Myths About The SAT!!!

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Myths About The SAT!!!

SAT Myths


There are several myths (misconceptions) about SAT that are given below:

Take SAT only if you are planning to go to college, not necessary.

SAT scores are valid for 2 years.

  • The changes in SAT test does not measure a student’s readiness to succeed in college
  • SAT does not recognize merit.
  • SAT test-prep do not improve scores.
  • Parent’s money and student’s time are wasted in SAT test-prep.
  • SAT can predict career success, no

  • The changes in SAT, test knowledge (or critical reasoning) skills, not necessarily
  • Knowledge gaps in student’s understanding is tested
  • SAT gives colored or low-income student’s less priority during admissions (enrollment)
  • Racial and gender (male and female) issue mar SAT admission
  • New SAT scores creating confusion
  • SAT scores overlooked in college admissions
  • A good test-prep training does not improve SAT score
  • SAT score is not fair
  • SAT score increases grade (or rank) in class
  • SAT examination tests what you need to know in college
  • Colleges and universities are doing away with SAT scores
  • There is no need to submit SAT scores for admission into colleges
  • Writing score is not of much importance in SAT admission
  • SAT tests complex maths: calculus, logarithms, matrices and geometry
  • SAT cannot improve reading scores
  • Leave a question blank, rather than guess (no penalty for wrong answers)
  • Take SAT in your senior year in high school
  • Every answer must be right for a perfect score, false
  • All SAT test-prep books are the same, false
  • Essay section score is computer graded, false

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