How can a student get a score of 1600 in the new SAT test?

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A student can get 1600 in the new SAT test by applying mind to time. The right use of time management and critical reasoning skills will definitely get a big score. The way forward is to space the study hours in a planned manner. However, any score from 1200 onwards is good, if not excellent.

1200 Plus Club

1200 plus is the first step to go for every candidate appearing for the SAT examination. It is easily gettable with a proper planning schedule and regular application of discipline and thinking. A good and excellent score in SAT  can also be the choice of the student. It depends on which college or university the applicant is seeking admission.

New SAT Score

A good SAT score advances admission priority. This may include scholarship as well. The will to follow successful strategies and tips in the SAT examination will surely help the students to reach their goal. There are several ways to achieve it. But sticking to one strict plan is the best thing to do. Before preparation for a 1600 score in SAT, a student must decide which college they are looking for in getting enrolment. Any score below 1000 is bad.

1600 – New SAT Score Grade
1200 plus Excellent
1000 Good
840 Bad

SAT Test Preparation

The trainers in Manhattan Review, India maintain a high scoring pattern. A work target sheet is prepared for steady planning. The preparation for new SAT is discussed and set after conducting a diagnostic test for the benefit of the students. The weaknesses of the student are sorted out. Accordingly, a  convenient plan is calculated for a complete follow up in achieving 1600 score in SAT examination. We suggest study hours in the morning. However, night studies are not discouraged either. Preference is left to your choice.

Workable Strategies

A workable strategy to apply is to set a target for you and your friends. It gives you more confidence. If a challenge is there for you, the need to strive for it becomes greater and it is easily achieved. Surely, you are guaranteed to get a 1600 score on the new SAT examination. Indeed, it is an excellent way to reach your goal. It will give you the choice to get enrolled in the top colleges overseas.  All the efforts that you put in will become real. Thereafter, you can realize the childhood dream of going abroad for higher education.

Practice Tip

There are great possibilities to explore in preparation for the new SAT exam. Follow this proven tip to get 1600 in the new SAT test. Practice as much as you can. Keep writing the essays continually. The concepts that you are weak it should be repeated. This is an area where the real learning begins. Redo old SAT exam papers. In this way, you get a complete feel for the question types. Gather a big list of words in vocabulary usage. Questions in trigonometry are max 1 or 2. It is of utmost importance that you space your time well while answering the questions.


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Dream of your child in a Top University in USA?? Make it possible with SAT.

Dream of your child in a Top University-

We have been growing with youth overtime for several years. Manhattan Review, India is involved with more than 2000 boys and girls in sending them to US for higher education.  Our main goal is to provide them result-oriented opportunities to handle their dreams. It is possible by making each and every kid to recognize their potential to take the SAT examination.

Step by step we help them to become confident, competent and mature adults. The trainers make positive changes in their thinking skills. They make them ready for college with SAT test preparation classes. Wholesome training is provided in ecological classrooms, including Video Tutorials, PPTs and more.

Admission in US requires a SAT score for getting enrolled. A big score ensures even scholarships in top universities. It is the desire of every parent to see their children studying in top universities abroad. We provide all the necessary information and are experts in giving the best training. SAT curricula is designed on how to work in a planned manner to achieve the goals set before them.

The trainers figure out the weaknesses. Evidence-based reading and writing or essays that need proper grammar presentation. They teach proven strategies to overcome them. The student’s aptitude in learning subjects that you are interested is developed, but keeping in mind SAT curricula. Our main goal is make the student’s to come out with a top score.

What you find actually engaging? Vocabulary, math or grammar. Our training is completely different from what you finished learning in school. We make you to find new areas of learning. You are given training in taking up the challenge. Moreover, the student’s benefit most from brainstorming sessions.  All that is needed is to put sincere efforts in achieving a big score in SAT.




Useful Info

Things that Trigger the Reptilian Brain: Emotional Bonding

Things that Trigger the Reptilian Brain: Emotional Bonding


  • Development of Emotional Intellect
  • Be Serious in what you decide to do
  • Reduce unnecessary comedy
  • Remove the mental blocks
  • Believe in yourself

All of the above practices are useful and carry forward your passions to desired expectations. They raise your morale to perform better, even in adversity. The first secret that triggers the reptilian brain is being able to understand the curricula or subject of interest. Be non-judgmental: change your attitude to a powerful binding force. Mirror the expressions and emotional behavior of successful persons. Remove time warps. Add positive tone to your preparations. Indulge in pep talks during brainstorming sessions.

Speaking on practical terms, examine your skills in a detailed manner. Look at what works and what doesn’t. Fear creates weakness. Follow your goals. Believe that you are the best. Make progress with strategies that outline successful careers. Take the example of achievers. Embrace new logic. Choose a different direction: learn to take risks. You must support others. Build their confidence.

Crosswalks in London have reminders for pedestrians to “look right”. Try and look left as well. One thing you should know is that what you learn in school is ineffective and incomplete. Competitive advantage is gained from incremental exposition. Knowledge gathered collectively has a broad platform. Basic truth is that everything is linear and transforming. Push your point of view with real engagement. Shared experience create multiple thoughts.

Successful visionaries go very far. Passive aggression underlines negative thinking. Stay away from it. Deep motivation comes from sharing your vision with others. Make a habit of questioning every doubt that arises in the intellect mind. Hiding it will not trigger the reptilian brain. You need to exercise your thought levels. It explores the deeper aspects of the curricula. Knowledge is gained from it and wisdom is enhanced. There is a rapid growth. A healthy display of personal interest and strengths are developed.

Manhattan Review offers comprehensive test-prep and Admissions counseling programs for GMAT, GRE, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, PTE . Go through our website to see the latest updates.



New SAT Board News

The early takers of the new SAT test say that it was easy and not so difficult. The questions were not so tricky and easy to answer. College Board, the governing body of SAT examination had redesigned the SAT. In March 2016, the first batch of test takers have found it to be not so bad as predicted by some analysts. It was a walkover as suggested by most of the student’s who took the test in US. The good reviews is good news for SAT aspirants as it gives them the confidence to take on the examination with a positive frame of mind. Moreover, it is a good beginning as several doubts were raised about its durability.

SAT Test

Indeed to go up in life writing the new SAT is a complete different experience. It is so better than the previous version. Wrong answer marks have been done away with. Obscure words that are so hard to pronounce have been replaced with simple vocabulary. Words such as those widely used in classroom language. For example, advocate, affection, ambition, bitter, candid, concerned, dejected, dismay, eager, elated, fanciful, frank, genuine, heroic, hopeful, inspiring, intense, jovial, lyrical, mocking, neutral, novel (as used in a sentence novel ideas or new strategies), objective, passive, positive, quizzical, receptive, rigid, scornful, serious, tactful, timid, urgency, vibrant, wistful (reflecting sadness), witty and zealous (meaning great, eager or enthusiastic). Overall, the questions are less (154) when compared to the earlier one (171). Essay adds to one more number, but it is not compulsory to write it. It is an optional choice. The questions are more straightforward.

In Math, only the basics have been tested. The formulas have been left out. Even a tough problem can be worked out easily with a little bit of critical reasoning. It could boost your scores. The reading section is enjoyable. The grammar is very simple. According to David Coleman, President and CEO of College Board “the redesign is mainly to make it much similar to what the children were doing in high school”. Coleman added that less questions on the new SAT gave more time for reading and solving math.

Useful tips by test takers suggest that the essay must be taken and not skipped. This is because most of the top colleges look at it. It is given importance in the enrollment. This could expand your chances to get admitted for a big career that you and your parent have been passionate about.