Europe opens its doors wider to students

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Europe opens its doors wider to students


The European Parliament (which represents all the countries in the EU) has recently passed a legislation which is of tremendous benefit for international students from non-European countries like India. According to the legislation,

  • Non-EU nationals can now stay for at least nine months after concluding their studies or research in order to look for a job or set up a business;
  • Non-EU students and researchers can move more easily within the EU, and no longer need to file a new visa application when moving from one EU country to another (rather, they need only to notify the country to which they are moving);
  • Researchers are entitled to bring their family members with them, and those family members are allowed to work during their time in Europe (this provision does not apply to students, however);
  • Non-EU students are entitled to work at least 15 hours per week during their studies.

However, a few of the earlier proposals were NOT accepted, such as:

* Working for 20-hours a week, which is approved instead for 15 hours

* Bringing spouses while students are still studying – still not possible

* 18 months post-study residence period – not agreed upon but increased to 9 months

This is definitely good news for students from India, who could stay back to look for employment and also work during their studies to make more money!

Visa documentation – how to handle successfully: Admission deadlines for Spring intake are coming to a close and very soon, students will get the I-20s. Then starts the most complex process – the documentation for visa.

As known already, the US Consulates will mostly depend on the interview to approve or reject a student (F1) visa. A little-known fact is that financial documentation though not mandatory, is essential to improve one’s visa chances. If an applicant wants to prove that he/she has sufficient funds to study, how does he/she establish that? Having the right documents on hand and submitting them for verification becomes crucial during the interview. While academic documents are predictable, the financial documents are dynamic and critical for visa purpose. Many students do the mistake of obtaining fake or badly prepared documents. This is illegal, dangerous and could lead to a permanent ban on entering the US for education.

How to make the documentation effective, proper and result-oriented? What are required and what are not? How to present facts and figures? All this requires careful planning, preparation and guidance. Only those who have expertise in this highly specialized activity will be able to guide students for their success in the visa interview. What how and when? These questions cannot be answered here due to space and customization restrictions. Experts at Manhattan Review (MR) are just a phone call away for information and assistance with your visa plans. What are you waiting for?

Going abroad became more attractive Manhattan Review (MR) has made it easier for our students to plan and study abroad with simplified packages and cost-effective ones at that. Students no longer need to consider several options to choose. All the services – right from free counseling to pre-departure orientation – are provided under one package, which makes your planning easier, more beneficial financially (you will save a lot of money and time) and most importantly simple to decide when to start your journey to your desired land – USA, Canada or Germany.

Visit one of our 18 centers across India. Discuss with our counselors and center managers who will only be pleased to help you any day of the week throughout the year. We are open all days!

It is just a matter of time, before you take off. We are here to give you the wings!!

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