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Easy Way To Make SAT Preparation With Top Range Strategies

Manhattan Review

In SAT preparation you never limit your learning to a certain parameter. Moreover, your learning curve does not end at a certain point. Thinking differently and working out solutions independently is a sign of maturity and growing intelligence. A few tips below accelerate you to top range scoring.

  • Develop a passion for learning.
  • Have a vision that motivates your goal.
  • Participate in brainstorming sessions.
  • Be helpful to co-student’s during training.
  • Learn from your mistakes.
  • Keep a good sense of humor.
  • Do not yield to pressure.
  • Never give up!

The trainers offer freedom while training so as to get over the dependency factor. Learning how to study for SAT test-prep is what the trainers teach the student’s. They not give unnecessary stress and make you to commit more mistakes. They give useful tips and strategies to raise your scoring to top range. The vast vocabulary of words are learned from continual usage. Learn from context: it will remain in memory for a long time. Your training begins with how to use words that are used in present day English language in a global environment. You must pay close attention to grammar and sentence formation.

The training offers different ways of study material that builds great confidence in taking the SAT test in a relaxed manner. These include Video Tutorials, PPTs and much more. The main aim is to help you to recollect what you learned in class as well as afterwords till the SAT examination is taken. From time to time the curricula is refreshed. Repeat the mock tests taken a week earlier to see if you have improved your score.

It is recommended that the parents should know about the SAT test. The revised SAT test is made easier. A random sample collected by the College Board says that the test is hard. Math is all about speed. It is a simple trick on how well you understood algebra, geometry, trigonometry and statistics in high school. It is not about how well you understand Math. For example: take a mock test three times and you will be able to complete it on time once.

Fasten your seat belts, take up the challenge and go through the SAT test in a positive manner. The big score that you get will help you in going to the university of your choice.

Manhattan Review offers comprehensive test-prep and Admissions counseling programs for GMAT, GRE, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, PTE . Go through our website to see the latest updates.

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GRE Verbal Reasoning Tips That Put Your Score To The Top Range


 The Top 5 Tips That Put Your Score To High Scoring Range in GRE


  1. Vocabulary sufficiency is a must. (A quotient of 2500 words is required.) There is no way to avoid it.

  2. You will not have interesting writing in Verbal Reasoning section. Learn to think GRE. Speak about it openly.

  3. Time spacing is of utmost importance.

  4. Start looking for words.

  5. Create the mind of a GRE test-takers.



The amount of time you spend for GRE preparation is defined by how you make yourself familiar with Verbal Reasoning section. Your score is determined by the number of right answers in each question type. Begin your scoring by rapidly answering the question you are sure of the answers. Much time should not be wasted in answering difficult questions.

Time Spacing

The elimination of wrong answers require good Critical Reasoning skills that needs to be applied in an intelligent way. The right thing to do is move onto easier ones. At the end come back to the difficult ones and choose the correct answer. Budgeting time is the most crucial part in Verbal Reasoning section. It gives plenty of mileage in increasing time ratio for pondering over the difficult solutions.

In Verbal Reasoning section, the more the number of words in your memory (1500 to 2500), the more the chances of getting a high score. The use of Flash cards helps a lot. It is 100 per cent correct possibility. Regular reading of the standardized curricula, including The Official Guide to the GRE revised General Test, Second Edition from ETS. Moreover, we have the GRE Complete Guide by Pearson Publishers that contains several topics on:

>Writing Mechanics for AWA

>Analytical Writing

>Text Completion

>Reading Comprehension

>High Frequency Words

>Confusing Words

During the Practice Test, the student should take the exercise seriously. From all side, it is the grand replica of the GRE examination pattern. Every second spent on it should be productive to get maximum score. A score of 320 plus should be the target. The most experienced and internationally accredited trainers spare no effort in guiding the applicants to achieve the target. Thus, making their dreams blossom into reality. The pride with which you savor the feeling is reflected as you take the flight to international destinations. Your enrollment in MS in US or other preferred locations in the university of your choice is a passion you live up to.

High-ranking Tips

The tips offered clearly mark the way you must begin preparation for GRE test. A good diet is to be maintained with exercise and meditation. At least, two days before the examination complete sleep and relaxation is advised. A short break from Books and Practice Drills is to be maintained. Involve yourself in a favorite hobby that acts as a stress buster. All the while keep focus on the target of 320 plus score to make a reach for the top range.

Manhattan Review offers comprehensive test-prep and Admissions counseling programs for GMAT, GRE, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, PTE . Go through our website  to see the latest updates.





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The Indian Student’s Count in US Universities and Colleges

The Indian student’s count in US universities and colleges has been raised to nearly 2 lakhs as per the latest official data derived on Friday, 29 April, 2016. According to the recent survey, the number is approximately 1, 94,000, a direct increase of 31% in one year.

According to the latest ‘Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVIS),  by the numbers’, a quarterly report on foreign student trends prepared by Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP),” the total number of Indian F (academic) or M (vocational) students studying in the US  raised from 148,360 in March 2015 to 194,438 in March 2016, an increase of 31.1 per cent”. SEVIS is part of US Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI).

As per the report, 82% of F & M Indian students enroll in STEM field.  STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Maximum students of this stream are from India than any other country. And round 42% of total enrolled international students in US which may counts up to 479,000 are pursuing STEM program. And approx. 417,000 international students from Asia are pursuing STEM studies, an increase of 17 per cent since March 2015.


The New York University, the University of Southern California, Northeastern University, Columbia University and the University of Illinois are the top ranked schools with the highest international student populations. Every year, in the month of March, more than 10,000 international students were enrolled at each school.  Out of which, 77% of all international students were from Asia.

India is the leader of growth (in terms of the number of students going to USA) with 31% increase, followed by Vietnam (11%) and China 7.9%)

California attracted more than 2 lakh students, followed by New York with 1.3 lakh students and Texas with 85000+ students.

Finally, Business Management/Administration is top program, followed by Engineering and Computer & Information Sciences that attract international students to USA.

Hello America! Pre Departure Orientation – The time to fly to USA is fast approaching for students who succeeded in getting their visas. Manhattan Review is proud to be associated many, many students with their visa documentation guidance and interview preparation with the help of mock sessions. Not only did we prepare students face-to-face, but also through video conferencing. The results are mind-blowing! Each and every one of our students were very happy with the preparation and guidance. Most of all, they all have successfully got the visas to study in USA!!

For our first set of students, MR has conducted a Pre-Departure Orientation at our Corporate Office. Students were oriented with information on what to do, what NOT to do, what to carry and how to get adjusted to the university, country and living conditions within USA. Students were deeply appreciative of the information and tips. See their response here:

We are ready to do all this and much more for you. What are you waiting for, to get the best professional service for studying abroad?


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How Useful Tips For GRE Aspirants Ensure A Winning Score: 320 Plus?

Every GRE aspirant is looking for useful tips for a winning score. The passion with which they continue to dream of a fruitful career after graduation from world class universities is a life time ambition. Manhattan Review, India opens a new channel to such aspirations as we are the best in GRE test-prep. 100 per cent score improvement is guaranteed under the training offered by most experienced trainers. The most useful tips offered are better than the best. A flourishing environment in strategy driven classroom sessions supports our claim to be the very best. The amount of time you have on hand is divided by the personal preferences on how to prepare your work time schedule.

GRE Coaching Classes

Customized solutions are offered to prove that you are the very best in GRE test-prep. The first tip we give is to make yourself familiar with the GRE pattern of examination. Next you must choose weekdays, weekend and one-to-one classroom coaching. Critical Reasoning in Quant and Verbal is given a complete self-examination and correction. AWA (Issue and Argument) is to be handled with the accuracy of a positive mind. The focus on vocabulary and elimination of wrong answer choices is to be carefully studied. The trainers make sure that you are making the right answer choice. The tip offered is to understand the question and put forward what proper response is required.

The added advantage in the GRE training is the tips that we offer to every aspiring student is that the level of the standard of questions though difficult is made easy to answer using proven strategies. New gateways are established to show how to handle the answering of the questions for a winning 320 plus score in GRE. In a certain number of answer choices it is indicated how to select the right one by reasoning out through intelligent thinking. The main focus is given to critical reasoning, which is the best way to make the correct pick. To answer every question is the best way to maximize your score in Verbal and Quant. You must answer the questions in each section in a rapid fire manner. No question carries more marks than the other. So, move on to easier ones first and come back to take the difficult one’s later. Conclude the section with difficult question with the time left.


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Canada’s Top Universities

Australia – Tough to get in for mediocre students –

The entry of mediocre foreign students into Australia is likely to be restricted with new norms making education institutions responsible for the genuineness of their admissions, which will be reflected in their ratings. Institutes will be forced to do tougher screening and mediocre students are likely to be automatically weeded out due to the new norms of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. If institutes make a mistake, their rating will be at risk and they will be nailed.

The universities and institutions have been divided into three categories. About 80 institutions including top universities like Monash University, University of Melbourne, University of Sydney, RMIT University and Bond University are at Level-I. Students gaining admission into these institutions will not be required to provide proofs, including of their financial details. However, the majority of universities and institutions sought after by Indian students are under Assessment Level-II.

Canada’s Top Universities –

Here is a list of top Five universities in Canada, for doing Master’s and Doctoral level programs.

1 University of Toronto Ontario
2 University of British Columbia British Columbia
3 McGill University Québec
4 McMaster University Ontario
5 University of Montreal Québec

Want more information on studying in the safest country to live in – Canada?  Contact our counselors for information and assistance with your plans of studying in Canada.

 Visas, visas and more visas! –

Last week, four more Manhattan Review students got their visas to USA. For a group of 14 students, we have conducted Pre-departure Orientation (PDO) to help them understand what to expect from studying and living in the USA & necessary tips, hints and important information for their success. Even parents have attended the Orientation session, which was appreciated for the information and insights provided by MR.

When are you getting your visas and attending the PDO session?

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New SAT Board News

The early takers of the new SAT test say that it was easy and not so difficult. The questions were not so tricky and easy to answer. College Board, the governing body of SAT examination had redesigned the SAT. In March 2016, the first batch of test takers have found it to be not so bad as predicted by some analysts. It was a walkover as suggested by most of the student’s who took the test in US. The good reviews is good news for SAT aspirants as it gives them the confidence to take on the examination with a positive frame of mind. Moreover, it is a good beginning as several doubts were raised about its durability.

SAT Test

Indeed to go up in life writing the new SAT is a complete different experience. It is so better than the previous version. Wrong answer marks have been done away with. Obscure words that are so hard to pronounce have been replaced with simple vocabulary. Words such as those widely used in classroom language. For example, advocate, affection, ambition, bitter, candid, concerned, dejected, dismay, eager, elated, fanciful, frank, genuine, heroic, hopeful, inspiring, intense, jovial, lyrical, mocking, neutral, novel (as used in a sentence novel ideas or new strategies), objective, passive, positive, quizzical, receptive, rigid, scornful, serious, tactful, timid, urgency, vibrant, wistful (reflecting sadness), witty and zealous (meaning great, eager or enthusiastic). Overall, the questions are less (154) when compared to the earlier one (171). Essay adds to one more number, but it is not compulsory to write it. It is an optional choice. The questions are more straightforward.

In Math, only the basics have been tested. The formulas have been left out. Even a tough problem can be worked out easily with a little bit of critical reasoning. It could boost your scores. The reading section is enjoyable. The grammar is very simple. According to David Coleman, President and CEO of College Board “the redesign is mainly to make it much similar to what the children were doing in high school”. Coleman added that less questions on the new SAT gave more time for reading and solving math.

Useful tips by test takers suggest that the essay must be taken and not skipped. This is because most of the top colleges look at it. It is given importance in the enrollment. This could expand your chances to get admitted for a big career that you and your parent have been passionate about.


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Thousands of Indian students denied visa by New Zealand

Thousands of Indian students denied visa by New Zealand 

New Zealand has denied visas to thousands of Indian students after immigration authorities determined that most of the applicants from the country were not “really coming for studies“. Figures provided under the Official Information Act, 51 showed institutions (including half of the country’s polytechnics) have visa decline rates for Indian students of more than 30%. At most of the institutions more than half of applications are being turned down and at one the decline rate is 86%, Radio New Zealand reported. The figures covered the six months from the start of December 2015 to the end of May 2016 and were only for institutions with at least 10 visa applications from Indian students. Immigration New Zealand said that most of the applications were declined because it was not believed the applicant was really coming to study, or it was not proved that they had enough money to support themselves.

Brexit and its impact on Indian students –

For international students from outside the EU who are already required to pay international rates, tuition fees will not be directly affected by Brexit, although there are various factors that could affect the cost of study. If the pound remains weak against students’ home currency, these students ultimately will find themselves better off when they pay tuition in sterling.

However, if universities suffer financially after Brexit, whether because of a lack of EU funding or because fewer EU citizens decide to study at UK universities, they might decide to increase fees for international students to make up for the deficit.

While it is possible that there are big changes ahead with respect to tuition fees, research funding, visa restrictions, work opportunities and free movement across Europe, no one currently knows what form these might take or what their impact might be.

Any funding for Indian students linked to the EU might decrease after Brexit, but this is dependent on agreements to be worked out over the next few years. Otherwise, independent funding sources should not be affected.

Great News –

Another TEN visas for our students in the last 5 days! Two of our students who were rejected the first time got their visas approved the on second attempt. And, we have quite a few students who are taking up only our Visa Counseling Service after realizing the popularity and success of our service. What are you waiting for? If you have an admit, THIS is visa time for Fall 16. If you are looking for admissions for Spring or Fall 2017, a whole range of services are on offer at Manhattan Review. Meet your counselor or Center Manager, who will be pleased to help you plan your education plans in USA, Canada or Germany.

Wish you all the best.

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How The Importance Of Test Scores Is Increasing In GMAT Examination?

The GMAT useful tips a student must keep in mind that relates to test-prep is to use them suitably in eliminating the wrong answers in GMAT examination. Time should also be taken into consideration in answering the questions correctly. It is the center of test-prep that gives valuable advantage in making the test score to increase.

As your answering gets right the questions become more of a challenge. This does not mean the test becomes tougher. A score of 720 plus makes you get recognized. You are on an elevated platform, which show cases your talent (critical reasoning) skills. It makes you to feel confident for the interview ahead during VISA processing and more. This also includes college admission.

GMAT Preparation

The practice drills and mock drills make the student’s perfect. They feel it easy when going through the questions in the real GMAT examination. It is indeed a question of choosing the right answer that makes you to score 700 plus in GMAT examination. The rest depends on your SOPs, LORs and presentation of your resume. A good test score is the critical way to be recognized for scholarship as well. It is an ideal situation any student or working professional would like to find themselves in.

Manhattan Review, India Test-prep and Admission Counseling Services (ACS) team offers 100 per cent enrollment into B-schools in US provided the required conditions are met. The ability to score well in the examination is enhanced. More of practice drills helps you to get the best scores. A student is given training by accredited trainers during training to take complete advantage of it. The key to it is more number of mock tests. The exciting journey in B-schools beckons those applicants who have a passion burning in their hearts to study MBA in the biggest and best colleges across the world.

The student’s must draw inspiration to follow in the footsteps of their predecessors and come out as sure winners. A strong foundation is laid for future achievements, which are appreciated with promotions and incentives. The opportunities ahead hold promising resources for which the seeds of success are laid today. The month of June is chosen to celebrate the growing rush of entries into B-schools. It is the time for gaining admissions in fall. The intake is more and scholarships are offered on a large scale. However, it all boils down to an increased test score in GMAT examination.

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Brexit and studying in the UK

Brexit and studying in the UK – With Britain breaking away from EU, there have been fears and apprehensions among people in all fields. What is the impact for students who want to study in Britain? Here is an excerpt from an interview with a Head of one of the top universities of UK.

Study In UK | Study In US

Kevin Featherstone is Head of the London School of Economics (LSE) European Institute discussed Brexit, racism, ­ and students caught between, in The Times of India. Excerpts:

“British universities are very worried. Whether a Brexit government can maintain similar levels of research funding is doubtful.”

“Operational models of many universities rest on overseas and EU students. Their fees fund a university sector that is world class. At present, universities are guaranteeing fees for the 2016-17 academic year will not change ­ but, beyond that, the position depends on any change of government policy and public funding. So, students must wait and see. Also, there are reports of isolated instances of racist attacks.”

“However, it is reasonable to imagine that a Brexit will make the UK less attractive to European students. There will be less financial aid, tuitions would likely increase, the UK will be outside of Erasmus+, and new immigration requirements may arise. All that to say, a British exit from the EU would certainly open the door to the UK’s international competitors.”

“Leaving the EU and putting up barriers to work and study makes it more likely that European students and researchers will choose to go elsewhere, strengthening our competitors and weakening the UK’s universities.”

What does all this mean to students who want to study in UK? High level of uncertainty, lesser opportunities, much higher cost of education and most importantly, reduced opportunities for employment. What do you say?

Doctoral (PhD) admissions – We have many students coming in for information on studying at the Doctoral level in US universities. A few points are highlighted here for your benefit.

  • Doctoral level admissions are considered mostly for Fall (August) semester. Processing applications for Spring is rare.
  • The application process takes longer than for MS. Be prepared to start at least one year in advance.
  • Application deadlines will be around November/December for most programs and universities. Don’t miss them!
  • Financial aid may be available partially or in full, depending upon field of research and university. In some programs and universities, funding may not be available at all!
  • In addition to free tuition and fees, most PhD students will be given a stipend to meet their living costs.
  • A PhD program could take 3-5 years to complete

There is a lot of process, follow-up and work involved with PhD admissions. If you are interested, don’t wait. Talk to your counselor and he/she will provide you with all the right information. Manhattan Review provides top-of-the-line services for PhD applicants. Take full advantage.

More visa news – Manhattan Review is pleased to inform you that more than 40 students have received visas to USA till date. The number is increasing by the day!

There are a few subtle changes in the way the visa interviews are being conducted by the US Consulate staff. In view of what happened during the previous semester (Spring 2016), the staff is conscious and being careful about how and why they should issue visas. With our experience and expertise, we are in a positon to help students prepare ‘properly’ for the visa interview, document well and answer all the tricky questions successfully. Want to know how we can help you to reach USA successfully? Contact one of our counselors who will be pleased to help you.