Admission Guaranteed in US universities

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Admission Guaranteed in US universities

As always, Manhattan Review India (MR) innovates its products and services to meet the needs of our students. Among the most important requirement for many of our students is an ‘Assured Admission’ in American universities. With an admit on hand, students can breathe easy and work on their visa process.

This is exactly where MR has scored over other consultants. We now offer a Guaranteed Admission Service for admission in US universities. In almost any program and for any profile (of course, subject to a few minimum parameters), we offer at least one I-20 for Fall 2018 intake.

How do we make sure that our students get an admission without fail? We work with hundreds of universities throughout USA and are aware of their admission requirements. We will match the students’ background with the universities requirements. And, we will take utmost care to see that the admission process, documentation and timelines are meticulously followed. When hard work also becomes ‘smart’, the results are bound to come! Manhattan Review makes sure that each and every one of our students is successful in their efforts of studying abroad, especially in USA.

Contact any of our centers nearest to you. Our counselors will explain our exciting package which is being offered at a very low price. The unbeatable combination of guaranteed admission at a very low cost is sure a WINNER. Come, join the bandwagon of students who are ready to go for USA in the next six months!

Spot Admission –  Applying to U.S. universitiesMR is working with one of the excellent and reputed US universities to conduct spot assessment of students’ applications. For those students who have decent profiles, admission offers will be given instantly. And the best part is, even FINANCIAL AID will be offered for our meritorious students on the spot. The spot admissions schedule is as follows:

Bangalore – Tuesday, the 6th February

Hyderabad – Wednesday, the 14th February

Visakhapatnam – Sunday, the 18th February

Meet our counselors in of the centers located in the above cities and register your names as soon as possible for the ‘Spot Admission’ event.

Have a successful and dream-fulfilling 2018.

Team Manhattan

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Busted! Myths About OPT, STEM and H1B VISA for US bound Student’s

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  1. For STEM Student’s OPT has been fixed at 12 months. This is untrue.   

The law suit has been dismissed. You are permitted to work for 36 months in US after completion of your MS degree. The earlier law is still in existence. Myth number one busted. All the rules regarding to STEM will remain valid. Once approval is granted a recommendation with authorization (legal documnent) is offered. You can work without any worry in US. It gives clarity on US education, which has maximum appeal all across the world. India’s rank is second in student’s getting enrolled for higher education in US. This is phenomenal.

  1. The issuing of additional H1B VISA fot STEM Student’s has been cancelled. No. 

MS graduate student’s with higher education degrees are given an offer of special quota with the H1B work VISA application. Presently, 20,000 special quota is still available in adding up to 65,000 under general quota. It is an attractive VISA policy. Myth number two busted. Their is a constant demand for engineers in US. The advantages can be fully exploited for further growth in employment status in US. It gives glorious opportunities to several ambitious student’s to fulfill their life’s passions. The Indian student’s certainly hold an edge over others in critical reasoning and data analysis. It is a morale booster for all the US bounds student’s.

  1. Indians being prevented by President Trump to get H1B VISA.  

The prime decision maker in US, President Donald Trump has signed an executive order, which focuses on preventing misuse of H1B work permit VISA. This is done by companies that outsource their work programs by filing for multiple H1B applications. This in turn uses up the existing additional H1B quota. However, with a strict regulation on IT companies, the student’s with advanced degree applications will have more opportunities opening up for employment. Another myth dismissed. There are many attractive jobs in diverse fields.Trump or no Trump demand for work force in US is bound to grow. The process could be further simplified. The media projections are all false.

  1. The lottery system of granting H1B VISA is not valid anymore. Not true.

The current intentions of the Trump administration is to replace it with a more favorable system based on merritt. In it the student’s with better marks in higher education degrees, including those getting higher salary packages will be preferred first. Myth number four busted. Bright student’s will now find new windows opening up to hire them with bigger salaries. They can richly develop their work experience for a better bargain in the next company. It will offer unrestircted access in the job market. Highly skilled graduation student’s can apply without any fears. Companies with global reach stand to lose nothing. The newly established Trump administration is looking to offer the best to every bright student.

Abbreviation for:

  • Work VISA issued to student’s for employment in US – H1B
  • Optional Practical Training – OPT
  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics – STEM

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Scams and Frauds in USA

Scams and Frauds in USA – Now is the time for most students to join US universities. In the new environment, there can (and will) be many situations that could affect them adversely. Like in other countries, there are scammers who are ready to do fraudulent activities and cheat the students new to the US system – education and living.

The below given information was officially circulated by the US universities during the NAFSA Convention 2016, in order to help students escape the cheating and frauds that happen.

Phone scams: Some students receive calls purportedly from FBI, Homeland Security, Immigration, IRS, Police and District Attorney Office etc. When students verify online, the numbers ‘match’ with the name of the organization mentioned. This is known as ‘spoofing’.

Audio Scams: There may be recorded or live calls asking to purchase ‘Cash Cards or Vouchers’ of $2,000 or more, for making payment of “International Student Fee” or “Education Tax” etc.

Mail Scams: You may receive emails with the name “DHS Documents” asking for money to be paid for various purposes.

Online Scams: Students may be tempted with offers like “Green Card lottery” and asked for their full information.

Employment Scams: Since there is a time limit of 90 days for students to get a job/internship after obtaining an OPT card, they will be under pressure to get some job or the other. At such times, consultants will try to pitch in with offers like employment and for training students for interviews etc. In the training, they will coach students to say that the student is on EAD that was sponsored by employer for a Green Card. Actually, the student will be on ‘post-completion OPT’. By telling such a lie, the student faces the risk of deportation!

Third-party Tax Forms: Student may receive “Form 4506T – Request for Transcript of Tax Returns” by email, asking for payment of tax etc. This form is illegal and should not be acted upon.

Students should not fall into the trap of accepting or agreeing to the threats or demands of callers or mails. Instead, ask for the name & phone no. of the caller, request for his badge (ID) number and indicate that they would get back to him/her, if it is a phone call. Don’t get intimidated by threats that if they disconnect or don’t pay they could be arrested. That does not happen, since no official law enforcement official can demand money or payment immediately and threaten with arrests etc. for non-compliance.

What to do: Contact the International Student Office of your university and inform them of the issue. They will take up the matter and help you identify the scam/fraud.

To help new/unsuspecting students, universities are conducting orientations, send emails, conduct workshops on OPT, post warnings on Facebook, create web pages about these scams and give handouts etc.

Students can also visit the USCIS webpage on “common scams and reporting procedure”. And, SEVP has published warnings on their website about scams for both students and universities.

A few more hints for the students to save themselves from such frauds,

Do not reveal your contact information for all. Keep it private.

Do not cash cheques from unknown sources

In case of doubt, contact the Designated School Official (DSO) about unethical employment practices by employers, or if students receive any suspicious calls etc.

Please be careful and all the best with your sojourn to the USA.

‘Free’ Bonanza – For those of you who are looking for Spring or Fall 2017 admission, Manhattan Review is offering two new packages, which are ‘Free’ services. You will get all the Admission services Free of cost. For full details, contact our counselors at any of our branches nearest you.

Take advantage of this fantastic, ‘once in a blue-moon’ offer. Now!!