How can I find the right specialization with an IELTS band 7?

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First, let us get a clear picture of specialization in a particular career. It comes with the qualifications, which means the graduation you have completed. Therefore, a score of band 7 has nothing to do with choosing a profession or specialize in academics. It is your childhood passion or the dream you are carrying during schooling or in college that should drive your choice. It all depends on how you plan to shape your life ambitions. The curricula you want to take up is your hands or future thinking. The way you want your career to mold in graduating from an international college or school.

The specialization plays a greater or vital part in your life, so-called your academic career. The students have a prior knowledge of what they are going to do before they appear the IELTS test. Moreover, before writing the test, pupils have a word with the university and they suggest them what to take, either ELP product or GRE. If the drafted university looks for ELP then students opt for it.

Furthermore, score has a tremendous impact in searching for the right specialization. If your scoring has less band or score pushes you to a less reputed university, where you cannot aspire to be what you really long for. In contrast, getting a better score or band 7, you will land into your dream school. Thereafter, you can think how to choose a desired course of study and give right direction to your career with a greater degree of freedom.

IELTS band ranges from 0 – 9. It is an international entrance test to reach into your most preferred and goggled university. The students are tested in different areas and aspects of English language in IELTS.This includes reading, writing, listening and speaking. Every individual can score 5 band, which is very easy. But scoring band 7 is invariably a tough task. To add, 6.5 is the best score in IELTS examination.

If you have the score of band 7, you can take any specialization that you are planning for. The reason for this is that the universities are looking for best score always.Taking specialization in graduating is your hands. It is up to you to take your own subject or else you can change it. According to the choice, you make you can have a better career and enjoy a prosperous life in future. All said and done you have put in your best effort and your band 7 score is really an achievement.

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How to Score Band 8.0 + (plus) in IELTS Examination?


The word ‘Rhythm’ is the longest word without a vowel. Similarly, the English language is the longest boundary without a Horizon. The English language is not a story.

  • Develop your own ideas.
  • Try to maximize on vocabulary first.
  • Try to score more marks in the essay.

The test scores can be canceled if your essay does not appear to be your original presentation.

  • Sharpen your time management.
  • You can save at least 2–3 minutes in each section.
  • Make full use of the Video Tutorials.

The question about essay topics in IELTS examination is to allow yourself complete freedom in writing well with an open mind. The trainer’s in Manhattan Review, India make it simple and effective in presenting your viewpoints. This allows the scoring to be on a high scale. They develop a meaningful point of view to be presented as an effective sentence or passage. The training makes the student’s to get used to asking the following questions.

  • What is the main theme of the topic?
  • Do I agree with the topic or not?
  • How to authenticate the claims. the statement makes?
  • Which are the examples to be presented?
  • Are the sentences correct?
  • What reasonable conclusion to be made in an essay?

Apart from this focus on the four characteristics of effective writing.

  1. Consistency in writing pattern.
  1. Expression of logical ideas.
  1. Clear and precise writing style.
  1. Following regular IELTS patterns.

Our trainer’s look inside your thinking to find out where you are going wrong. If you have no confidence they instill a gamut of ideas, vocabulary, and proper language usage.

Most Important to Remember.

  • Using a pencil is required for the essay. Therefore, carry at least two, a sharpener and erasure too.
  • Writing in ink will get a zero score.
  • The essay should be written on the answer sheet and not on the test book.
  • A zero score will be given to an off-topic essay.
  • The test scores can be canceled if your essay does not appear to be your original presentation.

When you follow the above instructions without diversion you will definitely get the Band 8.0+ score in IELTS examination.