How can a student get a score of 1600 in the new SAT test?

How can a student get a score of 1600 in the new SAT test?

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A student can get 1600 in the new SAT test by applying mind to time. The right use of time management and critical reasoning skills will definitely get a big score. The way forward is to space the study hours in a planned manner. However, any score from 1200 onwards is good, if not excellent.

1200 Plus Club

1200 plus is the first step to go for every candidate appearing for the SAT examination. It is easily gettable with a proper planning schedule and regular application of discipline and thinking. A good and excellent score in SAT  can also be the choice of the student. It depends on which college or university the applicant is seeking admission.

New SAT Score

A good SAT score advances admission priority. This may include scholarship as well. The will to follow successful strategies and tips in the SAT examination will surely help the students to reach their goal. There are several ways to achieve it. But sticking to one strict plan is the best thing to do. Before preparation for a 1600 score in SAT, a student must decide which college they are looking for in getting enrolment. Any score below 1000 is bad.

1600 – New SAT Score Grade
1200 plus Excellent
1000 Good
840 Bad

SAT Test Preparation

The trainers in Manhattan Review, India maintain a high scoring pattern. A work target sheet is prepared for steady planning. The preparation for new SAT is discussed and set after conducting a diagnostic test for the benefit of the students. The weaknesses of the student are sorted out. Accordingly, a  convenient plan is calculated for a complete follow up in achieving 1600 score in SAT examination. We suggest study hours in the morning. However, night studies are not discouraged either. Preference is left to your choice.

Workable Strategies

A workable strategy to apply is to set a target for you and your friends. It gives you more confidence. If a challenge is there for you, the need to strive for it becomes greater and it is easily achieved. Surely, you are guaranteed to get a 1600 score on the new SAT examination. Indeed, it is an excellent way to reach your goal. It will give you the choice to get enrolled in the top colleges overseas.  All the efforts that you put in will become real. Thereafter, you can realize the childhood dream of going abroad for higher education.

Practice Tip

There are great possibilities to explore in preparation for the new SAT exam. Follow this proven tip to get 1600 in the new SAT test. Practice as much as you can. Keep writing the essays continually. The concepts that you are weak it should be repeated. This is an area where the real learning begins. Redo old SAT exam papers. In this way, you get a complete feel for the question types. Gather a big list of words in vocabulary usage. Questions in trigonometry are max 1 or 2. It is of utmost importance that you space your time well while answering the questions.


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