How to make effective essays for MBA admission

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How to make effective essays for MBA admission

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How to make effective essays for MBA admission

It is widely accepted that writing essays can be challenging. The admission officers go through thousands of profiles, and read, thousands of essays. It is obvious that, most essays will have a great deal of similarity. So, you must strive hard, to make your essays sound different, and more compelling.

How do I make my essay look different and better than others? To make your essays look different, you have to brainstorm continuously, and focus on your all round aspects. Focusing on your personal aspects, will greatly help in adding value to your essays. As mentioned before, you cannot afford to take your essays lightly, as they are mandatory and carry a specific weight to your application.

A question might be at the back of your mind – A lot of students have a similar GPA and GMAT SCORES. So what makes the difference? It is your essay that makes the difference

Your essays can be a medium through which, you can highlight your key skills, your attributes, personal qualities, and unique traits. The admission officers need a specific set of skills, and a specific kind of candidate, to fill in their class. Remember, it is your responsibility to convince them, that you are the one they are looking for. What kind of essays will I be asked to write?

You will be asked to write an essay on your real life experiences.

Let us consider an example.

Suppose, you have coached an under-14 football team. Now, you want to share your experiences, by writing a compelling essay, based on the above situation.

Why do a lot of essays get rejected? Remember – It is more about how you write rather than what you write?

While writing an essay, you must ensure that it should be written in a proper sequence. You can summarize your essay, by breaking it into parts or paragraphs. You must jot down the key points, before writing down the entire story.

In the first paragraph, you should give a convincing introduction to the challenges faced by the team. For example- you can say, initially, the parents did not allow their children to play football, as the kids were not disciplined. The kids did not arrive in time and lacked the team spirit.

In the second paragraph, you can mention, the preventive actions taken by you. For example, like-  explaining the parents about the importance of sports, encouraging the students to work as a team, or conducting ice breaking sessions, that allowed free mixing, and promoted friendship between the kids.

In the third paragraph, you can talk about the motivational actions taken to resolve these problems. For example, like- encouraging children to arrive in time by rewarding them for their discipline. You can also say- team work was a problem, so I encouraged my students to pass the ball frequently, and after the session was over, I used to reward those kids, who frequently passed the ball. This improved the teamwork skills.

In the fourth paragraph, you can talk about the results- whether they were fruitful or they backfired. You can say, after I took the preventive measures and motivational actions, the team was more disciplined, and started winning more matches. So mention things like we competed with great spirits, and finally won the all-important trophy.

In the fifth paragraph, you can mention the “takeaways”, or the outcome of your efforts. You can say, after the team won, the team spirit was at its peak. The parents congratulated, and thanked me for my efforts. The kids were thrilled, and I got immense respect. We managed to pull off something, which seemed impossible a few months back. That gave me immense joy and satisfaction, as my hard work paid off.

Now from the above example, it is evident that, the essays should be structured, and written in a proper sequence. You have to back your points with relevant examples. An essay which is narrated with the help of real life examples, adds authenticity to your application, and plays a big role in differentiating your profile from other applicants.

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