Why Germany: Third Most Preferred Destination for International Students?

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Why Germany: Third Most Preferred Destination for International Students?

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Free Education

The third most preferred destination for international student’s is Germany. There all the schools and colleges offer free education. The campus and classrooms are situated in ecological surroundings. The professors and office management, including alumni are very student-friendly. The libraries are full of books on varied topics that are sometimes not found in other universities. A graduation degree from a German university is well recognized by most companies across the world. It is because it is the best worldwide. The critical reasoning and time spacing skills of the student’s is taken to a new high. Indeed, pursing graduation in Germany is a wise decision in every student’s career.

German Engineering Excellence

Germans are task masters. This is a well-known fact. It gives the student’s the winning edge. It improves their practical skills to optimum levels. German engineering has a seal of quality. For example, automobiles, including Audi, BMW, Ford, Mercedez-Benz, Opel, Porche and Volkswagen are all from Germany. They are an epitome of excellence in German science and engineering. The studying opportunities in German universities is of a vast range. There are more than 500 state run educational institutions. Moreover, 18,000 plus accredited graduate programs are offered. Bachelor’s, master’s or doctors course. This includes arts and commerce as well.

English Language Curricula

The big doubt in every student’s mind is the medium of education. The good news is that the curricula is in English language. This makes it more practical since most international student’s are from English medium of instruction in their respective nations. Now, even China has slowly mastered the English language. 10 to 12 per cent of the student’s come from international destinations all across the world. The universities provide good support to each one of them. You are never made to feel that you are away from home. Very soon, student’s from different nations and diverse culture mingle freely. It drives out the feeling of being alone. Learning German language is an added advantage.

Affordable Expenditure

The tuition fee is very low or none at all. State run schools and colleges are completely free. Master’s degree programs are chargeable though not to an extent as the fee in other nations, especially US and UK. The living expenditure is quiet affordable in Germany. For example, rental costs, food, clothes and laundry expenses.

Scholarships and DAAD

Scholarships are an integral part of German education graduation program. (DAAD) German Academic Exchange Service, offers unnumbered scholarships. It is one of the largest such organizations worldwide. It does not matter from which country the student has enrolled. The huge database is a boon to every individual who is in Germany for higher education.

Safe Haven

Crime rate is very low in Germany. Unlike, other European nations, including US it is a safe place. The people are peace loving and disciplined. The cops (police) are trustworthy. You can rely on them in every situation. You are not judged by you color or status. You don’t have to take special precautions either in day or during the night. The neighborhood is quiet safe: in the city or the countryside.

Well Connected to Neighboring Countries

Germany is located in the middle of European Union. It lies in the threshold of nature among medieval towns, sea shore and mountains, including bustling metropolitan cities. Therefore, weekends are an enjoyable experience. You can also head off to Paris (in France), Prague, Venice (in Rome), or Denmark (Copenhagen). There are well connected by road and railways so also by air and sea routes. Thus, after US and UK, German universities are best place for student’s to get enrolled and enjoy the luxury of free education in international schools and colleges.

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