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How a Good SOP from Manhattan helps to get enrolled for MS in a desired University?


Statement of Purpose (SOP) is a document that states the purpose of the student’s desire to get enrolled for MS in a top university. It is the runway to success to board a plane to land into the desired university of the student’s choice. It tells the main reasons for giving the individual an opportunity to study in a world class educational institution in US and other international schools and colleges in different nations of the world.

Our presentation of the facts given by the student’s has got several of them get enrolled into the best universities across the world. A touch of excellence is added to your document that gives the SOP the professional outlook as per the expectations of the desired university that you want to get admission into. The criteria for enrollment into a good school or college is not only evaluated on the basis of a big GRE score, including graduation record but a good SOP too.

SOP reflects the skills, strengths and several other big achievements of the student during graduation. This is prepared in a better manner by our ACS Team by adding relevant information so that the short listing of the candidate is done without any doubt. The huge work involves great effort, which makes the proceedings simple during the admission process. It is presented in a refined manner as required by the university. Hard work and sincerity is involved to make your journey to the desired university of your choice a pleasant experience. It improves your chances by 100 per cent for getting enrolled.

SOP  is written by a team of experienced Admission Counseling Services (ACS) Team. It is done under the guidance of proficient content writers in Manhattan Review, boosts the quality of the essay. They put their focus on the strong points of the student in their particular field of study during graduation. They are specialized in their job, well trained to write meaningful SOPs. The information in it is given a final shape by matching it with the student’s score.

Manhattan Review, India is the best and only education institute in India with complete product knowledge of MS in US. The schools and colleges preferred by the student’s readily accept the SOPs written by them and grant immediate admission. We are here to help you!




Student Visas to UK drastically affected


Visas to students from outside European Union will be slashed by around 50% – from 3 lakhs to 1.7 lakhs per year. According to ‘The Guardian’, the number of students going to UK have gone down drastically because of various factors such as ‘Brexit’, ‘immigration restrictions’ etc. Because of this, quite a big number of students from countries throughout the World, including India are avoiding to study in the UK.

Not only are many students avoiding UK for education, but also the British Government is deliberately restricting the issue of visas to non-EU students, which adversely affects Indian aspirants. If this is the case, it is better for UK aspirants to look elsewhere for quality education and countries with brighter visa chances.

In the same vein, Cambridge University is anticipating a two-thirds reduction in admissions of students from EU countries. The university anticipates a fall in numbers – even before any change in fee levels and is already seeing signs of a reduction in numbers of EU undergraduate applicants. Cambridge University admissions data reveals a 14.1% drop in EU applications for admission in 2017.

Altogether, this sounds like difficult times for UK and for those students who wish to study in the UK.

Why should you do a PhD? –

For many students, acquiring a doctorate degree is the absolute pinnacle of academic achievement; the culmination of years of commitment to higher education, giving them the right to call themselves “Doctor”. These are perfectly good reasons to do a PhD.

However, the act of pursuing a PhD can be a complex, frustrating, expensive and time-consuming exercise. But with the right PhD preparation, some sound advice, and a thorough understanding of the task at hand, your years as a doctoral student can be some of the most rewarding of your life.

There are many reasons why students choose to work towards a doctorate. Many academic positions, such as university lecturers or researchers, are reserved for people with a PhD. What’s more, many people obtain a PhD as part of a partnership with an employer, particularly in scientific fields such as engineering, where their research can prove useful for some companies.

In some cases, however, PhDs are simply an expression of an individual’s commitment to and love of a subject, and their desire to leave their own mark on the academic world. A PhD takes about three years (sometimes more) when pursued full-time (and about twice that time if studied part-time) and requires students, often referred to as “candidates”, to produce their own work and research on a new area or topic to a high academic standard.

PhD requirements vary significantly between countries and institutions. The PhD once completed grants the successful candidate the title of “doctor of philosophy”, also called PhD or DPhil.

To do a PhD in USA, you need not have a Master’s level qualification. In fact, some universities do admit students directly into their PhD program after their Bachelor’s degree itself.  Such universities might award a terminal Master’s degree after completion of certain number of credits and award the PhD degree after completion of balance requirements.

Admission requirements vary greatly from one university to another and from one program to another. And, the process of admission is longer than for Master’s. Remember to apply very well in advance, since universities admit only once in a year for Fall intake and have application deadlines by end December (mostly).

Manhattan Review (MR) helps quite a few scholars to go for their PhD program in US universities. And, we can identify universities that have deadlines later than December also, if you are very keen to obtain a Doctoral degree. Interested? Send a mail to and we will get back to you very soon!

At MR, we sincerely hope and pray that the damage to Chennai and Tamilnadu as well as Andhra Pradesh states record minimum loss of lives and limited damage due to the devastating cyclone ‘Vardah’, presently pounding these places.

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Future of Mechanical Branch of Engineering worldwide.


The future of mechanical engineering worldwide needs no answer. It is the happening thing around. The kinetics of all energy revolve around this branch of engineering. The popularity is growing alongside the development of new ideas on which new inventions rest. There are no dearth of opportunities, which gives an assurance to the student’s to choose mechanical engineering as their area of specialty. The dream of toying with mechanics is given an open and challenging platform to perform. In Manhattan Review, India a similar program is provided to the student’s of GRE test-prep for a big score.

The scope of getting a quick job after completion of graduation augurs well for the future of mechanical engineering student’s. You can get easily hired in both public as well as private enterprises. All industries across the world are offering a huge pay package with other emoluments. Everything that involves motion specifics is related to this subject. The demand for mechanical engineer’s is on the rise like never before. The current scenario of development worldwide is a big enough boost for a growing career and big money. The vast infrastructure for establishing smart cities is a live example of the potential it holds.

Tech support engineers, design engineers, including several branches of mechanical engineering hold a bright future for those looking for a prospective goal. It is relatively easy to get employed. Good initial payroll. The promotions are quick. Structured path to managerial position. With companies becoming more global several manufacturing units are being set up worldwide. Thus, offering plenty of jobs to aspiring candidates. New technologies are changing the production of goods. Therefore, there is a meaningful demand for mechanical engineers. From pins, nuts and bolts to aerospace the virtual requirement to offer employment is big.

A cluster of five mechanical engineering programs open the gateway for a growing career. They promise a bright future.

  • Robotics
  • Nano-engineering
  • Bio-mechanics
  • Aviation and automobiles
  • Building construction and urban design

It is a wide ocean ready to be exploited. You are allowed to explore several possibilities of growth in specialized areas. You can transform your career to a winning position. The dominant part is the cutting edge technology where utilization of mechanics is involved. Much hard work is involved. Creating something new and making demand grow increases the output as well. The best example is finding life on planet Mars.

As a mechanical engineer the work is stimulating. It increases the critical reasoning skills in an individual. All the best efforts are brought to play a vital role in positioning an engine to function to its full potential. You get a desire to do something great. The best platform to perform is there to showcase your skills. As long as the earth is revolving and things are moving mechanical engineering will be the most popular branch worldwide. Nothing can be built without them. Design and production is dependent on mechanical engineers. Sky is the limit for those who want to be on top.











Do You Know the Costly Cities to Study Around the Globe?

Costly cities to study! 


Here are a survey (by Savills, The Telegraph) results about the top cities in the world where education costs are compared.

Following are the costliest cities in the world to study, overall:




2. New York (NY)



3. San Francisco (SFO)



4. Chicago



5. London



6. Sydney



7. Melbourne



8. Madrid



9. Bristol



10. Manchester



Among the above, for tuition costs, Chicago is the costliest, followed by San Francisco and New York.

For Accommodation, London, New York, San Francisco and Boston are the costlier ones.

For living expenditure, NY, SFO, Boston and Chicago are the ones that burn a hole in the pockets.

Interestingly, Munich (Germany), Beijing (China), Berlin (Germany) and Shanghai (China) are cheaper in costs among all the countries surveyed.

Other costs while studying abroad:

while on the topic of costs, its good idea to examine what other costs students have to be prepared to meet, while they study abroad.

Fees – While many use the words ‘tuition’ and ‘fees’ interchangeably, both are different. ‘Fees’ include a lot of other costs like Laboratory usage, Library, Sports, Graduate Activities, Technology fees, Transportation, Health Insurance etc.

All the above ‘fees’ are in addition to the tuition that university charges and are common for all students – both domestic and international. While some universities may have lesser ‘fees’, some will have higher costs, depending on the location, reputation, facilities etc. Perhaps the biggest ‘fee’ cost for an international student is the ‘Health Insurance., which could be anywhere between US $ 1500 to 2,000 per year.

Books and accommodation costs are indicated as costly. But, practically, these costs could be lesser depending on where one takes up accommodation and where & how one obtains books.

Please note that in USA, tuition is always charged ‘per credit hour’ for all students. Depending on the number of credit hours a student takes up per semester, universities calculate the total and provide a ‘ball park’ figure towards tuition per year (for two semesters). This figure will not be accurate, since students may decide on taking more or less number of credits per semester. However, the ‘fees’ remain constant for all, per semester.

So, be aware of the different types of expenditure and plan accordingly. Don’t feel alarmed at the costs mentioned in the I-20. You will always be able to reduce your expenditure by saving on items like books, accommodation and even tuition (if you reduce your credit hours per semester). At Manhattan Review, we always guide you with such relevant information to make your overseas education affordable and cost-effective.

Great News!

Our students have started getting F-1 (student) visas to USA for Spring intake. Because we helped them to apply early, they got admission quickly and got the visas early too. This will avoid last minute rush and non-availability of visa slots, costly air fares and last minute hassles.

Jump on Manhattan Review’s wings. We will fly you straight to your choicest university’s door-step in quick time and land you into “Land of Unlimited opportunities” very soon.

Are you ready to fly?

Wish you and your family members a very Happy and Safe Diwali.


Can you study in UK?

Can you study in UK?


The British government is considering further restrictions on student visas in line with its often-stated goal to reduce net migration to the UK. In a 4 October speech at the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham, Home Secretary Amber Rudd said that the government will shortly open consultations on student immigration policy.

According to the proposed policy, there will be a two-tier visa system for international students. Those students who apply for top/best universities will have more structured visa processing (in other words, ‘easier’). Whereas those students who plan to go for ‘not so good’ universities may have tougher restrictions and visa process. Presumably, this is to help top-tier universities attract best talent, while bad or average universities will attract lower quality students. Obviously, this will put a big break on so many international students – especially from India – who want to study in UK in average/below-average universities. Looks hunky dory!

Fixed Deposits OK? 

We come across quite a few students (and parents) who would like to show their funds in FDs for admission purpose. As a matter of practicality, most US universities do not accept funds that are ‘locked’ in FDs. They want funds to be immediately available so students could pay the tuition and fees. Some universities do accept Fixed Deposits as a proof of funding for admitting students. There is no hard and fast rule which university accepts and which do not accept FDs as a proof of funding. Each university has its own policy and one could know only when reviewing the financial documentation information on their websites.

In this scenario, there are two options:

  • Apply to universities without submitting the financial certification form (if the university accepts). Once they confirm your admission, you could ask them if FDs are acceptable as proof of funds availability. Based on their response, you could act accordingly.
  • Show only liquid funds in the Savings Bank account of your sponsor. This is the safest method.

This is one of the ‘situations’ students face, when they start the application process. This will be so confusing and troublesome. Why don’t you leave this type of problems and issues to professionals, who will handle everything on your behalf and make sure you have the time to concentrate on your studies or scores? Manhattan will be with you all throughout the process till you attend the visa interview. Just discuss with your counselor at your center. We will be glad to be of help.


We are pleased to inform you that many of our students have started receiving their I-20s from US universities for Spring intake. And, we have started guiding them for their visa documentation and interview, already. Congratulations to all our students who got admits. Many of them got more than 2 admits by now. We are waiting for several more students to feel happy about their admissions and visas. We will update you soon.

In the meantime, happy learning and planning for a ‘dream’ future – with MR’s assistance.

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Why one should study computer science?




Big Demand



A computer science student has several advantages. In the age of digital technology, it has flooded civilization in every sphere of life. Design, development, application of software and hardware programs that is used 24×7 has become of utmost important to all of us, including wildlife and creation.  Computer scientists are in great demand. Feel that you made a good choice and go for it.

There are well planned graduation and employment chances for those studying computer science. It is indeed of high standing that will ensure good professional placement in top-end companies. You will be recognized for the skills you posses. You have several opportunities that will beckon you as you complete computer science study. Moreover, your earnings will increase and it will be a great income generator. The perks that follow will also be in large figures.

Job Opportunities


The need for computer scientists is there in every industry. The ease and simplicity of getting a computer related job is big. Now, most of the solutions on any subject are done by the computers. It is in your hands how to program and find the answers in a quick and time saving method. Only a computer science student can design a software solution. Hardware platforms and applications are all the handiwork of computer scientists.

As a computer science student you can rub shoulders with diverse people of culturally different backgrounds and nations. A cohort of potential international contacts are established. This gives an advantage to update your data knowledge and critical reasoning skills to highest levels. You are appreciated for any new presentation you make on your own or collectively. You can be a part of successful competent team in your workplace.

International Career


The opportunities to work overseas are very good in studying computer science. You can explore new horizons, Be a part of a global canopy. All you need to do is follow a path of network dynamics on an international platform.

You can begin to explore further and create your own space. It will be one of the best decisions you made by trusting your instincts and achieve success on your own terms.

Manhattan Review offers comprehensive test-prep and Admissions counseling programs for GMAT, GRE, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, PTE . Go through our website to see the latest updates.



Europe opens its doors wider to students


The European Parliament (which represents all the countries in the EU) has recently passed a legislation which is of tremendous benefit for international students from non-European countries like India. According to the legislation,

  • Non-EU nationals can now stay for at least nine months after concluding their studies or research in order to look for a job or set up a business;
  • Non-EU students and researchers can move more easily within the EU, and no longer need to file a new visa application when moving from one EU country to another (rather, they need only to notify the country to which they are moving);
  • Researchers are entitled to bring their family members with them, and those family members are allowed to work during their time in Europe (this provision does not apply to students, however);
  • Non-EU students are entitled to work at least 15 hours per week during their studies.

However, a few of the earlier proposals were NOT accepted, such as:

* Working for 20-hours a week, which is approved instead for 15 hours

* Bringing spouses while students are still studying – still not possible

* 18 months post-study residence period – not agreed upon but increased to 9 months

This is definitely good news for students from India, who could stay back to look for employment and also work during their studies to make more money!

Visa documentation – how to handle successfully: Admission deadlines for Spring intake are coming to a close and very soon, students will get the I-20s. Then starts the most complex process – the documentation for visa.

As known already, the US Consulates will mostly depend on the interview to approve or reject a student (F1) visa. A little-known fact is that financial documentation though not mandatory, is essential to improve one’s visa chances. If an applicant wants to prove that he/she has sufficient funds to study, how does he/she establish that? Having the right documents on hand and submitting them for verification becomes crucial during the interview. While academic documents are predictable, the financial documents are dynamic and critical for visa purpose. Many students do the mistake of obtaining fake or badly prepared documents. This is illegal, dangerous and could lead to a permanent ban on entering the US for education.

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The Demand for Overseas Education is Rising…!!

The rise in demand for overseas education is not surreal


The rising demand for overseas education is due to the fact that it offers a bright future for the student’s just out of high school and college graduation. More than 15 per cent (approximately) is the data shown in the demand for education in international universities. The increase in overcoming loans for higher educated in banks has seen a steady rise in the last couple of years. Nearly, more than 60 per cent of the loans is funded by the banks alone.

The high demand for overseas graduation has fueled an increase in its growth. Moreover, critical reasoning skills are enhanced while mingling with student’s from several parts of the globe. Social awareness, including gender equality, part time jobs, independent thought process and overcoming new challenges is an added advantage. The influx of foreign industries into India has added to the need for internationally accredited graduation. The parents are also keen on their children having global exposure.

The exclusive repertoire of books in the libraries. The knowledge bank of information in the schools and colleges abroad is second to none. The advanced infrastructure, including well qualified and internationally accredited alumni is the back bone of each and every institution. Their high level of teaching adds greater value to a student’s career. The classroom environment in overseas universities is world class and Eco-friendly. The spacious outlook, well-lit illumination and updated technological usage makes learning a reality and a practical experience.


Murray State University Information For You from Manhattan Review India



Murray State University is a four-year public university located in Murray, Kentucky, United States. It is highest ranked comprehensive university in Kentucky and second overall in Kentucky – 2015.

Murray State University serves as a nationally recognized residential comprehensive university, with a strong extended campus and online presence, offering high-quality associate, baccalaureate, masters, specialist and doctorate degrees. Academic programs are offered in the core areas of arts and sciences, agriculture, business, health and human services, teacher education, communications, engineering and applied technologies, and nursing. There are eight residential colleges on campus.

The main campus is comprised of 74 major buildings and two libraries.

MSU awards over $100 million annually in financial aid and scholarships.

Popular Master Programs

Agriculture, Nutrition, Computer Science and Information Systems, Economics, Education, English and Philosophy, Psychology, Political Science and Sociology, Biology, Chemistry, Industrial and Engineering Technology, Mathematics and Statistics.

Popular Bachelor Programs  –

Agriculture, Nursing, Accounting, Computer Science and Information Systems, Economics, Journalism, Business Administration, Education and Human Services, Art and Design, English and Philosophy, Psychology, Political Science, Biology, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Construction Engineering, Mechanical Engineering.

Admission Information

Intakes and deadlines :

International Application for Full-Time International Admission: $50US.

Undergraduate Deadline for Fall Semester (August – December) is June 20.

Undergraduate Deadline for Spring Semester (January – May) is Nov 11.

Graduate Deadline for Fall Semester (August – December) is May 1.

Graduate Deadline for Spring Semester (January – May) is Oct 14

NoteThe deadlines may differ for individual programs.

Costs – only tuition and fees :

Estimated cost of attendance

Bachelors – $17,680 USD per year approx.

Masters – $19,542 USD per year approx.

Minimum Requirements :

Bachelors – GPA – 3.0, IELTS – 6, TOEFL – 71, SAT – 1100.

Masters – GPA – 3.0, IELTS – 6, TOEFL – 71, GRE – 285 – 290.

On popular demand! – Manhattan Review India (MR) has been providing various services to our students – individual packages, regular packages and several other combinations that were on demand. Most of our students wanted complete packages so we could help them right from counseling till pre-departure orientation. Taking their requirement and demand into consideration, MR is pleased to provide ‘complete’ services to USA, Canada and Germany. Meet our counselors at your nearest center and get the required information. As always, we will be pleased to help you with your plans of studying abroad – in every way possible!





Canada following in the footsteps of USA

Canada following in the footsteps of USA! –

The Canadian government has introduced an important change to how it processes visas for students entering Canada to pursue conditional admissions or pathway programs. In such cases, students are required to complete specific preparatory studies, often to develop their English or French proficiency, before continuing to an academic program in Canada.

Up until now, the common practice when processing applications involving conditional admissions was to issue a single study permit (that is, a student visa) for the entire duration of both programs (plus an additional 90 days). This meant that students could be assured that their Canadian study visa was in place for their entire, planned program of study and could transition more smoothly from any perquisite studies to their full academic program. The convention in such cases has been to list the institution delivering the final academic program as the Designated Learning Institution (DLI) on the study permit.


In July 2016, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) announced a change in how such files would be processed. Effective that date, Canadian immigration officers have been instructed to issue the study permit only for the duration of the first program of study – that is, for the prerequisite or preparatory studies alone. “Once the prerequisite program has been completed,” the department’s statement continues, “the student can apply for a new study permit and demonstrate that the requirements of the first program have been met.” This means, students will have to apply for a new visa for the balance period of the planned academic program.

The stated purpose of the change is to ensure that reporting requirements are matched to the designated institution where the student is actually studying (in other words, to avoid the current situation where the academic institution, noted as the DLI on the study permit, may be asked to report on students that are actually enrolled in preparatory studies with a separate school). This decision could be a result of concern among some visa officers that students may not successfully complete their prerequisite program but will continue to hold a valid study permit allowing them to work.

For students going for Bachelor’s education – U.S. News gathered tips from their Twitter followers and from experts on what common mistakes every freshman should avoid.

  1. Being uninvolved. New college students should make time to explore their interests and make connections.
  2. Overloading your schedule. Make sure that you don’t overburden yourself with courses and extracurricular activities.
  3. Skipping classes. Remember that your attendance has a high correlation with your grades.
  4. Putting off tasks. Students need to learn how to manage their time as early as their freshman year.
  5. Forgetting the importance of sleep. Keep in mind that our minds work better when our bodies are well-rested.
  6. Binge-watching on Netflix. Instead, consider exercising and taking care of your body.
  7. Unhealthy eating habits. Eating healthy and working out can help students do better in school.
  8. Not asking for help. If you’re having a difficult time with your classes, talk to your professor. If you feel as if you’re too stressed out, meet with one of the school counselors. Find people who can help you.
  9. Too much partying.
  10. Impractical spending.

On popular demand! – Manhattan Review India (MR) has been providing various services to our students – individual packages, regular packages and several other combinations that were on demand. Most of our students wanted complete packages so we could help them right from counseling till pre-departure orientation. Taking their requirement and demand into consideration, MR is pleased to provide ‘complete’ services to USA, Canada and Germany. Meet our counselors at your nearest center and get the required information. As always, we will be pleased to help you with your plans of studying abroad – in every way possible!