Admission Guaranteed in US universities

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Admission Guaranteed in US universities

As always, Manhattan Review India (MR) innovates its products and services to meet the needs of our students. Among the most important requirement for many of our students is an ‘Assured Admission’ in American universities. With an admit on hand, students can breathe easy and work on their visa process.

This is exactly where MR has scored over other consultants. We now offer a Guaranteed Admission Service for admission in US universities. In almost any program and for any profile (of course, subject to a few minimum parameters), we offer at least one I-20 for Fall 2018 intake.

How do we make sure that our students get an admission without fail? We work with hundreds of universities throughout USA and are aware of their admission requirements. We will match the students’ background with the universities requirements. And, we will take utmost care to see that the admission process, documentation and timelines are meticulously followed. When hard work also becomes ‘smart’, the results are bound to come! Manhattan Review makes sure that each and every one of our students is successful in their efforts of studying abroad, especially in USA.

Contact any of our centers nearest to you. Our counselors will explain our exciting package which is being offered at a very low price. The unbeatable combination of guaranteed admission at a very low cost is sure a WINNER. Come, join the bandwagon of students who are ready to go for USA in the next six months!

Spot Admission –  Applying to U.S. universitiesMR is working with one of the excellent and reputed US universities to conduct spot assessment of students’ applications. For those students who have decent profiles, admission offers will be given instantly. And the best part is, even FINANCIAL AID will be offered for our meritorious students on the spot. The spot admissions schedule is as follows:

Bangalore – Tuesday, the 6th February

Hyderabad – Wednesday, the 14th February

Visakhapatnam – Sunday, the 18th February

Meet our counselors in of the centers located in the above cities and register your names as soon as possible for the ‘Spot Admission’ event.

Have a successful and dream-fulfilling 2018.

Team Manhattan


Ramakrishna Nimmala

January 18, 2018 at 11:45 am

I have 8 years experience in hospitality…
Am working in my uncle’s restaurant had restaurant manager….In couple of years I want start my own business. So for that I want to masters in management or mba…is it possible for to do in USA…Recently I have given ielts and I got 5.5 band and I completed bsc in 2005 from osmania university.


    February 22, 2018 at 8:10 am

    Thank you for posting. You can certainly do MBA Hospitality Management in USA with your B.Sc and eight years of work experience. But you need to retake IELTS and improve your score to at least 6.5 since most universities prefer applicants with better scores. That will improve your visa chances too.

    You may contact us at to get assistance with your plans of doing MBA in USA.

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