Thousands of Indian students denied visa by New Zealand

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Thousands of Indian students denied visa by New Zealand

Thousands of Indian students denied visa by New Zealand 

New Zealand has denied visas to thousands of Indian students after immigration authorities determined that most of the applicants from the country were not “really coming for studies“. Figures provided under the Official Information Act, 51 showed institutions (including half of the country’s polytechnics) have visa decline rates for Indian students of more than 30%. At most of the institutions more than half of applications are being turned down and at one the decline rate is 86%, Radio New Zealand reported. The figures covered the six months from the start of December 2015 to the end of May 2016 and were only for institutions with at least 10 visa applications from Indian students. Immigration New Zealand said that most of the applications were declined because it was not believed the applicant was really coming to study, or it was not proved that they had enough money to support themselves.

Brexit and its impact on Indian students –

For international students from outside the EU who are already required to pay international rates, tuition fees will not be directly affected by Brexit, although there are various factors that could affect the cost of study. If the pound remains weak against students’ home currency, these students ultimately will find themselves better off when they pay tuition in sterling.

However, if universities suffer financially after Brexit, whether because of a lack of EU funding or because fewer EU citizens decide to study at UK universities, they might decide to increase fees for international students to make up for the deficit.

While it is possible that there are big changes ahead with respect to tuition fees, research funding, visa restrictions, work opportunities and free movement across Europe, no one currently knows what form these might take or what their impact might be.

Any funding for Indian students linked to the EU might decrease after Brexit, but this is dependent on agreements to be worked out over the next few years. Otherwise, independent funding sources should not be affected.

Great News –

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