How does new rules affect Indian students who plan to study in USA? NO EFFECT AT ALL!

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How does new rules affect Indian students who plan to study in USA? NO EFFECT AT ALL!

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                      Why Worry-


With Donald Trump taking over as US President, efforts to make the H-1B visa more restrictive -that had largely failed during Obama’s presidency – are gathering pace.

Some US senators are planning to introduce a new legislation that would ensure that the best and brightest students educated in the US would receive preference for an H-1B visa. Currently, H-1B visas are used by many Indian IT companies to send specialist employees to the US on work.

H-1B visa category is the one that allows foreign personnel to work in the US for periods of three years and more. Indian IT companies have been the largest recipients of H-1B visas.

Another bill was introduced recently that would require US employers to pay those who come under the H-1B visa program at least $100,000 a year, up from a current minimum of $60,000. The bill also seeks to remove an exemption clause that allows authorities to skip troublesome paperwork if H-1B applicants had the equivalent of a Master’s degree or higher.

How does this affect Indian students who plan to study in USA? NO EFFECT AT ALL! For those who wish to study Master’s in USA, it is a wonderful opportunity since the number of applicants for H1B lottery will be down (since applicants from India without an MS degree may not be permitted to apply) and chances of getting ‘picked up’ from the H1B applicants lot is much higher. This is GOOD NEWS for those who want to study in USA now, more than ever before! Why wait? Start your process now with the ever-reliable Manhattan Review for Fall admissions. You could land in USA in as early as six months!

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