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The word Impossible is taboo in Manhattan Review as in the movie Bahubali – 2

The word Impossible is taboo in Manhattan Review as in the movie Bahubali - 2

Dreams are built on impossible goals. The achievers are those who keep focus on them till they hit the winning post. The magnum opus movie Bahubali – 2 (the Conclusion) was built on such fantasies that fairy tales are made of. The hype and hoopla, which means promotion and packaging of the movie was built on just one million dollar question: why did the character Kattappa kill Bahubali.

The scenes where you see the hero Prabhas conquering the mountains that keep coming his way is stupendous and awesome. Even when defeat is staring down his throat he puts inspiration into the soldiers to fight on inspite of being outnumbered. The movie offers visual grandeour never heard or seen before on the movie screen. The effort taken to complete the certain spectacular scenes with graphical display was a serious race against time.

In comparison to the movie the training in Manhattan Review, India for GRE, GMAT, SAT, TOEFL & IELTS is an amazing display of time management and critical reasoning (intelligent thinking skills). We create new talent to blossom in the limelight. The trainer take excessive interest in providing the student’s edge of the seat test preparation for a big score.

The ecological classrooms offer Video Tutorials and PPTs of Manhattan GMAT,GRE,SAT in  a colorful display to hold the student’s aspirations with breathtaking responses. Every small query is attended deftly to handle the weakness of the student. Speaking, Listening, Writing and Reading are given top class customized approach. In GRE, GMAT and SAT, Quant is updated with fresh solutions for a world class test-prep training.

The curricula offered helps in eliminating negative answer options for a correct one. The leadership (trainers), teamwork (brainstorming sessions) and study plan are carved meticulously. A simple approach to a complex question is full of result-oriented strategies. It is not all about winning but putting things right, similar to the scene in the movie. The dialogue (it’s not about killing a hundred soldiers but saving one life) summarises the success formula. It’s a great task accomplished. The impact we make upon the student’s is all for their good. We take pride in the record we have created over the years.

We wish Bahubali 2 to create more & more Records with  a Wonderful Conclusion.


We have tied-up with HDFC Credila – Manhattan Review

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Education Loans 

Manhattan Review (MR) is pleased to inform you that we have tied-up with HDFC Credila, which is a premier education loan company dedicated only for Education loans.

HDFC Credila is the most preferred education loan expert by students as they can use the sanction letter as a fund proof for securing their admission/ I20, Visa and also for Immigration clearances.

Benefits of HDFC Credila:

  • Up to 100% finance
  • No upper limit on loan amount
  • No margin money required
  • Flexibility in collateral security requirements
  • Tax benefit under Sec 80 E
  • Attractive rate of Interest
  • Long term loans resulting in easy EMIs
  • Loan against property mortgaged with HDFC

With this tie-up, MR will be able to assist you with filling and filing of applications (for loan), speedier processing and quick disbursal of sanction letter and funds.

What more, sanction of education loan is possible AT THE TIME OF ADMISSION ALSO, and not just before visa. You can get the sanction letter and use it for Financial certification for admission purpose, to get your I-20.

With demonetization, Public Sector banks are taking a very long time to process loan applications and issue sanction letters. Sometimes, it is taking more than 2-3 months to get the applications processed. With Credila, everything happens VERY FAST and you will not lose any time or admission chances because of speedier processing and efficiency that is associated with HDFC Credila.

Talk to our counselors in your nearest center. They will be pleased to provide you with all the information and assistance for getting your education loan, super-fast!

Mega Event :

MR is conducting FREE workshops on GRE (and other tests such as GMAT, IELTS, TOEFL and PTE) from

Dates: 20th May to 28th May

Venue: in all our eight centers at Hyderabad.

Timings: From 10 AM to 1 PM and 4 PM to 8 PM on all the above dates.

During these workshops our trained and certified faculty members will provide very valuable information on test taking tips, strategies for getting high scores and any other information that will help you in making your dreams come true – by studying abroad with TOP SCORES in GRE, TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT etc.

Please visit your nearest center and participate in these exciting workshops. You will have most useful information and help from Manhattan Review, that could change your destiny for the better.

Wish you all the best. And, take care during this hot summer!

Good luck

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GMAT Sentence Correction Rules: tips the student’s must follow


GMAT Sentence Correction (1)

Plenty of hard work is involved in GMAT Test preparation. However, it is made easy by tips the student’s should follow. All that is needed is accurate answers and time spacing, which means speed. In the whole GMAT curricula the questions in Sentence Correction take very less time. There are just two reasons for this:

  • The turn around time is very quick
  • If the answers are made with right judgment

Moreover, application of smart work will teach how to score well in the GMAT sentence correction section. It carries maximum marks and easy to score from. You need to become a master in eliminating the options. Critical Reasoning is important as it helps to analyze the answers that are wrong. Several hours that are spent on Practice Drills and Mock Tests help a lot in GMAT test preparation. In the world of edge of the seat competition a big score offers the opportunity to study in top B-schools around the globe, especially in US.

Practice in the area that you are weak. Do not take your strengths for granted. It may lead to overconfidence. It is a bad trait. Apply strategies that are focused on answer choice, which is right. Always keep in mind time management. Read word-to-word when confronted with two word choices. Your listening skills should me made sharp. This done with frequent conversation brainstorming. Read all answer options carefully. Application of minimum patience with plenty of practical solutions that are there in the Practice Drills and Mock Tests will make it easy to arrive at the right answer.

You must add to your GMAT test preparation grammar concepts that are related to examination. Thereby, you end up choosing the most correct answer out of the options given. Concentration is the key. Never bring anything else to the mind as long as you are taking the GMAT Test. Use the optional break time of 5 minutes after Integrated Reasoning section and Quantitative section for a quiet time or refreshments.

Spend maximum time in reading problem statement carefully. Understand what it is trying to say. Thereafter, look for the little grammar mistakes. When you ignore this fact as most of the student’s do, you will end up choosing the wrong option. First identify the mistake than spending time in reading all the options carefully. Look for the same mistake in all the answer options. Narrow down the right answer to two options. Now, it becomes easy to make the correct choice. This comes only with practice and more time spent in practice.

Keep the momentum going till the end of the practice sessions or the GMAT examination. The moment you start getting the right answer there is a tendency to relax or take things with self-satisfaction. This will never get you the desired big score. Master the art of learning fast with speed strategies. For those who are working this technique will help them to use the limited time at their disposal to proper use.

Visit our nearest Branches for more tips, We provide Best GMAT Training in Hyderabad, Vizag, Bangalore & Vijayawada.

Examples of Sentence Correction Rules

How to avoid (redundant) extra words in sentences?

Kranti said that he stayed for a long period of time in the hospital.

In the above sentence “period” signifies “time”. Therefore, “of time” is not to be used.

She was warned not to repeat this mistake again.

The word “again” is an extra word, which carries no meaning. It should be avoided.

There were six different kinds of clothing in the shopping mall.

The word “kinds” refers to the meaning. There is no need to add “different”.

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Australia and New Zealand, here we come!

Update on education in USA 

After the initial hiccups and apprehensions about studying in the USA, post-Trump election, things are settling down since there is no significant difference in admissions for students. Added to this, there has been no change in Government policy with regard to allowing international students in USA.

Most importantly, the proposed change in H1B visa rules favour students who study in USA. Those students will be preferred for H1B visas over applicants who want to go for on-shore employment through their employers. In other words, this is the RIGHT TIME to study in USA.

Manhattan Review (MR) has improved upon their processing methods and times to speed up the study experience in USA. Now, anyone with any profile can study in the United States. For more details, please contact your nearest center.

Australia and New Zealand, here we come! 

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Another wonderful development is that MR has opened its doors wide for students who want to study in Australia and New Zealand also.  With its wide range of programs, world-class universities and especially the possibility of ‘Permanent Residency’, Australia is sure to be a favourable destination to study. New Zealand’s quaint atmosphere, most beautiful sceneries, safety and top-notch education make it another prime destination for our students.

Perhaps, the best news is, our services to both Australia and New Zealand are totally FREE.

With a basket of countries on offer for you, Manhattan Review spreads it’s wings farther and wider to carry you to your dreamlands for higher education, employment and permanent residence.

Just to remind you, we now provide services to:

  • United States of America
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • Australia and
  • New Zealand

Come, explore the wonderful possibilities and opportunities that await you all over the world. At MR, we make your dreams come true and the move ahead in your life successfully.

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Dream of your child in a Top University in USA?? Make it possible with SAT.

Dream of your child in a Top University-

We have been growing with youth overtime for several years. Manhattan Review, India is involved with more than 2000 boys and girls in sending them to US for higher education.  Our main goal is to provide them result-oriented opportunities to handle their dreams. It is possible by making each and every kid to recognize their potential to take the SAT examination.

Step by step we help them to become confident, competent and mature adults. The trainers make positive changes in their thinking skills. They make them ready for college with SAT test preparation classes. Wholesome training is provided in ecological classrooms, including Video Tutorials, PPTs and more.

Admission in US requires a SAT score for getting enrolled. A big score ensures even scholarships in top universities. It is the desire of every parent to see their children studying in top universities abroad. We provide all the necessary information and are experts in giving the best training. SAT curricula is designed on how to work in a planned manner to achieve the goals set before them.

The trainers figure out the weaknesses. Evidence-based reading and writing or essays that need proper grammar presentation. They teach proven strategies to overcome them. The student’s aptitude in learning subjects that you are interested is developed, but keeping in mind SAT curricula. Our main goal is make the student’s to come out with a top score.

What you find actually engaging? Vocabulary, math or grammar. Our training is completely different from what you finished learning in school. We make you to find new areas of learning. You are given training in taking up the challenge. Moreover, the student’s benefit most from brainstorming sessions.  All that is needed is to put sincere efforts in achieving a big score in SAT.




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How to be Healthy and Fit during Exams – Tips to Follow!

1 (2)


  1. Stick to regular schedule, but organize food habits.


2.  Regular milk and fruit eating is essential.


3. It is good to keep junk food away.


4. Eat brain food more: vegetables, greens, such as salads.


5. Eggs, fish and meat in equal quantities for non-vegetarians.


6.  Drinking plenty of water in regular intervals.


7. Vitamins and food supplements can play an important role.



8. Plenty of tea or coffee or fruit juice and milk shakes.


9. Eating in two or three gaps is highly recommended.


10. A meal should be small and well balanced.


11. A heavy stomach is bad on the brain cells.


12.Simple recipes keep you healthy and fit during examinations.


13. Anti-oxidants, including green tea, lemon juice, honey and warm water help a lot.

Cup of tea with mint and lime on table on bright background
Cup of tea with mint and lime on table on bright background

14. Never skip your meals, especially breakfast.


15.Abstain from excess alcohol and smoke less.


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Manhattan Review offers comprehensive test-prep and Admissions counseling programs for GMAT, GRE, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, PTE . Go through our website to see the latest updates.




How to manage GMAT Preparation while busy with work schedules?

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For a professional with a busy work schedule, the strategies to manage GMAT test preparation are given below:

  1. Make an applicable planning that would be easy to follow.
  2. Pick out your weaknesses and spare more time on them.
  3. Take the help of your friends or colleagues.
  4. Come early to office and finish off certain portions of the GMAT curricula (could be one or two hours). Similarly, you may stay late and do the same.
  5. A library or a coffee shop, if not your friends or the privacy of your room are the best places to put to test your time management skills to work.
  6. Even when you are on your treadmill you can use your ipod to improve your English pronunciation or spend useful time listening to correct grammatical conversation and accelerated vocabulary.
  7. At lunch breaks or at dinner time: finish the meal early. Use the the precious little time that you gain for GMAT preparation.
  8. When you are travelling in a train or subway to office, you can add several hours of study for the examination.
  9. Avoid checking emails and playing your favorite video game. The same time can be used to accommodate Practice Questions.
  10. Sacrifice Television time or News hour.
  11. Master question types with time alloted separately (early mornings or late nights as per personal preferences) for Practice Drills and Mock Tests.
  12. Keep in mind a big score. Word towards it positively.
  13. Look for a weekend study group. Brainstorming sessions add big value to GMAT test preparation.
  14. Do not try unknown or unsuccessful strategies.
  15. Don’t look at your past setbacks. Look ahead for future desires.

Manhattan Review offers comprehensive test-prep and Admissions counseling programs for GMAT, GRE, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, PTE . Go through our website to see the latest updates.

Study Abroad

What are the documents required for F1 Visa Interview?

What are the documents required for F1 Visa Interview-

The preparations for F1 visa interview must begin well in advance of going to the US consulate in your designated city in India. Preferably, 2 weeks before your  interview date. You are required to carry all necessary documents for verification and issuing of the F1 visa. Every documentation should be carried in a decent folder and arranged in a proper order so as to avoid confusion at the visa counter. This is the first step for a successful visa process.

To carry your passport or old passports (if any) is compulsory, including phtocopies of the first, last and remarks pages of the current passport. A color photograph (2 by 2 inches, not more than 6 months old). You may carry 2 or 3 as well. Next, a copy of the print out confirming the submission of Form DS-160, generated online with CEAC bar code. Moreover, Visa Fees to paid in advance before the appointment  date. Original appointment letter of interview and one extra copy. An original copy of SEVIS Fee receipt along with one copy of Form I-20.

You must carry a proof of the financial assessment or assets, which should be in liquid form. It is to make fee payment for the full first year of education as per the fee structure of the school or college, where you are getting enrolled. This includes boarding and lodging expenses. You must must also show proof of evidence of assests that will bear the remaining year(s) of education in the university. A scholarship granted by the college you are getting enrolled is denoted on I-20 form. This is considered favourably by the Visa granting official. Besides this a loan granted by a bank must have all related documentation. Form I-134 ( Affidavit or Legal document of support), provided an individual in US supporting you in finances.

(P.S. Granting of  Visa is in the hands of the official not because you have all the documentation required.)

Now, coming to educational documents. Original graduation certificates, including mark sheets. Provisionals if available. Test scores of GRE, GMAT, SAT and TOEFL as according to the course you are getting enrolled for higher education. Keep a black pen handy. Do not carry any sealed documents before entering the US consulate.

Manhattan Review, India offers guidance on how to take the visa interview for those who avail of our Admission Counseling Services. Mock interviews are conducted. Importance of dress tips and approach to the visa counter, speech modulation and how to answer to the point is given a complete reconstruction. This will ensure a smooth passage to get your passport stamped for a gainful entry into US for higher education.






Some important facts about why should you study in USA




  1. A major source of funding for US universities is non-residential fee paid by graduate and undergraduate students in the STEM courses. Every year, more than ONE MILLION international students get into US to study.
  2. STEM courses are Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics courses, which are preferred by most Indian students, to study in USA.
  3. OPT, CPT, H1B Visa are all work related programs especially benefitting STEM graduates.
  4. If we assume what rumor mongers say, and think that H1B visas will not be issued for International students, then think about the repercussions.
  5. Number of applications to the Universities will go down, which will cut the funding of these universities and thus affecting the operations.
  6. These are not desirable results for any economy that intends to grow, for which about 32 Billion Dollars is spent by International students alone, every year. And most importantly The United States would know that for sure.
  7. Thus the US Government says that they need high skilled students to study in the US, work and contribute to the US economy.

So, believe in yourself and your goals; this is the best time to deep dive for a Master’s degree in USA. This is the BEST TIME TO STUDY IN USA!