Don’t Fear the Quantitative (Quant) Section – Remove the Fear in Math

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There is no single perfect way to remove the fear of math from your mind. This may be your weak spot but there is not much difficulty in facing the Quant section. You didn’t want to face it. However, you are assured of a big score provided you follow the strategies in total. A good Quant score impacts your Test-prep score. Therefore, there are no different ways than learning from proven tips offered in training. It is interdependent on how you retain the information you absorb during Practice Drills and several Mock Test. Making the right choices while answering the questions is the key to success in Quant section.

Your weakness in specified topics in Math is removed by going back to Class X and XII curricula. They are excellent for following Quant concepts. Basic math problems can be resolved through this. However, do not rely too much on them. On accuracy and time spacing you must adopt quick thinking solutions. The best way to master it is to take as many as Mock Tests as possible. The more the better you get. You need to take an overhaul of present trends in answering the question types. Don’t be misguided by core solutions. Taking a leaf out of video tutorials. Interactive sessions is another great idea.

In Quant section, there are many resources available. They help in test preparation to put your act together for a correct answer choice. At the advanced level, you need to practice tough and challenging math problems. A well explained guide or strategy include a detailed answer for all the questions.

Remove the fear of math through tips:

  • Do not much spend time on one question
  • Time should be used evenly
  • Errors in simple calculations must be avoided
  • Avoid calculation in comparison questions
  • Understanding the question thoroughly is a must
  • Familiarity with user interface is important

The fear in Quant section is mastered through several Practice Drills. This, in turn, is translated into a better score. The majority of study time must include working out solutions under time restrictions. Answer all the questions in the examination at all costs. The optional breaks provided between each session must be taken. It improves mental stamina. To avoid traps read the directions carefully. Taking more than three minutes on a question is taking a risk with time management. Click on the nearest answer and hope for the best. Move on to next question. Maintain rapid speed.

Keep your mind focused towards a big score. Take professional help whenever needed. It is the best way to study with a planned strategy. Manhattan Review, India provides the best training in Test-prep worldwide. The trainers in Quant are well experienced. All of them in Math are Quant certified specialists. They do a lot of research work before taking each class. The curricula are independently owned by us. It is developed especially to help the weaker students in Math. The course material is updated regularly. A standardized pattern is followed in the information in Quant section. Our main aim is to remove the fear of math. This is an assurance given to each student who gets enrolled with us. 100 per cent assistance in scoring big in math is done by evaluating the potential of the student.

We make you perform at an absolute genius level. You achieve the highest possible score by removing all the queries in Quant section. The trainers are full of ideas to make Quant section interesting. Our incomparable training is crispy and appropriate to remove the fear in Math. They will teach you to win where you failed earlier. All that is needed is your sincere involvement in making it real. A student once said, “I cried a lot due to my fear of math”. But stopped crying once getting enrolled in Manhattan Review.


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