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The Experience of doing MBA in Top B-schools like Stanford, Harvard and Wharton.



The expectations are many, the plans are big, so without going into economics the feeling of studying in Top B-schools like Stanford, Harvard and Wharton is truly a great experience. The student’s who graduate out from these world renowned educational institutions are on a high that will take them to the pinnacles of success they have always been dreaming of. Their efforts of getting into Stanford, Harvard and Wharton is the handiwork of world class and internationally accredited trainer in Manhattan Review, India.

Right from the training to the applicants enrollment process we take complete responsibility in handling their needs with utmost care and diligence. Our Admission Counseling Services (ACS) team is very helpful in offering the right guidance to the individuals for an easy acceptance procedure. It includes:

  • Accurate Program & University selection
  • Assistance with SEVIS Fee payment
  • Help with DS-160
  • Mock Interview
  • Travel & Forex assistance
  • Pre-departure orientation


B-school education and experience is ostentatious: it is filled with several eventful once in a lifetime experience. The joy of being on the ecological campus with the likes of Maria Sharapova (Former World No. 1, Tennis Star and Grand Slam champion). Apparently, she has enrolled for a couple of certificate programs this year, including a two-week program on campus.

Apart from the upbeat individuals in the campus or classrooms, there is plenty to learn about different people, ideas, philosophies,  work ethics, social customs, cultural events and more. The list is endless. The education system here focuses on multiple views and opinions on individuals from several countries.

Initially, the learning process is more disconcerting since you are forced to speak more often. You need to be expressive. You are among high profile intellectuals who have the ability to take the right decisions without much fuss. Your critical reasoning skills are tested to the fullest. You are required to speak without having much information. There are advantages and disadvantages too, but in the end what counts is that you are part of elite crowd.

Manhattan Review offers comprehensive test-prep and Admissions counseling programs for GMAT, GRE, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, PTE . Go through our website to see the latest updates.





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Why one should study computer science?




Big Demand



A computer science student has several advantages. In the age of digital technology, it has flooded civilization in every sphere of life. Design, development, application of software and hardware programs that is used 24×7 has become of utmost important to all of us, including wildlife and creation.  Computer scientists are in great demand. Feel that you made a good choice and go for it.

There are well planned graduation and employment chances for those studying computer science. It is indeed of high standing that will ensure good professional placement in top-end companies. You will be recognized for the skills you posses. You have several opportunities that will beckon you as you complete computer science study. Moreover, your earnings will increase and it will be a great income generator. The perks that follow will also be in large figures.

Job Opportunities


The need for computer scientists is there in every industry. The ease and simplicity of getting a computer related job is big. Now, most of the solutions on any subject are done by the computers. It is in your hands how to program and find the answers in a quick and time saving method. Only a computer science student can design a software solution. Hardware platforms and applications are all the handiwork of computer scientists.

As a computer science student you can rub shoulders with diverse people of culturally different backgrounds and nations. A cohort of potential international contacts are established. This gives an advantage to update your data knowledge and critical reasoning skills to highest levels. You are appreciated for any new presentation you make on your own or collectively. You can be a part of successful competent team in your workplace.

International Career


The opportunities to work overseas are very good in studying computer science. You can explore new horizons, Be a part of a global canopy. All you need to do is follow a path of network dynamics on an international platform.

You can begin to explore further and create your own space. It will be one of the best decisions you made by trusting your instincts and achieve success on your own terms.

Manhattan Review offers comprehensive test-prep and Admissions counseling programs for GMAT, GRE, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, PTE . Go through our website to see the latest updates.


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Entrance Qualification for Higher Education in Germany



The eligibility for higher education in Germany is connected with several requirements. As is the case with several schools and colleges in different nations. Similarly, there is a criteria laid out for the student’s who want to seek enrollment in German universities. “Abitur” is a University Entrance Qualification examination that ensures higher education enrollment in Germany. It assures the student’s above 12 years of high school education to get admission to study in any university or college in Germany. The student can choose any subject or graduation degree.

The next big question is what about international student’s who do not have German “Abitur”. They must have a similar certificate that is equivalent of it. Or else they must have some proof that shows their previous education is equal to “Abitur”. Now, to put it practically the school certificate given while leaving the institution after completion of high school studies or graduation is eligible for admission into higher education in Germany.

There are several categories for enrollment into higher education in Germany. A direct procedure entitles the student’s to apply directly and get enrolled in any German university. Indirect eligibility requires a student to undergo a year of preparatory course in Studienkolleg, then pass the university entrance exam. General category entitlement gives a student complete freedom to apply in any school and college to complete a graduation program in any of the universities in Germany.

Moreover, there is an entitlement category for a particular graduation degree, including MS, MBA or subject related graduation. The specific subject related areas recognized in Germany:

Technology and science abbreviated as (T)

Social and economy (W)

Medical and Biology or related subject area (M)

Arts (Humanities) and languages (G and S or G/S)

How can you know if the school leaving certificate in secondary education is eligible for admission into higher education in Germany?

Without any question not all school leaving certificates are accepted for admission in Germany. There are several discussions in this regard. For more information log onto or the Anabin website:

In addition to this, the university website to where a student is applying gives sufficient information on the entrance qualification for higher education in Germany.  However, GRE Coaching, GMAT Preparation, SAT Training, TOEFL and IELTS are good enough for admission into German schools and colleges. All the universities in Germany accept the scores a student gets in these examinations. All you need to do is to live on your expectations and create your own space. Success will decide in which university you will get enrollment.

Manhattan Review offers comprehensive test-prep and Admissions counseling programs for GMAT, GRE, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, PTE . Go through our website to see the latest updates.



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Europe opens its doors wider to students


The European Parliament (which represents all the countries in the EU) has recently passed a legislation which is of tremendous benefit for international students from non-European countries like India. According to the legislation,

  • Non-EU nationals can now stay for at least nine months after concluding their studies or research in order to look for a job or set up a business;
  • Non-EU students and researchers can move more easily within the EU, and no longer need to file a new visa application when moving from one EU country to another (rather, they need only to notify the country to which they are moving);
  • Researchers are entitled to bring their family members with them, and those family members are allowed to work during their time in Europe (this provision does not apply to students, however);
  • Non-EU students are entitled to work at least 15 hours per week during their studies.

However, a few of the earlier proposals were NOT accepted, such as:

* Working for 20-hours a week, which is approved instead for 15 hours

* Bringing spouses while students are still studying – still not possible

* 18 months post-study residence period – not agreed upon but increased to 9 months

This is definitely good news for students from India, who could stay back to look for employment and also work during their studies to make more money!

Visa documentation – how to handle successfully: Admission deadlines for Spring intake are coming to a close and very soon, students will get the I-20s. Then starts the most complex process – the documentation for visa.

As known already, the US Consulates will mostly depend on the interview to approve or reject a student (F1) visa. A little-known fact is that financial documentation though not mandatory, is essential to improve one’s visa chances. If an applicant wants to prove that he/she has sufficient funds to study, how does he/she establish that? Having the right documents on hand and submitting them for verification becomes crucial during the interview. While academic documents are predictable, the financial documents are dynamic and critical for visa purpose. Many students do the mistake of obtaining fake or badly prepared documents. This is illegal, dangerous and could lead to a permanent ban on entering the US for education.

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The Demand for Overseas Education is Rising…!!

The rise in demand for overseas education is not surreal


The rising demand for overseas education is due to the fact that it offers a bright future for the student’s just out of high school and college graduation. More than 15 per cent (approximately) is the data shown in the demand for education in international universities. The increase in overcoming loans for higher educated in banks has seen a steady rise in the last couple of years. Nearly, more than 60 per cent of the loans is funded by the banks alone.

The high demand for overseas graduation has fueled an increase in its growth. Moreover, critical reasoning skills are enhanced while mingling with student’s from several parts of the globe. Social awareness, including gender equality, part time jobs, independent thought process and overcoming new challenges is an added advantage. The influx of foreign industries into India has added to the need for internationally accredited graduation. The parents are also keen on their children having global exposure.

The exclusive repertoire of books in the libraries. The knowledge bank of information in the schools and colleges abroad is second to none. The advanced infrastructure, including well qualified and internationally accredited alumni is the back bone of each and every institution. Their high level of teaching adds greater value to a student’s career. The classroom environment in overseas universities is world class and Eco-friendly. The spacious outlook, well-lit illumination and updated technological usage makes learning a reality and a practical experience.

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Myths About The SAT!!!

SAT Myths


There are several myths (misconceptions) about SAT that are given below:

Take SAT only if you are planning to go to college, not necessary.

SAT scores are valid for 2 years.

  • The changes in SAT test does not measure a student’s readiness to succeed in college
  • SAT does not recognize merit.
  • SAT test-prep do not improve scores.
  • Parent’s money and student’s time are wasted in SAT test-prep.
  • SAT can predict career success, no
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IELTS Reading Tips that Guarantee a Big Score.


Manhattan Review, India offers proven reading tips that promise 100 per cent score improvement. But, conditions apply where the benefits are plenty. The trainers give the student’s useful short cut method to identify right vocabulary. The curricula is updated regularly with resourceful information so as to make IELTS test-prep easy. The course material is from Cambridge (University): The Official Guide to IELTS (with answers).

Reading Tips offer Big Success Ratio

Reading supplementary course ware is recommended for a successful big score in IELTS. The training that is provided in ecological classrooms involves reading tips, which add value to test preparation. They are shared during brainstorming sessions so as to make the student’s understand how important is a good vocabulary count for a meaningful sentence formation. The reading tips below answer the solutions to every question.

  • IELTS Reading should begin from 3 months before the test
  • A regular visit to the library helps a lot
  • Broad based information is offered in reading several books
  • Answer to improvement in grammar is reading and more reading
  • Reading forms the backbone of IELTS examination

IELTS Reading Tips: how to improve your score

  • Practice reading on the move (use notepad in mobile, laptop or notebook)
  • Practice listening to several native English conversations
  • Practice taking down the notes and keep on reading them
  • Practice reading with expressions
  • Practice vocabulary building with native speakers
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Wonderful Lessons to be Learned from Ganesha’s Intelligence (Critical Reasoning).

Wonderful lessons to be learned from Ganesha’s intelligence (critical reasoning).

560x315 Sep6

Prosperity begins with critical reasoning skills that are most in a person (student). There are a whole lot  of wonderful lessons a student can learn from Ganesha. According to Hindu mythology he was considered smart and by most intelligent. He was proactive and knew how to reason information with a clever bent of mind. This is what the training in Manhattan Review offers. The trainers are world class with several solutions that take your critical reasoning skills to optimum levels.

The intelligence of Ganesha demolishes all obstacles and offers simple solutions to face any situation in answering questions in GRE, GMAT, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS and PTE test preparation. The student’s can learn the value of commitment from him. Likewise, Manhattan Review, India gives total assurance to those who enroll for test-prep. The trainer’s responsibility is to make you achieve a big score. We give 100 percent guarantee to improve your scores (conditions apply).

One example of the intelligence (critical reasoning) skills of Ganesha epitomizes all. He and his brother Karthikeya were challenged by their parents to run around the world. Ganesha made a simple turn around his parents while his elder brother set out to circle the earth. In similar fashion we offer short cuts in answering the questions types in test preparation. The tips and strategies our accredited trainer provide is a path breaker for the student to crack the GRE, GMAT, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS and PTE examination.

Ganesha had two large ears. He listened to every word carefully. In the state of the art tech-enabled ecological classrooms in Manhattan Review, the Video Tutorials and PPTs catch the attention of even the weak students to listen well to the answering and elimination of wrong answers. The several Practice Drills and Mock Test make them to face up to any challenge as they are real test-prep material.  This unique quality is sharpened to get a big score for admission into elite universities for higher education in US and other international destinations.

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Murray State University Information For You from Manhattan Review India



Murray State University is a four-year public university located in Murray, Kentucky, United States. It is highest ranked comprehensive university in Kentucky and second overall in Kentucky – 2015.

Murray State University serves as a nationally recognized residential comprehensive university, with a strong extended campus and online presence, offering high-quality associate, baccalaureate, masters, specialist and doctorate degrees. Academic programs are offered in the core areas of arts and sciences, agriculture, business, health and human services, teacher education, communications, engineering and applied technologies, and nursing. There are eight residential colleges on campus.

The main campus is comprised of 74 major buildings and two libraries.

MSU awards over $100 million annually in financial aid and scholarships.

Popular Master Programs

Agriculture, Nutrition, Computer Science and Information Systems, Economics, Education, English and Philosophy, Psychology, Political Science and Sociology, Biology, Chemistry, Industrial and Engineering Technology, Mathematics and Statistics.

Popular Bachelor Programs  –

Agriculture, Nursing, Accounting, Computer Science and Information Systems, Economics, Journalism, Business Administration, Education and Human Services, Art and Design, English and Philosophy, Psychology, Political Science, Biology, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Construction Engineering, Mechanical Engineering.

Admission Information

Intakes and deadlines :

International Application for Full-Time International Admission: $50US.

Undergraduate Deadline for Fall Semester (August – December) is June 20.

Undergraduate Deadline for Spring Semester (January – May) is Nov 11.

Graduate Deadline for Fall Semester (August – December) is May 1.

Graduate Deadline for Spring Semester (January – May) is Oct 14

NoteThe deadlines may differ for individual programs.

Costs – only tuition and fees :

Estimated cost of attendance

Bachelors – $17,680 USD per year approx.

Masters – $19,542 USD per year approx.

Minimum Requirements :

Bachelors – GPA – 3.0, IELTS – 6, TOEFL – 71, SAT – 1100.

Masters – GPA – 3.0, IELTS – 6, TOEFL – 71, GRE – 285 – 290.

On popular demand! – Manhattan Review India (MR) has been providing various services to our students – individual packages, regular packages and several other combinations that were on demand. Most of our students wanted complete packages so we could help them right from counseling till pre-departure orientation. Taking their requirement and demand into consideration, MR is pleased to provide ‘complete’ services to USA, Canada and Germany. Meet our counselors at your nearest center and get the required information. As always, we will be pleased to help you with your plans of studying abroad – in every way possible!