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US universities prefer to work with recruitment agencies globally

Recruitment agencies – It is official! US universities prefer to work with recruitment agencies globally, to attract students. As per a recent survey of Bridge Group, 49% of US universities actively recruit students from all parts of the world for their programs – including the pathway programs.

This is a major, but positive departure from the past, when universities shied away from using the services of agents. After realizing that the success of UK and Australian universities’ recruitment efforts were mostly because of the usage of agencies, US universities have started adopting this practice, which will have a positive impact on getting more number of students from all over the globe.

Manhattan Review India (MR) is actively helping students to select the right programs and universities that meet their profile. Where required, we also help students to choose from hundreds of universities that we actively partner with – only if they are suitable for the profile and requirement of students.  As always, students are our first priority.

Public or Private? – Students aspiring to study in the USA are confronted with the dilemma of whether to study in Public or Private Universities. A wrong decision during this dilemma could lead to ‘costly’ mistakes and affecting the career adversely.

Public Universities are those that are funded by the respective states within the USA. Cost of education is cheaper in public universities since they are meant to ‘educate’ the public of the state.  Also, it is a requirement that public universities have to prefer domestic ‘in-state’ students over students from other states of USA and other countries. While admission is definitely possible for international students in public universities, it has to be kept in mind that they (the international students) fall under the ‘second’ priority of applicants. Size of public universities range from average to huge – some even having more than 25,000 students in their programs. The attractive reason for considering public universities is the costs, which are at least 30% lesser than private universities.

Private universities, on the other hand, are very popular among applicants both domestic and international. Top universities like Harvard, Stanford, MIT etc. are private universities that attract the best talent world-wide. Cost of education is undeniably higher, but well worth the dollars spent. The quality of education and the learning + networking opportunities are unparalleled in private universities.  Quality, dynamism, approach and opportunities (for learning and employment) are the ‘strengths’ of popular private universities, and this definitely scores over public institutions. The biggest attraction is the availability of funding (financial aid) in private universities. Because of endowments, grants and donations, private universities grant financial aid to students, including international students, based on their merit. This reason attracts more number of students to private universities – more than for public universities.

For those students who are cost-conscious and with a tight budget, state universities are a safe bet, but with a risk of limited chance for enrollment. For performers, limited budget will not be an inhibiting factor in private universities, since they award ‘aid’ or assistantships to students.  MR advises its students to have a mix of both public and private universities within their list to apply. An equal preference of both public and private will give them a chance to ‘choose’. And that could make all the difference between making a right or wrong decision on their academic careers.

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