Graduation Certificate Abroad Plan Ahead For Emergencies

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Graduation Certificate Abroad Plan Ahead For Emergencies


As an international student one must give unexpected happenings a deep thought. Unpreparedness could lead to several hardships. The Admission Counseling Services team in Manhattan Review, India recommend and give good information about the host country where you are going to get enrollment. Their laws and cultural environment. However, it is good that you gather much information as well.

At home you know how well to handle an emergency situation. But, abroad it is a different story altogether. For example: an injury or natural disaster. Respecting rules and regulations is very important. Obeying them will help in getting into tight situations and avoiding them.

  • Information on transportation

Important telephone numbers:

  • Embassies, police, ambulance and more

Do’s and Don’ts

You must also keep yourself involved by:

  • Keeping regular communication with family(s) back home 
  • Maintaining good student-alumni relationships 
  • Developing better understanding with fellow student’s 

Things to avoid:

  • Staring at people 
  • Don’t fall victim to fear 
  • Be vigilant while travelling 
  • Never wander out alone, especially at nights 


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