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MBA aspirants, here is some good news! – Students from the below listed universities have 100 percent of MBA graduates who sought jobs employed three months after completing their degrees in 2015.

Central Carolina University

Rutgers, SUNJ, Newark, New Brunswick

University of Iowa

Louisiana State University

Temple University

Georgia Institute of Technology

Rochester Institute of Technology

Baylor University

Howard University

Ohio State University

University of Florida

University of Rochester

You may be surprised why top Business schools like Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Kellogg etc. are not in the above list. The reason is that their enrollment figures are much higher than the above schools. Therefore, placement of MBA graduates from top schools may take longer than three months after graduation.

So, when do you want to join any of the above or even other B schools? Manhattan Review is ready to provide the best possible coaching for GMAT and TOEFL for you to get excellent scores and apply for admission. We have experts who will shortlist the right B schools for you and who will provide highly professional and successful editing service for your essays, recommendations and Resume. Consult your counselor or center manager at MR today and take a giant leap to land in your preferred B school!

How to plan your financial documentation for visa? – There are so many doubts, worries and misconceptions about:

  • How much money to be shown in the bank for visa
  • What type of resources to be used?
  • How long to retain funds
  • What to answer in the port of entry and

So many other doubts that assail visa applicants.  First and foremost, the total funds available to a student must cover the total cost of education, living expenses and other costs (like medical insurance, books and supplies etc.) for the duration of the program – 2 years or 1 year. There are so many resources that you could use to demonstrate funds availability. Since this has to be done on a customized basis, it is not possible to explain here. For the third point, funds must be available either in the bank or on you, till you clear the customs & immigration in the port of entry. Finally, what should you answer? That depends on the questions the officials may ask you. At MR, we provide visa counseling service with guidance on total documentation, samples and formats of various financial documents. Best of all, we conduct a mock interview session which will include possible questions and expected answers. During the mock session, we will provide all the inputs and clarity about how and what to answer and train you how to face the actual visa interview with confidence and get through successfully.

Visa interviews are starting for Fall 16. If you or your friends have any issues or doubts about the whole visa process, come to the experts! Come to MR and go out of India, to USA!!

Reminder – For those who did not join the bandwagon for Fall 2016, the time is right for applying to Spring 2017 intake. And, we have exciting packages for you – right from Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 15,000.




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