Canada following in the footsteps of USA

Canada following in the footsteps of USA! –

The Canadian government has introduced an important change to how it processes visas for students entering Canada to pursue conditional admissions or pathway programs. In such cases, students are required to complete specific preparatory studies, often to develop their English or French proficiency, before continuing to an academic program in Canada.

Up until now, the common practice when processing applications involving conditional admissions was to issue a single study permit (that is, a student visa) for the entire duration of both programs (plus an additional 90 days). This meant that students could be assured that their Canadian study visa was in place for their entire, planned program of study and could transition more smoothly from any perquisite studies to their full academic program. The convention in such cases has been to list the institution delivering the final academic program as the Designated Learning Institution (DLI) on the study permit.


In July 2016, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) announced a change in how such files would be processed. Effective that date, Canadian immigration officers have been instructed to issue the study permit only for the duration of the first program of study – that is, for the prerequisite or preparatory studies alone. “Once the prerequisite program has been completed,” the department’s statement continues, “the student can apply for a new study permit and demonstrate that the requirements of the first program have been met.” This means, students will have to apply for a new visa for the balance period of the planned academic program.

The stated purpose of the change is to ensure that reporting requirements are matched to the designated institution where the student is actually studying (in other words, to avoid the current situation where the academic institution, noted as the DLI on the study permit, may be asked to report on students that are actually enrolled in preparatory studies with a separate school). This decision could be a result of concern among some visa officers that students may not successfully complete their prerequisite program but will continue to hold a valid study permit allowing them to work.

For students going for Bachelor’s education – U.S. News gathered tips from their Twitter followers and from experts on what common mistakes every freshman should avoid.

  1. Being uninvolved. New college students should make time to explore their interests and make connections.
  2. Overloading your schedule. Make sure that you don’t overburden yourself with courses and extracurricular activities.
  3. Skipping classes. Remember that your attendance has a high correlation with your grades.
  4. Putting off tasks. Students need to learn how to manage their time as early as their freshman year.
  5. Forgetting the importance of sleep. Keep in mind that our minds work better when our bodies are well-rested.
  6. Binge-watching on Netflix. Instead, consider exercising and taking care of your body.
  7. Unhealthy eating habits. Eating healthy and working out can help students do better in school.
  8. Not asking for help. If you’re having a difficult time with your classes, talk to your professor. If you feel as if you’re too stressed out, meet with one of the school counselors. Find people who can help you.
  9. Too much partying.
  10. Impractical spending.

On popular demand! – Manhattan Review India (MR) has been providing various services to our students – individual packages, regular packages and several other combinations that were on demand. Most of our students wanted complete packages so we could help them right from counseling till pre-departure orientation. Taking their requirement and demand into consideration, MR is pleased to provide ‘complete’ services to USA, Canada and Germany. Meet our counselors at your nearest center and get the required information. As always, we will be pleased to help you with your plans of studying abroad – in every way possible!

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How to Face Examination Fear?

The fear of exams is on the minds of several student’s across the globe. Indeed, it is a challenge to be faced with an open mind to remove all suspicions with a positive attitude. Good test preparation and proper training removes every anxiety so as to keep yourself tuned for a big score. Critical Reasoning skills play an important role in getting successful results. Proper time spacing and good concentration laced with determination to do well will take us to the winning post.

GRE, GMAT and SAT are highly competitive examinations conducted by Education Testing Services (ETS), Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) and College Board respectively. The knowledge base of the trainers is upgraded from time to time based on the pattern of the test papers and curricula as well. They offer new strategies and proven tips that add value to test preparation. The fear factor is completely removed with repeated brainstorming sessions.


Manhattan Review, India, has been offering invaluable services in the field of GRE, GMAT and SAT test-prep and Admission Counseling Services since a decade. 100 per cent score improvement is guaranteed* (Conditions apply). Only we can make that claim because we know test-prep best. The services offered by us are world class and more beyond international standards. The trainers are well certified with long years of experience in training for competitive exams.

All the queries that arise in a student’s mind is given a new dimension and channelized into big scores. The best time of the day (or night) should be chosen for learning and proper justice has to be done to it. The student’s must take every assessment class seriously. The classwork and homework should be done regularly. A steady focus on what can be expected is offered with 100 per cent accuracy.

A strong determination to do well and an ambitious study plan will remove examination fear. The will to win against all odds is another famous ploy that will make your examination preparation a worthwhile effort. Starting to the examination center early, probably one hour also helps a lot. A proper exercise routine mixed with a healthy diet and some meditation helps very much. More closeness to books and people who are writing similar examinations is another morale booster technique. Hard work and attentiveness in classroom or online training is of utmost importance. Practice Drills and Mock Tests give valuable support to GRE, GMAT and SAT test-prep.

Manhattan Review offers comprehensive test-prep and Admissions counseling programs for GMAT, GRE, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, PTE . Go through our website to see the latest updates.



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The Humor of Maths is beyond numbers: Maths is fun.

Maths is fun…


Sometimes, the Maths is seen as boring with the numbers and calculations involved in it. However, this this is not true at all. The humor of Math extends beyond the numbers, which is a lighthearted reminder of the cheer and smiles it brings on several faces. The challenge before every parent and the trainers of Math (Quant) is to make it a jovial experience for the student’s to love the subject. Moreover, to drive back the interest of the children to master the skill of finding easy solutions to difficult questions.

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How To Improve Your English Language Skills?


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There are several ways to improve English language. Perfect grammar, vocabulary, use of idioms and phrases. All these play an equally important role in improving reading, writing and speaking skills to optimum levels. A good knowledge of antonyms and synonyms give a boost to raise the word usage. Indeed, there is such a great need to load the memory bank to compete with the best in the world. In creativity lies the skill. The importance of trainers and the training offered is another core area that gives improvement of English to maximum fluency levels.


Life Sciences’ top ranked universities

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Life sciences include a range of subjects, from forestry to biotechnology. A full list of degrees covered by the ranking appears below.

Graduates of life science degrees go on to work in various different fields. Many jobs directly use life science research and knowledge, such as roles in pharmaceutical companies, environmental work and even forensic science.

Following are the TOP 5 ranked universities in USA, for Life Sciences.

  1. Harvard University
  2. Stanford University
  3. California Institute of Technology
  4. University of California Berkeley
  5. Princeton University

The life sciences ranking covers the following degrees:

  • Agriculture, Fisheries & Food
  • Anatomy & Morphology
  • Behavioral Sciences
  • Biology, Biochemistry and Biotechnology
  • Biophysics
  • Ecology, Evolution & Environment
  • Entomology
  • Forestry
  • Genetics & Heredity
  • Immunology
  • Mycology
  • Paleontology
  • Parasitology
  • Pharmacology & Pharmacy
  • Physiology
  • Plant Sciences
  • Toxicology
  • Veterinary Sciences
  • Virology
  • Zoology
  • Life Sciences – Other topics

Public or Private? – In the U.S., there is a difference between public and private colleges. Generally, a public school is predominantly funded by state governments, whereas private schools are funded through private contributions, donations and tuition.

Regardless of whether a school is public or private, international students should look at things they value in an institution, like academics, athletics or the social scene. There are a few differences between the two types that students might want to be aware of.

  • Tuition:Being funded by public money means that public universities tend to have lower tuition rates than private universities, especially elite institutions. While the sticker price for a public school is generally lower than a private school, if you land a scholarship at a private school, your tuition could be substantially less.

It’s a myth that scholarships are harder to get for public universities; certain institutions will have scholarships specifically for international students, and a lot of scholarships are awarded to students regardless of what type of university they are attending.

  • Campus life:Public universities tend to be much larger than private universities, which can mean there is a lot more happening on campus. You can get immersed in many different clubs, student organizations and societies. If you’re looking for a varied student experience focused on academics,athletics and a social life, a public university would be a great choice.
  • Demographics:Public universities generally attract a diverse group of students, in part because they typically offer a wide variety of majors. This means that you’ll run into people from all over the country and from all walks of life, which makes your experience all the more interesting.

However, private universities tend to have a greater geographical diversity, since they don’t assess tuition due to residency. Students who are looking to study in their home state generally pay in-state tuition at their local public schools.

  • Prestige and quality of education:There are great public universities, with top-notch faculty. However if you look at the U.S. News Best Colleges rankings, the first 19 institutions are private. The Ivy League and many other private institutions carry a certain prestige.

But a lot of public universities are highly ranked, and having a lower tuition doesn’t necessarily mean that a school provides a lower-quality education. A public university can be a great option to get the best value for your money.

Your choice will depend on things like campus size, culture, costs, environment and academic specialties, which can’t be clearly defined under just the public or private label. There are small public schools with few majors and large private schools with a wide variety of majors.

Your choice could also be determined by the region you’re searching in. Private schools tend to be more common in the Northeast and West, whereas you’ll find a lot of public schools in the South and Midwest.

Public and private universities vary widely across the country and applying to one type does not mean eliminating the other. Consider applying to both public and private schools. The final decision on a university depends on the overall score an institution receives according to your priorities.

Spring admission – anyone? – This is the time to complete your application process for Spring admission (starting in January). Deadlines are fast approaching. Yet, Manhattan Review (MR) can help you apply for your chosen field of study, for Spring intake, without making you wait till one year – to go to USA and study. In fact, many students are talking to our counselors and starting their applications as we send this newsletter. Don’t delay your plans any further. MR will be with you all the way, for your sojourn to USA! Just come and meet any of our team members.




A Strong Study Plan That Helps To Score 700 Plus In GMAT Test

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The clear answer to a big score of 700 plus in GMAT examination is based on a strong study plan. In Manhattan Review, India a different preparation strategy by the trainers and management makes sure that the aspiring student’s reach their goal with minimum effort. It is for them to take up the challenge and move one step closer to take the next flight to US and other international destinations. From there onwards, admission to top B-schools is just a cakewalk. The trainers are well experienced in giving useful tips on how to eliminate the answering choice for a correct answer.

You soon discover that scoring is so easy. The approach is straight and does not rely on chance. The training gives new strategies on how to put on the thinking cap and make the right choice for the correct answer. On the hindsight, it is a matter of moving forward by answering them at a fast pace.  Keeping the questions on hold is not allowed. You need to learn verbal as well keep doing math on a regular day-to-day basis. The best approach in GMAT test preparation is to work 1 – 2 hours, then take a break. Within a week this exercise becomes a regular. Thus, leading to a high score in GMAT test.


There is a certain amount of intensity that is required to keep the preparation fresh. This gives ample time in answering the questions with lightening speed and pace time for a successful 700 plus score. From there on you improve and build your confidence to face any type of question. Main focus should be on being crystal clear by understanding the structure of the GMAT test.

It is suggested that listening skills should be improved as grammar is rusty. Core training area is on vocabs as well. The more number of words you know the more easy it is to understand and form a meaningful sentence. The need to go back to basics is eliminated with Video Tutorials, PPTs, handouts and much more.

You need to analyze your strengths and weaknesses in adjusting the preparation time accordingly. For example, you may be strong in Quant, then spend one-and-half month on it. Another, two or three weeks for Verbal. Practice drills and Mock tests two weeks. Such a comprehensive study will ensure the required score of 700 plus. Practice takes priority over intelligence.

Manhattan Review offers comprehensive test-prep and Admissions counseling programs for GMAT, GRE, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, PTE . Go through our website to see the latest updates.




New Rules for Admission in US Universities

New Rules for admission in US universities

Effective immediately, for all students, US universities can no longer issue I-20s with conditional admission in the same way they did in the past.  Earlier, if a student met all of the academic requirements for undergraduate admission to, for example, Electrical Engineering but he did not meet TOEFL or IELTS requirement, conditional admission was given and list Electrical Engineering on the student’s I-20.  The student’s I-20 must now be for Intensive English program. This change may have a significant impact on a student’s ability to get a visa from the U.S. Embassy in some countries.

New Rules for admission in US universities

Students who have MET English requirement at the time they are accepted for admission

No changes.  Students will receive an academic I-20 with their academic major listed on it.  The student’s I-20 will be marked to show they are proficient in English.

Students who are accepted for academic admission but have NOT MET our English requirement


If the student has been accepted to, for example, Electrical Engineering and has not met our English requirement, the student will receive an admission letter that states he is accepted to an undergraduate program in Electrical Engineering.  However, his I-20 will be for Intensive English.  We will add a comment on his I-20 that states that he is admitted to an undergraduate program in Electrical Engineering after meeting our English requirement.


If the student has been accepted to, for example, a master’s program in Electrical Engineering and has not met our English requirement, the student will not receive an I-20 until he applies to Intensive English.  If the student applies to Intensive English, he will receive admission letters for both Intensive English and the M.S. in Electrical Engineering.  However, his I-20 will be for Intensive English.  Universities will add a comment that states that he is admitted to the M.S. in Electrical Engineering after meeting English requirement.

Update on German admissions – We have been receiving several enquiries about admission in German universities. This will update information on admission at various levels. For Bachelor’s level education, it is not possible to study in English medium in Germany. Therefore, if one wants to study with English as the medium of instruction, they could do so only at the Master’s level in Germany. Here are a few points for studying in Germany.

  1. Germany offers free education. However, there are universities that offer paid education also. In case if admission is expected from paid universities, the annual fee can be between 500 Euros to 12,000 Euros depending on the university
  1. Germany offers two intakes. Summer and Winter, which starts in May and September respectively. The admission and visa process takes a minimum of 10-12 months.
  1. Living expenses could be anywhere between 650 to 750 Euros per month. The total expenses for the year (8,000 to 10,000 Euros per year) have to be transferred to VFS Blocked Account before going to Germany. The student has to show these funds in a Joint account with his sponsor for at least one week, before going to the visa.
  1. Also, there will be an enrollment fee of 260 Euros payable by the student to the university, upon acceptance.
  1. The student has good academic background. But he also needs an IELTS score of 6.5 min. or 80+ in TOEFL. GRE though not mandatory, is preferred for admission in good German universities.
  1. The duration of the course could be 3 to 4 semesters depending upon the university.

Manhattan Review will be pleased to provide admission services for most Master’s programs in Germany. Contact our nearest center for starting your admission process to Germany.

Presentations on study abroad For our students in Kukatpally and Dilsukhnagar centers, we had conducted presentations, group advising sessions and one-on-one advising sessions to provide more information on studying abroad, advantages and benefits and how we could be of assistance with their plans. Many students got their doubts clarified and showed keen interest on starting the admission process for Fall 2017 intake or to expedite their applications for Spring intake. The information has been very well received. Thank you students, for making the right decision of expanding your horizons and deciding to take on the world, with a qualification from abroad. Manhattan Review will be with you till you achieve your goals.

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Manhattan Review offers comprehensive test-prep and Admissions counseling programs for GMAT, GRE, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, PTE . Go through our website to see the latest updates.


How To Get The Average Highest GMAT Score To Get Into Best B-schools?


An individual or a student looking for a way to get enrollment into the best B-schools must have an average high score. You need to explore your weak areas in knowledge equation to tune those shortcomings in answering the questions in GMAT examination. This is exposed when you come to take training in Manhattan Review, India – the world’s best test-prep company.

The trainers in our education institute make the right assessment of your scoring ability to get the required high score of 720 plus. The tiring process of preparation for GMAT test is made simple in cleverly formulated modules of a complete study program.


We can assure a 100 per cent improvement in the highest average GMAT scores, with conditions applied. Every historical data or marks of your previous performance is taken into consideration before a final step is taken to provide training under world class classroom environment. The latest techniques in digital education offer the student’s a huge advantage to be able to feel the thrill of real examination experience.

Video tutorials, PPTs assist the areas to improve in Quant, Verbal, Integrated Reasoning and AWA. A strict but flexible schedule is maintained to fine tune the student’s intelligence to raise their performance. The optimism that we create is a sure and successful winning formula for a big score in GMAT test.

The trainers with international accreditation separate the previous influence from the minds of the student’s during graduation to increase their thinking levels. The most specific scoring knowledge subject curricula is drilled to make their critical reasoning levels to pick the correct answers in each section of the GMAT examination. The accuracy with which the elimination of wrong answers is done is in itself the high point of our coaching.

A goal-oriented approach is taken to give training to the student’s. The motivation that is provided in ecological classrooms is multi-dimensial. The challenging atmosphere that a student will face during Visa proceedings is made an easy task under Admission Counseling Services team. The short listing of universities, editing of SOPs, LORs and Resume is done in the shortest possible time.

In the online resources: Practice Drills and Mock Tests add to the excitement. Questions that do not repeat from previous curricula are presented. A whole some transparency is maintained all throughout the GMAT training. Every information is given under the guidelines laid out my GMAC the governing body of GMAT.

Manhattan Review offers comprehensive test-prep and Admissions counseling programs for GMAT, GRE, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, PTE . Go through our website to see the latest updates.





Top 10 Universities To Pursue Aeronautical/Aerospace Engineering In The World

The Best Universities In The World To Pursue Aeronautical/Aerospace Engineering are below:


Aeronautical%2FAerospace Engineering


  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology – School of Engineering Cambridge, MA
  2. Georgia Institute of Technology – College of Engineering Atlanta, GA
  3. Stanford University – School of Engineering Stanford, CA
  4. California Institute of Technology – Division of Engineering and Applied Science Pasadena, CA
  5. University of Michigan–Ann Arbor – College of Engineering Ann Arbor, MI
  6. Purdue University–West Lafayette – College of Engineering West Lafayette, IN
  7. University of Texas–Austin (Cockrell) – Cockrell School of Engineering Austin, TX
  8. University of Colorado–Boulder – College of Engineering and Applied Science Boulder, CO
  9. University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign – College of Engineering Urbana, IL
  10. Texas A&M University–College Station (Look) – Dwight Look College of Engineering College Station, TX

If your Aim is to study among one of them Manhattan Review India will help you to get over there by providing world class training and by assisting you completely in the Admission Counselling process.

          Source: US News and World Report

Manhattan Review offers comprehensive test-prep and Admissions counseling programs for GMAT, GRE, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, PTE . Go through our website to see the latest updates.


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Study Abroad in Germany: Third Ranked place for Higher Education

In last couple of years the most sought after place for higher education is Germany. The academic excellence and the scholarly pursuits of the academicians and intellectuals there is a well known fact in global standings. Germany has long history of world class universities where learning is delivered in the highest possible standards. The alumni in the German schools and colleges are themselves big time achievers who have been transmitting knowledge to the student’s since several decades. In a recent survey it is shown as the most popular destination for international students.

German universities are no less in being counted as the world leaders in research, technological brilliance and teaching. People swear by German engineering. The close relationship maintained between industry and the university allows the student to take a deeper look into German engineering and expertise. A close look into the way the system works gives the student’s enough experience to engage in future challenges in their career span. This helps them to build a solid platform to a giant leap in their employment dreams to rub shoulders or compete with the best in the industry.

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The universities in Germany are very well known for their first-class service offered to foreign student’s. Their main aim is to make the newly enrolled graduates to feel comfortable, homely and gain knowledge in an ecological campus. The diverse range of opportunities that are provided in German universities is simply unmatched by several of the other nation in the European continent. There are no shortcuts in the enrollment procedure. Complete transparency is provided in the admission and selection process. A big score gives an additional opportunity to scholarships. The best of placements is reserved for the high ranking student. The course that a student prefers is given top priority.

The excellence of German technology has a long lasting effect in most of the student’s who graduate from German universities. The stringent range of training expertise in the schools and colleges is a great benefit gained in expanding the critical reasoning skills of the student’s. The confidence levels are taken to amazing heights. The freedom and transparency of teaching is a complete knowledge filled experience. Several companies across the world prefer the students graduating from German schools and colleges. This goes to show why Germany is the most preferred destination in recent times for higher education.

Manhattan Review offers comprehensive test-prep and Admissions counseling programs for GMAT, GRE, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, PTE . Go through our website to see the latest updates.