Cheer up Students, US is always the best!

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Cheer up Students, US is always the best!

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There is a question mark in the minds of Indian students (and their parents) about studying in the USA, in light of two very important developments — one each in USA and India — Election of Donald Trump and Demonetization in India. During his election campaigns and rallies, Donald Trump was vocal about protecting the interests of American people – especially the working class. He talked about restricting illegal immigrants, constructing a wall on the Mexican border, putting a cap on H1b visas, pausing the issue of Green Cards etc. Yet, after the elections and his victory, one thing has become clear – his keenness to safeguard the American interests. “It is on this point that Indian students should breathe easy and go ahead with their plans”, says Nishin Ninkhaj, Director for Academics of Manhattan Review India.

If  he is keen on safe-guarding the American interests, that’s really good news for us. Illegal immigrants will be stopped from being offered with permanent residence through Green Cards. This will in turn help genuine students who study in USA and apply for H1b visas (which are a step before the Green Card). And, Trump also wants salaries to be increased to ‘Foreign Workers’. “Given the unrest in parts of European Union and the bleak chances for employment after education there, the scope is always wider for USA. The quality, breadth and scope for education and employment is second to none in USA.

No other country has so many opportunities for part-time jobs while studying, internships, employment and development that USA offers. And Trump does not want a 33-billion dollar activity getting adversely affected. Because, when about 10 lakh international students spend close to 33-billion dollars every year on their economy with generating close to 4.0 lakh jobs in USA, I don’t think any leader or Government will deliberately kill the ‘golden goose’ especially when Mr. Trump himself owned Trump University earlier”, says Mr. Nishin. “Practically speaking, the US Government has to spend 800 billion dollars as implementation of reforms costs in the next 20 years as per a recent report of Bipartisan Policy Center. Given that he is an astute businessman, I don’t think he would affect the US economy with this type of expenditure. He would also try to increase the revenues for his country. What better way than to increase legal methods – such as education and employment? asks Mr. Nishin.

“Let’s not forget that our very own “Nikki” Haley has been appointed as Ambassador to the United Nations (UN) by Trump. A very positive step and a great honour that reflects his respect for Indians. I don’t think he would affect his relationship with India and Indians by bringing in any legislation to upset their education and employment opportunities” avers Mr. Nishin.

“Demonetization in India is temporarily holding the financial ability of parents to take care of their children’s education plans. This is a temporary phase, which should ease in a month or so. After that, things will be much better and brighter. With a lot of funds in their banks, these institutions will be very eager to lend money for education loans to students. Students will need the loans around July or August, just before they go for the US visa. By that time, financial matters will stabilize and it will be another great opportunity for students to use the banking resources for their education abroad”, opines Mr. Nishin.

These are precisely the reasons why, our Indian students should more seriously consider studying in USA NOW, than in any other country. Mr. Nishin advises students not to fall prey to false claims of dangers in going to USA. “USA is and will always be a ‘shining beacon’ for best-possible education with employment and other opportunities”.



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