The Importance of a Good SOP

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The Importance of a Good SOP

v The Importance of a Good SOP-

A good SOP shows the potential of a student to draw a step closer to graduation in MS in US. It is the single most important document for higher education reputed universities abroad. It says all about your purpose of going overseas to international destination for graduation. It offers the school or college committee to determine your goals. Moreover, your aspirations for growth in your career. It tells how ambitious you are in achieving your childhood dreams. It is the window to your capabilities. It defines your skill, purpose and planning for a successful vision of life.


I strongly believe that academic proficiency should be well accompanied by an overall personality development. Knowledge acquired from theory is futile unless applied practically. I have participated actively in technical team competitions demanding creative designing abilities. A strong commitment and most importantly good relationship with my peers and illustrious alumnus has always helped to reach my goals successfully. All of which that has contributed to an ideal research aptitude in me.

I am confident that pursuing a MS in US with an academic aim of obtaining Master’s degree, will further help to hone my knowledge skills and refine my individual personality. Therefore, it is my earnest desire to get enrolled Computer Science in your prestigious university (___________________) [please, mention University Name].The real reason for this is that I can meet and form knowledge bonds in a scientific and technological community.

I would relish the opportunity of exploring unknown avenues with like-minded fellow students, faculty and well-informed researchers in the global arena. My graduation in engineering has developed a flair for challenges in me. I am ever prepared to meet the growing demands of an exciting and challenging academics in future course to enhance my career to astronomical levels.

Right from my school days I had a passion for basic science, in which mathematics was one of the subjects that captivated my imagination most. This is reflected by the fact that I scored 94 percentile in mathematics exam in my intermediate (pre-graduation) board examination. At this point of my academics, I realized the potential of my intelligence (or critical reasoning skills) in pure science and maths. However, it was the practical part of the subjects that interested me most not the theory. I enrolled into (Name of the college) [____________________] – a world class educational institution in (Name of the place, State and Country). I completed my graduation in Engineering with an aggregate of ________ per cent.

In second year of my graduation, I had the real taste of computer-science which enhanced my zeal and passion towards the subject. So also, the practical implementations through several hours spent in the lab. In the third year I got a marvelous opportunity to present a seminar, which was a part of my curricula. It is through this prospective experience that I learned the art of communication skills. It also taught me how to give a presentation, which is so important and required in the real world or global arena. It set aside all doubts about my organizational capabilities. I gained immensely from it and my self-belief went up several steps higher.

In my fourth and final year of my graduation, I got an opportunity to do one small and one main project. By working on these two projects I enjoyed the excitement of coding programs. My joy knew no bounds as I was successful in simulating the programs. These two projects were the turning-point in my life. Apart from my logical interest in computer science, I gained the confidence that I can do coding also. Indeed, this was a great sign for fulfilling my future career ambitions.

The study, training and work environment in US, especially in your university is the best in the world. This is one place that provides a greater degree of freedom in enhancing your IQ. The ecological environment that is existing here is second to none. The illustrious alumni develop individual skills and the thought process in the research process mold. The infrastructure is fully developed. There is world class instrumentation facilities available. Moreover, an opportunity to rub shoulders with an assemblage of most intelligent brains across the universe. There is no doubt that this will give me a big exposure to dwell with different thought processes. Taking this into consideration, I intend to pursue my MS in US, especially in your university.

I fully understand the degree of commitment and perseverance required for a MS graduation. I can assure of my best behavior. am confident that I have the required aptitude for higher goals to be achieved. I have a special orientation for Network Security & Cryptography. Taking all this in my stride, I can assure you that I will be able to handle multitasking responsibilities, including as an assistant in Research or Teaching as well. I humbly present my credentials for enrollment into your highly acclaimed world renowned educational institution. It will give me the best opportunity in my academic life: to fulfill my lifelong ambition of pursing my MS in US.