The Importance of both IELTS OR TOEFL Exam and their differences.

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The Importance of both IELTS OR TOEFL Exam and their differences.

The Importance of both IELTS OR TOEFL Exam and their differences

IELTS OR TOEFL are both important exams for the students and individuals, including employees who are planning to go overseas. For students graduating in higher education. The individuals seeking employment must have passed an exam in IELTS or TOEFL. Both are English language programs. This is according to acceptance to the requirements of the particular nation they are going to.

IELTS is accepted all across the world. TOEFL is acceptable only in the US. The learning pattern is made easy to understand where Manhattan Review, India is the most preferred Test-prep and training education institute. For TOEFL we are registered partners with ETS, which conducts the examination. We collaborate with IDP and British Council for IELTS exam. The vital role played by us and our most experienced certified trainers in the past one decade is a revelation.

We adopt Video Tutorials, Brainstorming sessions in ecological classrooms, including Practice Drills and Mock Tests. Moreover, the trainers are student-friendly as they answer your queries with great understanding and care. They give additional focus on the weakness of a student so as to make the training sessions interesting. The excitement they create in the critical reasoning area is to raise the ability of the thinking levels that is so important in both IELTS and TOEFL examinations.

Time spacing is another area, which is given more importance to accelerate the solutions to questions with the right answer. The time frame in each section of the exam is to be strictly followed to avoid anxiety and loss of memory.

In writing or written communication, a lot of people fail of the most misspelled words and phrases in the English language. For example, some even misuse to/too/two. But in Manhattan Review, we give coaching to you for knowing your spelling exceptionally well! So also grammar is given a complete redevelopment that will make your speaking (verbal skills) to reach “O” (optimum) levels. This an area so important for increasing your score band to 7+.

The difference between TOEFL and IELTS examination is presented in the chart below.

It is a test of general listening and speaking skills with reading and writing for academics. It is only a test of academics in the English language.
The test in speaking is taken in front of the examiner. The six answer questions are recorded in a microphone. They are reviewed later.
Multiple choice questions. Short answers fill in the blanks and small essays.
The qualification calculations are done between 0 – 9 bands. The qualification calculations are done between 0 – 120  points.
6.5 is a decent band score.  90 points and above is a decent score.

The TOEFL exam speaking test requires American accent. In IELTS British accent is more acceptable. However, the accent is not a criterion or mandatory. The choice of words, pronunciation as per international standards, vocabulary is more important. Grammar plays a vital role in forming the sentences correctly in speaking and writing. The duration of TOEFL exam is 4 hours. IELTS exam is for 2 hours and 45 minutes. The TOEFL speaking session involves an explanation of opinion with summarized information. You will be speaking into a microphone recorder. IELTS speaking test is a prepared text: a short essay that needs to be spoken to an examiner’s face to face. This means it involves one person who will test your speaking skills. TOEFL is a computer based online examination. IELTS is a paper based exam. Flow Charts, Matching, and True or False dominate. In TOEFL exam your typing and computer skills must be good.

The TOEFL speaking examination is not conducted on the same day. It can be one day before or one week before and one week after the exam. In IELTS all components of the exam, including listening, speaking, reading and writing are on the same day because it is a computer based test. IELTS exam is dependant on a good memory. TOEFL examination requires analytical thinking to answer the multiple choice questions accurately.

Mind and Umbrella have one thing in common, they are useful when they are open; otherwise, they increase your burden.