USA opens its doors to international students…

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USA opens its doors to international students…

USA opens its doors to international students...


A total of 1,65,918 students from India went to the US in 2015-16, which is 15.9% of all international students. The numbers have increased by more than 24.9% over the previous year. This is the highest growth among all the countries sending students to USA.

China has sent 3,28,547 students, which represents an increase of only 8.1% over 2014-15.  Saudi Arabia is the third nation which has sent 61,287 students to USA.

Overall, a total of 10,43,839 students have joined US universities and colleges in 2015-16, which represents an increase of 7.1% over the previous year.

Among Universities, New York University has attracted the highest number of international students (15,000+), followed by University of Southern California (13,000+) and (surprisingly) Arizona State University (ASU) (12,000+) students. Among the top 3, ASU has come in the list for the first time, reflecting the popularity the university has gained over the years.

California, New York and Texas are the three top states that attracted international students.

20.8% of the students opted for Engineering, followed by 19.2% for Management courses. Maths & Computer Science attracted 13.6% of the students.

More than 2/3rd of the students depended on their own (sponsored) funding, while only 17% were given funding by American universities.

Finally, as always, Graduate level education (Masters and beyond) is most popular, followed by the Bachelor’s level. There is a decline in the number of students going for secondary level education below the Bachelor’s level.

The ‘Trump’ Card:

No doubt, the US election results are a big surprise the world over. There have been several reports about the Trump effect over non-US citizens, immigrants and others. Over a period of time and based on the reports of various news agencies, a few things stand-out, about Trump’s approach towards the world and especially the student world.

  • Genuine immigrants will not be affected
  • Only those who illegally entered USA will be ‘trumpeted’
  • Since international students contribute more than 30 billion dollars to the US economy every year, the country cannot afford to lose this revenue
  • As the international student diaspora contribute immensely to the working class at a higher level (Software, hardware and other fields that required highly talented and trained skills), it is neither practical nor possible to alienate such contributors to their economy.

Therefore, students who want to study in the US and later plan for a career there genuinely should never be afraid of Donald Trump or any new policies that US might bring in. It is in their own interest that international students should be welcomed with open arms.

Fall for Fall 2017:

If you have not been bowled over (or fallen) by Fall 2017’s attraction to join American universities, it is time to fall head over heels!

Fall 2017 deadlines are close, for applying. Any further delay will affect good students’ chances for financial aid and admission in very good universities.  Since Fall is the semester during which maximum amount of funding will be available for international (and domestic as well) students, it is important to apply IMMEDIATELY, without any further delay. For many universities, the deadlines are just a month away – end December. It is in your best interests to apply for funding/aid as early as possible.

Many students have an impression that they could apply by the deadline date and still expect some ‘miracle’ will help them get aid. Please note that while the prescribed deadline is the last date to apply, US universities encourage students to apply “well before” the deadlines, in order for them to process the applications carefully and favorably.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit our centers across India and start your application process with US universities TODAY! Manhattan Review will be with you throughout the whole process right from the selection of program, universities till you reach USA. Help your friends by informing them about the impending deadlines and walk-in together to help yourself and your friends. After all, if we don’t do good to others, we’ll become fat J

On a parting note:

While Donald Trump has shocked the world, our PM Modi has ‘surgically struck’ the black economy in India with devastating effect. There is no doubt about the long-term benefit with this action. We advise all our students who wish to pay the balance amounts or who would like to avail any other services to make payments with your Credit or Debit Cards. And, you can also make payment into our bank account directly. No cash, no hassles!

Wish you all less time in the banks and at ATMs!

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Do You Know the Costly Cities to Study Around the Globe?

Costly cities to study! 


Here are a survey (by Savills, The Telegraph) results about the top cities in the world where education costs are compared.

Following are the costliest cities in the world to study, overall:




2. New York (NY)



3. San Francisco (SFO)



4. Chicago



5. London



6. Sydney



7. Melbourne



8. Madrid



9. Bristol



10. Manchester



Among the above, for tuition costs, Chicago is the costliest, followed by San Francisco and New York.

For Accommodation, London, New York, San Francisco and Boston are the costlier ones.

For living expenditure, NY, SFO, Boston and Chicago are the ones that burn a hole in the pockets.

Interestingly, Munich (Germany), Beijing (China), Berlin (Germany) and Shanghai (China) are cheaper in costs among all the countries surveyed.

Other costs while studying abroad:

while on the topic of costs, its good idea to examine what other costs students have to be prepared to meet, while they study abroad.

Fees – While many use the words ‘tuition’ and ‘fees’ interchangeably, both are different. ‘Fees’ include a lot of other costs like Laboratory usage, Library, Sports, Graduate Activities, Technology fees, Transportation, Health Insurance etc.

All the above ‘fees’ are in addition to the tuition that university charges and are common for all students – both domestic and international. While some universities may have lesser ‘fees’, some will have higher costs, depending on the location, reputation, facilities etc. Perhaps the biggest ‘fee’ cost for an international student is the ‘Health Insurance., which could be anywhere between US $ 1500 to 2,000 per year.

Books and accommodation costs are indicated as costly. But, practically, these costs could be lesser depending on where one takes up accommodation and where & how one obtains books.

Please note that in USA, tuition is always charged ‘per credit hour’ for all students. Depending on the number of credit hours a student takes up per semester, universities calculate the total and provide a ‘ball park’ figure towards tuition per year (for two semesters). This figure will not be accurate, since students may decide on taking more or less number of credits per semester. However, the ‘fees’ remain constant for all, per semester.

So, be aware of the different types of expenditure and plan accordingly. Don’t feel alarmed at the costs mentioned in the I-20. You will always be able to reduce your expenditure by saving on items like books, accommodation and even tuition (if you reduce your credit hours per semester). At Manhattan Review, we always guide you with such relevant information to make your overseas education affordable and cost-effective.

Great News!

Our students have started getting F-1 (student) visas to USA for Spring intake. Because we helped them to apply early, they got admission quickly and got the visas early too. This will avoid last minute rush and non-availability of visa slots, costly air fares and last minute hassles.

Jump on Manhattan Review’s wings. We will fly you straight to your choicest university’s door-step in quick time and land you into “Land of Unlimited opportunities” very soon.

Are you ready to fly?

Wish you and your family members a very Happy and Safe Diwali.

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The Indian Student’s Count in US Universities and Colleges

The Indian student’s count in US universities and colleges has been raised to nearly 2 lakhs as per the latest official data derived on Friday, 29 April, 2016. According to the recent survey, the number is approximately 1, 94,000, a direct increase of 31% in one year.

According to the latest ‘Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVIS),  by the numbers’, a quarterly report on foreign student trends prepared by Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP),” the total number of Indian F (academic) or M (vocational) students studying in the US  raised from 148,360 in March 2015 to 194,438 in March 2016, an increase of 31.1 per cent”. SEVIS is part of US Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI).

As per the report, 82% of F & M Indian students enroll in STEM field.  STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Maximum students of this stream are from India than any other country. And round 42% of total enrolled international students in US which may counts up to 479,000 are pursuing STEM program. And approx. 417,000 international students from Asia are pursuing STEM studies, an increase of 17 per cent since March 2015.


The New York University, the University of Southern California, Northeastern University, Columbia University and the University of Illinois are the top ranked schools with the highest international student populations. Every year, in the month of March, more than 10,000 international students were enrolled at each school.  Out of which, 77% of all international students were from Asia.

India is the leader of growth (in terms of the number of students going to USA) with 31% increase, followed by Vietnam (11%) and China 7.9%)

California attracted more than 2 lakh students, followed by New York with 1.3 lakh students and Texas with 85000+ students.

Finally, Business Management/Administration is top program, followed by Engineering and Computer & Information Sciences that attract international students to USA.

Hello America! Pre Departure Orientation – The time to fly to USA is fast approaching for students who succeeded in getting their visas. Manhattan Review is proud to be associated many, many students with their visa documentation guidance and interview preparation with the help of mock sessions. Not only did we prepare students face-to-face, but also through video conferencing. The results are mind-blowing! Each and every one of our students were very happy with the preparation and guidance. Most of all, they all have successfully got the visas to study in USA!!

For our first set of students, MR has conducted a Pre-Departure Orientation at our Corporate Office. Students were oriented with information on what to do, what NOT to do, what to carry and how to get adjusted to the university, country and living conditions within USA. Students were deeply appreciative of the information and tips. See their response here:

We are ready to do all this and much more for you. What are you waiting for, to get the best professional service for studying abroad?


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Canada’s Top Universities

Australia – Tough to get in for mediocre students –

The entry of mediocre foreign students into Australia is likely to be restricted with new norms making education institutions responsible for the genuineness of their admissions, which will be reflected in their ratings. Institutes will be forced to do tougher screening and mediocre students are likely to be automatically weeded out due to the new norms of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. If institutes make a mistake, their rating will be at risk and they will be nailed.

The universities and institutions have been divided into three categories. About 80 institutions including top universities like Monash University, University of Melbourne, University of Sydney, RMIT University and Bond University are at Level-I. Students gaining admission into these institutions will not be required to provide proofs, including of their financial details. However, the majority of universities and institutions sought after by Indian students are under Assessment Level-II.

Canada’s Top Universities –

Here is a list of top Five universities in Canada, for doing Master’s and Doctoral level programs.

1 University of Toronto Ontario
2 University of British Columbia British Columbia
3 McGill University Québec
4 McMaster University Ontario
5 University of Montreal Québec

Want more information on studying in the safest country to live in – Canada?  Contact our counselors for information and assistance with your plans of studying in Canada.

 Visas, visas and more visas! –

Last week, four more Manhattan Review students got their visas to USA. For a group of 14 students, we have conducted Pre-departure Orientation (PDO) to help them understand what to expect from studying and living in the USA & necessary tips, hints and important information for their success. Even parents have attended the Orientation session, which was appreciated for the information and insights provided by MR.

When are you getting your visas and attending the PDO session?

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US universities prefer to work with recruitment agencies globally

Recruitment agencies – It is official! US universities prefer to work with recruitment agencies globally, to attract students. As per a recent survey of Bridge Group, 49% of US universities actively recruit students from all parts of the world for their programs – including the pathway programs.

This is a major, but positive departure from the past, when universities shied away from using the services of agents. After realizing that the success of UK and Australian universities’ recruitment efforts were mostly because of the usage of agencies, US universities have started adopting this practice, which will have a positive impact on getting more number of students from all over the globe.

Manhattan Review India (MR) is actively helping students to select the right programs and universities that meet their profile. Where required, we also help students to choose from hundreds of universities that we actively partner with – only if they are suitable for the profile and requirement of students.  As always, students are our first priority.

Public or Private? – Students aspiring to study in the USA are confronted with the dilemma of whether to study in Public or Private Universities. A wrong decision during this dilemma could lead to ‘costly’ mistakes and affecting the career adversely.

Public Universities are those that are funded by the respective states within the USA. Cost of education is cheaper in public universities since they are meant to ‘educate’ the public of the state.  Also, it is a requirement that public universities have to prefer domestic ‘in-state’ students over students from other states of USA and other countries. While admission is definitely possible for international students in public universities, it has to be kept in mind that they (the international students) fall under the ‘second’ priority of applicants. Size of public universities range from average to huge – some even having more than 25,000 students in their programs. The attractive reason for considering public universities is the costs, which are at least 30% lesser than private universities.

Private universities, on the other hand, are very popular among applicants both domestic and international. Top universities like Harvard, Stanford, MIT etc. are private universities that attract the best talent world-wide. Cost of education is undeniably higher, but well worth the dollars spent. The quality of education and the learning + networking opportunities are unparalleled in private universities.  Quality, dynamism, approach and opportunities (for learning and employment) are the ‘strengths’ of popular private universities, and this definitely scores over public institutions. The biggest attraction is the availability of funding (financial aid) in private universities. Because of endowments, grants and donations, private universities grant financial aid to students, including international students, based on their merit. This reason attracts more number of students to private universities – more than for public universities.

For those students who are cost-conscious and with a tight budget, state universities are a safe bet, but with a risk of limited chance for enrollment. For performers, limited budget will not be an inhibiting factor in private universities, since they award ‘aid’ or assistantships to students.  MR advises its students to have a mix of both public and private universities within their list to apply. An equal preference of both public and private will give them a chance to ‘choose’. And that could make all the difference between making a right or wrong decision on their academic careers.

MR’s latest offering – two wonderful packages – have become a big hit among our students who are grabbing the most attractive offers that are not available elsewhere. If you already know of the new offers, don’t delay in taking them. If you want more information on these wonderful packages to help you study in the USA, rush to your Center and discuss with our friendly counselors/managers.