How does new rules affect Indian students who plan to study in USA? NO EFFECT AT ALL!

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With Donald Trump taking over as US President, efforts to make the H-1B visa more restrictive -that had largely failed during Obama’s presidency – are gathering pace.

Some US senators are planning to introduce a new legislation that would ensure that the best and brightest students educated in the US would receive preference for an H-1B visa. Currently, H-1B visas are used by many Indian IT companies to send specialist employees to the US on work.

H-1B visa category is the one that allows foreign personnel to work in the US for periods of three years and more. Indian IT companies have been the largest recipients of H-1B visas.

Another bill was introduced recently that would require US employers to pay those who come under the H-1B visa program at least $100,000 a year, up from a current minimum of $60,000. The bill also seeks to remove an exemption clause that allows authorities to skip troublesome paperwork if H-1B applicants had the equivalent of a Master’s degree or higher.

How does this affect Indian students who plan to study in USA? NO EFFECT AT ALL! For those who wish to study Master’s in USA, it is a wonderful opportunity since the number of applicants for H1B lottery will be down (since applicants from India without an MS degree may not be permitted to apply) and chances of getting ‘picked up’ from the H1B applicants lot is much higher. This is GOOD NEWS for those who want to study in USA now, more than ever before! Why wait? Start your process now with the ever-reliable Manhattan Review for Fall admissions. You could land in USA in as early as six months!

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Want to fly to USA?


ACICS (Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools) is one of the accrediting bodies in USA, that accredits (similar to recognition) certain programs and colleges/universities in USA. Just a few days back, the US Dept. of Education has withdrawn the recognition of accreditation powers to ACICS.

Due to this withdrawal, programs, colleges and universities accredited by ACICS cannot be considered as properly accredited – which is a bench mark for most students to study in those respective colleges/programs.

Overall, ACICS gave accreditation to about 250 colleges, which include about 130 institutions that offer ESL programs. Balance are those that offer higher education (other colleges and universities), that are certified by SEVP, to recruit international students.

According to industry sources, ACICS lost its accreditation recognition because it has accredited some colleges and universities that are considered as ‘visa mills’ and which have conducted their activities fraudulently.

One interesting point to note is that national accrediting bodies such as ACICS are not popular and hence, students & universities alike prefer accredited institutions from Regional accrediting bodies and professional accrediting bodies. Most importantly, getting a transfer from an institution that is accredited to a national body such as ACICS to a regionally accredited institution is not accepted because of quality and standards issues.

There is nothing to worry about, since most Indian students go to Master’s and Bachelor’s level programs that are recognized by accrediting bodies such as ABET, AACSB etc. Since most of the students DO NOT go to ESL programs, there is nothing to worry about withdrawal of recognition for ACICS.

Oh, UK –!

Students from the rest of the world have been flocking to UK universities for decades, eager to get the most out of doing a degree there. But now, things are different.

There have been recent reports that the government is considering cutting international student numbers by nearly half in an effort to meet the immigration targets set by Prime Minister Theresa May.

Students from outside the EU have already begun to turn away from the UK and consider more welcoming countries with renowned universities, such as the US. And that’s because of strict visa rules introduced when May was Home Secretary.

The main reason for these dwindling figures is the legislation introduced in 2012 that tightened the rules on foreign students staying on once they had completed their degrees.

Though our Prime Minister Narendra Modi has urged May to open up British universities to more of the country’s students and liberalize the visa system, students are now facing strict conditions.

For non-EU students such as those from India, the rules on moving from a student visa to a work visa are pretty strict. Essentially one must have a graduate job, with a graduate salary, with a licensed Home Office employer. These criteria are hard to meet. For example, the graduate salary needs to be a minimum of £20,800, which for a first job is pretty difficult, especially outside of London.

Currently, non-EU students can work part time for 20 hours a week and full time in vacations. If they go to a private college, they’re not allowed to work at all. This was one of the measures introduced last year in a Home Office “crackdown on visa fraud”, targeting students at “bogus” private colleges.

Unless students go to the UK as a single student and get a job during your time there, you would be   counted you as an immigrant. And many students are worried about studying in the UK, because of the prospect of not getting jobs before the deadlines and the state of UK economy.

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Study Abroad Useful Info

What Are The Top 10 Jobs That Pay A Higher Salary?


There are several high salaried jobs that student’s and new job seeking individuals require to go a step higher in their career stream. Given below are the top 10 such high salary jobs for the deserving candidates. Primarily, Time Management and Critical Reasoning come to the focus. This includes, right communication and day-to-day reports on the progress. All of them offer salaries hovering around 100 plus dollars. The data is released by Glassdoor, for its requirement in US, in March 2016.

  1. Software Development Manager


The work of a “ Software Development Manager ” involves managing a project related to software and developing it. Moreover, it starts with designing it and ends up till it reaches the completion stage. A final product is to be handed over to the client under a specified period of time. In US the number of vacancies are in between 3000 to 3500 jobs. The average salaries range is $ 132,000 ( approximately ).

  1. Software Architect


The designing of complex computer software is what this job is all about. Interesting stuff! Isn’t it? It is a highly professional software program, which needs is to be customized as per client requirement. The vacancies are around 655. Average salary is within $ 128, 250.

  1. IT Manager


The responsibilities of an IT Manager includes being responsible for the technology used by the companies,  including PCs, servers and the software the company buys from several of its vendors. There are 3000 to 3200 job vacancies. The average base salaries are $ 120, 000.

  1. Solutions Architect


The consulting arm of a software provider or the IT company is the role to be played by the solutions architect. This technology exponent helps to design the intricate IT systems, which are made as per customer specifications. There are nearly 3000 job openings and more in this sector. Salaries: base salary of $ 120, 000.

  1. Applications Development Manager


The duties of an applications development manager is to supervise a team of application developers who are writing the software for the enterprises or the web and PCs. The job openings are few in this field: 250 to 300. Median Salary of $ 120, 000 is offered.

  1. Systems Architect


A person who designs complex IT systems for a company is called a systems architect. The job includes rolling out a new software system that is huge in size and usage. It includes the new computers and the wide network needed for it to perform well. The vacancies for jobs in this sector are between 400 to 450. Salary: averaging $ 116, 920.

  1. Data Scientist


A data scientist is someone who uses great skill to store more data, which is used for more insights. In the present job arena it is a super-hot job. Mainly, he runs the systems that are used to store the companies data and uncover those insights huge amount of data. Job vacancies will be 2000 positions. Salary of $115, 000 is offered.

  1. Data Architect


The big craze for data has seen the growth for the job of a data architect. It is a role that once was a part and parcel of databases. These intellectuals are experts in designing data-management systems. Moreover, they look through all the data sources of a company from inside. It even includes other sources. Thereafter, figure it out how to store, manage, gather and update the data. Positions available: 750 to 800. Salary of $113, 000.

  1. Product Manager


A product manager’s job is to guide a team that is responsible for developing a product for the company in which they work. They act as liaisons between tech companies who structure themselves frequently by translating what the business requires from its new technical products that are converted into guidelines for the engineers who are entrusted with producing a particular product. Job openings are 7,600 jobs. Median salary: $ 107, 000.

  1. Analytic Manager


Data used to make business decisions by the business leaders is gathered by an analytic manager. The data gathered is used by to run from the wide range of data gathered by choosing and managing analytics system or big data to find the most important insights to be shared. Number of available jobs: 1000. Salary: $ 106, 000.

Manhattan Review offers comprehensive test-prep and Admissions counseling programs for GMAT, GRE, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, PTE . Go through our website to see the latest updates.




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How a Good SOP from Manhattan helps to get enrolled for MS in a desired University?


Statement of Purpose (SOP) is a document that states the purpose of the student’s desire to get enrolled for MS in a top university. It is the runway to success to board a plane to land into the desired university of the student’s choice. It tells the main reasons for giving the individual an opportunity to study in a world class educational institution in US and other international schools and colleges in different nations of the world.

Our presentation of the facts given by the student’s has got several of them get enrolled into the best universities across the world. A touch of excellence is added to your document that gives the SOP the professional outlook as per the expectations of the desired university that you want to get admission into. The criteria for enrollment into a good school or college is not only evaluated on the basis of a big GRE score, including graduation record but a good SOP too.

SOP reflects the skills, strengths and several other big achievements of the student during graduation. This is prepared in a better manner by our ACS Team by adding relevant information so that the short listing of the candidate is done without any doubt. The huge work involves great effort, which makes the proceedings simple during the admission process. It is presented in a refined manner as required by the university. Hard work and sincerity is involved to make your journey to the desired university of your choice a pleasant experience. It improves your chances by 100 per cent for getting enrolled.

SOP  is written by a team of experienced Admission Counseling Services (ACS) Team. It is done under the guidance of proficient content writers in Manhattan Review, boosts the quality of the essay. They put their focus on the strong points of the student in their particular field of study during graduation. They are specialized in their job, well trained to write meaningful SOPs. The information in it is given a final shape by matching it with the student’s score.

Manhattan Review, India is the best and only education institute in India with complete product knowledge of MS in US. The schools and colleges preferred by the student’s readily accept the SOPs written by them and grant immediate admission. We are here to help you!