GMAT Sentence Correction Rules: tips the student’s must follow


GMAT Sentence Correction (1)

Plenty of hard work is involved in GMAT Test preparation. However, it is made easy by tips the student’s should follow. All that is needed is accurate answers and time spacing, which means speed. In the whole GMAT curricula the questions in Sentence Correction take very less time. There are just two reasons for this:

  • The turn around time is very quick
  • If the answers are made with right judgment

Moreover, application of smart work will teach how to score well in the GMAT sentence correction section. It carries maximum marks and easy to score from. You need to become a master in eliminating the options. Critical Reasoning is important as it helps to analyze the answers that are wrong. Several hours that are spent on Practice Drills and Mock Tests help a lot in GMAT test preparation. In the world of edge of the seat competition a big score offers the opportunity to study in top B-schools around the globe, especially in US.

Practice in the area that you are weak. Do not take your strengths for granted. It may lead to overconfidence. It is a bad trait. Apply strategies that are focused on answer choice, which is right. Always keep in mind time management. Read word-to-word when confronted with two word choices. Your listening skills should me made sharp. This done with frequent conversation brainstorming. Read all answer options carefully. Application of minimum patience with plenty of practical solutions that are there in the Practice Drills and Mock Tests will make it easy to arrive at the right answer.

You must add to your GMAT test preparation grammar concepts that are related to examination. Thereby, you end up choosing the most correct answer out of the options given. Concentration is the key. Never bring anything else to the mind as long as you are taking the GMAT Test. Use the optional break time of 5 minutes after Integrated Reasoning section and Quantitative section for a quiet time or refreshments.

Spend maximum time in reading problem statement carefully. Understand what it is trying to say. Thereafter, look for the little grammar mistakes. When you ignore this fact as most of the student’s do, you will end up choosing the wrong option. First identify the mistake than spending time in reading all the options carefully. Look for the same mistake in all the answer options. Narrow down the right answer to two options. Now, it becomes easy to make the correct choice. This comes only with practice and more time spent in practice.

Keep the momentum going till the end of the practice sessions or the GMAT examination. The moment you start getting the right answer there is a tendency to relax or take things with self-satisfaction. This will never get you the desired big score. Master the art of learning fast with speed strategies. For those who are working this technique will help them to use the limited time at their disposal to proper use.

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Examples of Sentence Correction Rules

How to avoid (redundant) extra words in sentences?

Kranti said that he stayed for a long period of time in the hospital.

In the above sentence “period” signifies “time”. Therefore, “of time” is not to be used.

She was warned not to repeat this mistake again.

The word “again” is an extra word, which carries no meaning. It should be avoided.

There were six different kinds of clothing in the shopping mall.

The word “kinds” refers to the meaning. There is no need to add “different”.

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