Can you study in UK?

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Can you study in UK?

Can you study in UK?


The British government is considering further restrictions on student visas in line with its often-stated goal to reduce net migration to the UK. In a 4 October speech at the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham, Home Secretary Amber Rudd said that the government will shortly open consultations on student immigration policy.

According to the proposed policy, there will be a two-tier visa system for international students. Those students who apply for top/best universities will have more structured visa processing (in other words, ‘easier’). Whereas those students who plan to go for ‘not so good’ universities may have tougher restrictions and visa process. Presumably, this is to help top-tier universities attract best talent, while bad or average universities will attract lower quality students. Obviously, this will put a big break on so many international students – especially from India – who want to study in UK in average/below-average universities. Looks hunky dory!

Fixed Deposits OK? 

We come across quite a few students (and parents) who would like to show their funds in FDs for admission purpose. As a matter of practicality, most US universities do not accept funds that are ‘locked’ in FDs. They want funds to be immediately available so students could pay the tuition and fees. Some universities do accept Fixed Deposits as a proof of funding for admitting students. There is no hard and fast rule which university accepts and which do not accept FDs as a proof of funding. Each university has its own policy and one could know only when reviewing the financial documentation information on their websites.

In this scenario, there are two options:

  • Apply to universities without submitting the financial certification form (if the university accepts). Once they confirm your admission, you could ask them if FDs are acceptable as proof of funds availability. Based on their response, you could act accordingly.
  • Show only liquid funds in the Savings Bank account of your sponsor. This is the safest method.

This is one of the ‘situations’ students face, when they start the application process. This will be so confusing and troublesome. Why don’t you leave this type of problems and issues to professionals, who will handle everything on your behalf and make sure you have the time to concentrate on your studies or scores? Manhattan will be with you all throughout the process till you attend the visa interview. Just discuss with your counselor at your center. We will be glad to be of help.


We are pleased to inform you that many of our students have started receiving their I-20s from US universities for Spring intake. And, we have started guiding them for their visa documentation and interview, already. Congratulations to all our students who got admits. Many of them got more than 2 admits by now. We are waiting for several more students to feel happy about their admissions and visas. We will update you soon.

In the meantime, happy learning and planning for a ‘dream’ future – with MR’s assistance.

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could you please say the I_20 and visa process to study in Australia for this spring

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