choice options is another big relief. Thus, providing more time for lesser number of sections. The essay is now optional. However, several colleges still require it. The rush for writing SAT has grown despite the changes made. Moreover, the poor student’s have benefited much.

Manhattan Review, India course material for SAT, includes:

  • New SAT Guide, first edition 
  • The Official SAT Study Guide (College Board)

A diagnostic test gives an enhanced score report. It is to identify and focus on the weak areas.                                   

  1. Passport to Advanced Math 
  1. Problem Solving and Data Analysis                       
  1. Heart of Algebra 
  1. Standard English Conventions 
  1. Expressions of Ideas 
  1. Words in Context 
  1. Command of Evidence

Manhattan Review, training involves full length practice tests:

  • Test 1 – Pretest (at the beginning) 
  • Test 2 – Midterm Test (Third week) 
  • Test 3 – Practice Test 1 (Seventh week) 
  • Test 4 – Practice Test 2 (15 days before the actual test) 
  • Test 5 – Practice Test 3 (7 days before the actual test)


The classroom training in SAT is (48 hours): 

  1. Trained and Certified Faculty 
  1. Structured Program 
  1. Strategy Oriented Training 
  1. PowerPoint Based Classes

Thereafter, Admission Counseling Services (ACS) are offered for a smooth transition to the US or other international destinations.

  • Expert Counseling
  • Applying to Universities
  • Shortlisting of Universities
  • Regular follow up with the universities 
  • Admission Requirements
  • Funding, Financial Aid
  • Scholarships
  • Expert assistance in preparing SOP/LOR/CV and Essays 
  • Sample formats of Application and Financial documentation
  • Assistance in preparing Visa applications
  • Mock interview preparing for Visa
  • Pre-departure orientation

 The world’s best test-prep company Manhattan Review, welcomes the aspiring student’s to undertake coaching in SAT. We challenge to compare our training methodology in which score improvement is guaranteed.


Our Recent Scores:

  • Siri – 2380 
  • Sneha – 2350 
  • Kaushik – 2300 
  • Veda – 2300

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